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Let it go

Posted by KaibaSama, 22 April 2014 · 388 views

not frozen boyfriend stuff annoying
Let's Be Done with it Already
No, this is not a post about Frozen. Instead my dang ex, decided that he wants to talk everything out and I really don't want too. It's over and done, deal with it and move on. Stop trying to figure out the past, let it go. He wants honestly, well like I was before I'm lying through my teeth. He's dragging the whole damn thing out, and it's really annoying. Let it go already! I know I sit next to you in two classes, but really, let it go. You're just making it worse for me by dragging everything out, (with the repetitive texting and clinginess that seeps into the texts).

Here's what I've been sent today, and he's sent things like this before:

Hope that's readable, it was a long text so I had to separate it into 3 parts. Honestly, I'm on the verge of blocking him from iMessage again.
*sigh* I feel like he's going to try and drag this whole thing out until summer break.

Just tell him that the way he's acting is the exact reason why you broke up with him.

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He cray

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"emotionally and psychically"


Good call on the break up.

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I think it's sad that keeps trying to guilt trip you. You said you've been dating like a month or two? He's overreacting a bit.

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Get him the local hardware store number and tell them to ring them up go in and grab a bag of cement and harden the fuck up.

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Better block him, yeah. What else is he trying to accomplish with messages like these except make you feel bad? You're still not responsible for any psychological problems he has but he's trying to make you feel like you are, this is terrible.

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Ew, sounds like my ex. I had to cut off contact for him to stop :/
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Ew, sounds like my ex. I had to cut off contact for him to stop :/


Your new boyfriend is way cooler.

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