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KIC Days 2 & 3

Posted by KaibaSama, 25 May 2016 · 381 views

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KIC= Kylo In Canada


Just got around to posting an update. Day 2 is first. We went to the bird kingdom that day, which was a lot of fun. They had a small bird aviary where the birds were just flying around, instead of sitting in cages or just staying on branches. They also had a nocturnal exhibit which housed some owls and bats. One of the bats was carrying a baby bat, it was adorable! The bat was just a little puff of bat fur! You were able to hold some of the birds as well, and I ended up holding a macaw named Red. He barely fit his talons on my tiny arm. They had a feeding area in the main aviary for a type of bird I can't remember, but one of them came and sat on my shoulder. His name was Pedro. For some reason two of the others birds in there were very interested in my shoes, I was wearing blue tennis shoes that day, so I guess they just liked the blue color.
We also went to see the play Uncle Vanya. It was a really well performed play, the costumes were wonderful! The man who played Uncle Vanja was very good with his facial expressions and the crying. However, before the play, my mom had accidentally taken our tickets and left me with the receipt. I asked if I could go in to see if she was in there, because it was getting very close to the time the play was supposed to start. I looked for a while before I got bitched at by one of the ushers, who let me go in. "You need to go to the box office and get them to tell you where you seats are". That would have been just fine if she hadn't said it in a voice that was basically saying "Get the fuck out". As soon as I was leaving to go to the box office, my mom appeared with the tickets.


It's a bit out of order but we did get dinner before the play, and our server was wonderful. He did a magic trick, made a quarter disappear, and then actually showed us how he did it. It was done through the use of two different types of paper, one on the glass he used to cover the quarter, and the other that was on the serving platter. He also gave us a riddle, and if we answered right we got 5 bucks. We didn't, but it was still fun!


Birds/Animals Day 2



Day 3.
Our final day was spent on the Hornblower cruise and then driving around looking for Sake in NY because PA regulates our liquor stores, so our sake selection isn't that good apparently.


Hornblower cruise


OMG! This is really beautiful!!! :o

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