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Special update

Posted by Chappy, 04 May 2015 · 902 views

As some of you know, I am hoping to go to Thailand this summer!
I'm super excited and so nervous~
I waited a super long time to tell you guys this so I'm sorry about that.
In Thailand we're going to an orphanage to teach English and then later a university :3
In this particular team even though we bear the ministry mission's name, this is the only team that doesn't make us bible push. We have stuff if they are interested and we'd be happy to share, but only if they ask.
I'll be gone from June 10th-July 17th :o
I've never been out of the country so if you guys have any tips for traveling or being on the plane I'd appreciate it greatly ^w^

So I think some of you guys want to know what will happen to the "Draw every week" thread. I apologize that it's been off and on. Im not quite sure what to do with it. Maybe make Romy tag or something. I'll have to come up with some more ideas for things.
I'm just so sorry that I haven't been on here often. Like actively posting, lurking yes XD
It's been kinda crazy since I've been busy fundraising, school - freeking finals, and family things.

I always think of you guys as something special and helped me a lot through my depression and stress ^w^
I really wanted to share with you guys this info and thanks for reading~
Thank you guys and I hope you like this update XD

Ohhh sounds like a fun trip!
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I love you.

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@Jess love you too <3 ;3


& thank you @elindoril I'm hoping I'm a be useful for the people I'm going to meet ^^

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YAY THAILAND! Wow, that's awesome Chappy :D I want to see plenty of pics! I'm really jealous of you too right now xD


Planes are fine, just sit back, try to relax, maybe have a sleep, I assume the flight will be a long one going from the US to Thailand anyway.


Enjoy it there, it's amazing, from what I've been told.

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I will try my best to produce the best quality photos XDD
Thank you @strategist!
We tried to get the cheapest one and it stops so many times (plane problems) XD 

I heard the mango's were amazing~

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Thailand is a fun place to go I have a friend who was stationed there when he was in the military and he said it was cool.

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Oh my gosh, I've been wanting to go to an east Asian country for ages. Kinda jealous of you right now :p


I've done a lot of traveling myself, and one thing I've learned to master is packing everything I need in a single bag. Space saver bags work wonders for this. Checked bags can be delayed, lost, and no matter what kind of lock you put on a bag, someone can always pop the zipper, steal your stuff, and seal it again. At the very least, keep all of your valuables on you or in your carry-on.


And get one of those neck pillows if you haven't already. I always regret it when I leave mine behind.


Good luck! I hope you have a ton of fun :)

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@solarix I'm totally trying to minimize what I want to bring for that reason. Someone told me they lost a bag completely. Just poof 

I'm going to buy a few locks too. I heard people lose ipads and stuff :C

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My aunt lost her bag once. She was coming to Brazil from Argentina, not so far. Her bag went to India. Not cool.


Anyway, have fun there, Chappy :D

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We are limited to the stuff we can bring,but I'm going for one carry on and one backpack.

That totally suck Swarley T^T I hope that doesn't happen to me..

Thank you ^w^ I hope to have a good time too~

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I think it's really cool when mission trips try to benefit people without bible pushing


I hope it's a great experience and a successful trip

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Omgosh that sounds amazing! Thailand to teach English? I'm incredibly jealous. How does that work? Do you speak Thai, or do they speak enough English that you're teaching, sort of the next level? (I know I'm seeing this post late, so you might be gone already, but maybe your ears will start to burn a little bit.) :)

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@guppie it's apparently very liberal idea lol


@felisnoctua I leave in June so plenty of time haha
So yeah we first need to be familiar with Thai and we do have translators there for us too. 

It's basic English, but it can help them with selling to tourists and such.

There is a variety of levels so many of the kids are exposed to English and we are helping them have a stronger pool of vocabulary :3

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I know a grad student who did her study abroad in Thailand to teach ESL, and she LOVED it! Every time another student from our uni goes there the kids ask if she's coming back

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