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Blasted retainers!

Posted by KyloRen, 19 April 2014 · 84 views

I use Invisalign instead of braces, and the retainers are clear, which makes them really hard to find.
Retainers Have Legs
The retainer has to be taken out when I eat, so I took it out for breakfast this morning in my room. I know it never left my room but I can't seem to find it anywhere. This is why you don't make things clear, they become impossible to find. I could clean my whole room and still not be able to find it. *sigh*

I feel so relieved!

Posted by KyloRen, 18 April 2014 · 127 views
boyfriend, love, friends
First, I'd like to thank all of you guys. You helped me out quite a bit with this. I love each and every one of you.
‚ÄčThe Final Conclusion
Now on to the main event, I talked to my mom after my last post and she helped me figure things out.

It's done, absolutely done. I feel just so relieved that I won't be in that clingy relationship anymore. I still want to be friends, and I did mention that, but as is well known that sometimes doesn't really work. He was upset of course, but he'll get over it. I feel a bit bad about that, but it feels like a weight has been lifted!


Too much baggage

Posted by KyloRen, 17 April 2014 · 251 views
love, life, boyfriends and 1 more...
Well, here's my first post. Thought I might as well make a blog because they seem interesting and you're all pretty nice people, so I don't need to worry about people posting things in the comments. I'll just ramble on about random things, like an old man, or Coltrom might.
Ramblings on Love
So, I got a new boyfriend. I'm just having a ton of problems with him. I'm sort of a guarded person with my feelings, but honestly, he's too open. Every single little thing, he just has to tell me he's depressed all the time and shaking because of whatever, be it something I did or something else.And how there isn't anything good in his life. You know the show on GSN, called Baggage? (if you don't, it's a dating game. People have these suitcases with secrets, and they get bigger as the game goes on, and then the person who's trying to get a date will send one person away each round with the words "I'm sorry you have too much baggage"). That's how I feel.

Then he's started going through my posts here as a guest, and getting all annoyed/mad/ when he finds something I didn't tell him about. I don't have to tell him about everything, damm it! It's just creepy that he went through all my posts. Why would you even do that? I have a right to privacy. (Well, this is the internet, so that's a kind of a no on privacy, but still I digress).
That brings me to my next point, clingy. He made a Tumblr just to follow me. I just ignored him. You don't create something just so you can follow one person. I use Twitter, as people my age do, and he got annoyed multiple times that I wasn't following him on Twitter. What he tweets about is of no interest to me really, and I don't see a reason to follow someone who posts things I have zero interest in. I finally blocked him and set my tweets to private. Twitter won't tell someone you blocked them, but if you try and go and follow them it won't let you. So he tried that, and realised I blocked him because he went through his damm followers list and noticed I wasn't on it. This same thing happened with Instagram, and the same result.

He comes to Choir with me, because he has study hall, but I want my alone time. He doesn't have to be there 24/7 with me!

I'm lying through my teeth about when I'm busy and if I make plans, I lie saying something came up just to get away. I'm pretty much lying about everything I say.
Honestly, there's too much baggage for me to handle, and I'm worried if I break up with him (with all his "I"m so depressed" message daily) he's going to get more depressed and could possibly attempt suicide. (there's no complete indicator, but getting depression messages multiple times every day is a bit worrying).If I have to continue this through my senior year, I'm breaking it off in college. I don't want to be tied down during college, I want to be free.
I miss my old boyfriend
I was thinking about making a blog because I saw all of yours and really liked them, but I wasn't sure. This has spurred my blog. I wanted somewhere I could ramble and make it so he couldn't read it. Plus, I like you guys,so I'd thought I would make a blog here.

Thank you for listening/reading my ramble if you got this far!

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