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Slightly full of rage

Posted by Chappy, 02 July 2014 · 602 views

Yay another slightly stupid blog~ I thank anyone who reads this. Seriously it's midnight and I suddenly feel the urge to rant.
I also have run on sentences and there is no real good reason for that. -fair warning-

I may get lot's of shit for saying this, but I'll accept what I say and the consequences. So much anger and rage here. If you think of me any different well sorry. *shrug* This is me being judge-ish....wtf am I even saying.

I guess this is about my neighbor 2 houses down.

Pretty much its a lady who gives my mom a hard time. Shes been married 3 times and to put it nicely she clearly has the "pants in the relationship". From my own experience with her she's very controlling. She's extremely noise (I swear if google didn't correct me on that word). There's a fine line from being curious and starting up shit. She essentially gossip with the whole neighborhood.She literally asks questions that are way to personal and are provoking. Anything that goes to her will spread like wildfire so it's not like we seek her out.

We usually say stuff like twice a year (christmas and birthday cards). My mom and her spent a few more times this year since she's retired and has free time. She heard our situation with my family, my dad being physical and us needing a social worker, and takes my mom out for lunch. She knows we're having a economical situation (who the fuck isn't?) and said to my mom: "I'll treat since I don't have to count penny by penny anymore like others."

Before you say anything about this being perfectly reasonable, she never says things like that before. Usually she just is generally ok person, tolerable if you could say.If she doesn't ask anything your pretty safe to assume no one will get rude or personal. Nothing to make you feel inferior except this time. My mom didn't know what to say so she just said thank you. Later on the lady asks my mom what I (yes me chappy) is doing with my life. She was all saying how smart we (my brother and I) are and how we should be successful. No pressure. I being a failure to my Asian culture did not get into the UCLA's pot of gold since I am not smart. (I have to work hard to get a stupid "C" >:C ). My mom tells her that I'm going to Long Beach and majoring into Anthropology.

This lady tells my mom: "What is she going to do with that? She won't get far with that."
My mom: "She know's what she's doing so I'm not worried."
Lady: "kids these days don't know anything."

Who the fuck are you to tell my mom that. It's like saying: "your child's decisions and dreams will not let her ever succeed. Sad day for you". That conversation ended just like that as the lady left her as she dropped my mom home. Well lady, why don't you just give some advice from your successful knowledge hole instead of just ended a conversation like that. Since she treated my mom so my mom HAD to say thank you. Even after that remark.

Now fast forward to now ~ She calls to have lunch a week ago and my mom and her both agrees to lunch at 11am. My mom told her she'd treat since she bought last times. She calls my dad's cell phone at 9:15pm to ask if lunch was still happening. She always calls the house phone. Why would you call my dad at night when you can call the house phone to get to my mom. Reminder that this woman knows my mom and dad are having serious issues. My mom is deeply upset. Who the fuck wouldn't. My mom didn't tell my dad she was having lunch since she always tells him last minute. He can't say no if it's last minuet and since they obviously have issues they don't talk much. He didn't get mad,but its like awkward. He just went to bed and that was it.

So now my mom wants to confront the neighbor about her rude-ness tomorrow. I approve fully since why the fuck is she calling my dad and saying things like that to my mom. I know she ain't sucking my dad's wang so don't call so late at night when you can contact my mom though other ways. Especially when you know she's having a hard time with her husband who treats her horridly.

I admit I am bias. I love my mom a lot. I get upset and angry at people who hurt my mom. The only reason she's still here in out family is because she wants to "finish her work". Pretty much just get my little brother to finish H.S. and she's off. She deserves better than what I could ever offer. She suffers enough without this lady hurting her feelings. The neighbor and my mom has known each other for at least 20 years and this has never been a problem. Completely different lady after she retired her job and her husband started making money.(like 3 months ago).

I know I'm not successful right now and I could only hope that I do, but to me you still shouldn't tell someone's mother that their child won't be successful. I have no idea what my mom did to deserve to hear that from someone. I hope that for sure we don't have to contact her more than necessary.

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