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Need opinions ASAP

Posted by Chappy, 06 June 2014 · 492 views

artproject help opinions
I have two ideas and maybe none at the moment. They are a series in watercolors and there would be 3 in that one series.
I really want to do animals so yeah :C

Idea 1: Concept of items that commonly gets lost are taken by animals. A hamster will be stealing chapsticks, cat stealing ball point pens, and an octopus stealing socks from a laundry machine.

Idea 2: animal band maybe? Maybe all hamsters and each has a close up of the band members or something...

any other ideas would be loved. This has to be turned in on Monday Morning :C

Yikes. That's not really enough time to do quality work.


I like idea one, but this reminded me of another work from one of my friends during their pre-portfolio days. She drew natural animals in human situations as to how they would function in society. She drew a Cheetah running alongside a busy highway, a cat napping in a business boardroom, or parrot (some sort of bird) singing in a recording studio. 

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I love the first idea!! It's really cute!! :3 <3


Good luck with everything!! ^^

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Thank you guys! I think I'll stick to that first idea then! Thank you! I'll post updates if anyone wants to see them :3 I have a shitty camera but its ok overall XD

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@Keil that series your friend did sounds really cool! I especially like the cheetah alongside the highway thing! It just sounds like an awesome juxtaposition of nature and urban settings. 

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I would have water colored a cello, but I can't art so :( Maybe animals playing cellos or something, would be cool as a 3 part series :p
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Im sticking to the original  plan (#1) but I do plan on doing the other idea later. I'm actually having a hard time drawing a hamster. They kidna look like cats or something

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