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Part of me

Posted by Chappy, 16 June 2014 · 686 views

You know that great song "part of me" by Katy Perry?

I'm not sure exactly why, but I feel the need to let this all sort myself out here.
Please note: This may be long, kinda personal, and my English isn't up to par so sorry about that!

I'm not seeking pity points or anything ridiculous like that. I hate being weak or emotional, but it happens >:C
This is me being well...me.

Its strange for me to say this since I don't share most of my life with people. You guys are the first (well who ever reads this stupid thing) to know about it beside my very close group of friends.
I'm a admit that I'm very emotional. I have mentioned on here before my dad uses lots of words that I think no one should ever say. I don't want to call it verbal abuse or of that sort. He's just an asshole who really can hurt with words...
A month ago (almost) my dad went physical on my mom and brother. Now over time its worked itself out I suppose. (social worker and all that jazzy jazz)
I personally had a hard time with it. My mom told me I betrayed her because when it happened I didn't call the cops or attempt to attack my dad. My brother did and he obviously got hit. My mom doesn't want a divorce and my brother and me wanted to gtfo. She didn't want to because of her faith in religion. Which I guess is fine.
I obviously had a lot of stress and FR and here has been really great for me. I sorta just exploded recently on here (with posts and well being normal) and so if I seemed like a nobody: HI!
I feel like this is a big moment for me right now. I honestly accepted and am moving on emotionally anyways.

I guess this is my thank you to Codex.

I feel less antisocial. I am still an introvert. I guess I'm sorry for not being active. I'm secretly afraid I'd piss someone off or someone would hate me. More amazed someone wasn't like...annoyed.

From now till the 17th of July I decided to find out about myself. Not all of me, but just you know...a part of me. I'm 20 and don't know shit about myself. You'll prolly see crafts and weird things up on here, but I hope you guys are a cool with that. I love making crafts and simple jewelry stuff. So hopefully I'll get time to do it and stuff. It's definitely a part of me I want to dedicate a few days or so on.

It's really different here. On Facebook I have to worry about what my religious friends say and how I would have to explain my situation with people I never really talk to. I'm sorry ,but I hate when they listen to my emotional rant and they tell me "Just pray about it" or they may question my faith which is really none of their business. (that was a run-on I'm sure of it :C) I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for not being like them. I feel more free here. Even though Romy's here, I'm glad its more than just him. He's been really supportive of me and I feel more confident on here. I may even joke around and stuff. If I ever do hurt your feelings or genuinely annoy you please personally let me know. I have no problem accepting that and will apologize earnestly.

So yeah... Tada!? I guess you'll be seeing more of me whether you like me or not. Prepare for awful English~!

Disclaimer: I was born here in California. There is no actual excuse to why my English is bad. If you gave me a multiple choice I understand which answer is correct, but I don't talk properly (or write...) in the right way.

*hugs* <3

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<3  ^^ Hug*

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Yay Chappy, I'm so glad you feel safe here. That's honestly so great. We're a big dysfunctional family, but we are a family and we are here for you!

And I would like to hear you speak sometime. You are lays saying your English sucks but reading what you write it doesn't seem bad at all!
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Well you guys are the best. Hilarious. XD I enjoy just lurking. I should comment more, but lurking is the best thing on here.

Oh I talk funny-ish. I may have to pop onto TC then XD Thank you for saying so Nymh!

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