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Belle's Once upon a time dress : pictures

Posted by Liesa in Crap...I'm cosplaying it., 23 October 2017 · 316 views

So I tried something new this time around because I was so unbelievably happy with how my cosplay turned out. Most pictures I get back are crappy quality and I wanted a little more this time so I asked my friend, who I've seen make awesome cosplay photo's, if we could hold like a mini-shoot together. I'm super awkward at it, don't know my angles and all that stuff.



But she guided me and took a lot of pictures. I just got some back and I just had to share :D
Give her a like at Frangipane Photography if you can :)



Posted Image


Posted Image



Posted Image

This is my absolute fave :heart:

It's been a long time

Posted by Chappy in Chappy's Scraps~, 30 July 2017 · 706 views

I've been gone for a while so here's some updates :


Finally out of college
Full time job at an oral surgeon office (Just front desk stuff), which means I have time to be here.
(I make appointments and listen to angry customers right before they get their teeth pulled)


My writing has gotten worse and I need to read again.


Oh right I got into make-up.


But I still live with my parents.


Tada~ You've been updated and now we're all caught up :)


If you got any books to read (via kindle or pdf), suggest them for me please :)
I need some education XD


p.s. I missed you all. Idk why I left but the important part is I'm back~

Now I remember why I hate my mother...

Posted by Karla in Karla's Stuff and Things, 28 July 2017 · 647 views

Since my previous entry, which I talked about my mother getting angry at me for the stupidest reasons, she had stopped talking to me because I decided that she shouldn't be driving me to rehearsal due to her sleeping at the wheel. And because I seem to be so much like her, I decided to stop talking to her too, for over two months, because I knew that talking to her civilly is next to impossible. She had the nerve to ask me what she did wrong and why I wasn't talking to her, but she clearly knew why, and never admitted it. Since then, we both agreed that if something was bothering us, we would talk about it, and not ignore each other. (<---remember this sentence)




Now apparently she stopped talking to my father, for reasons I can only speculate. Whenever she wants to tell him something, she uses me and my brother to get her message across instead of talking to him directly. I told her today that "I'm not her little messenger, and if she wants to talk to Dad, she should do the grown up thing and actually talk to him. I hate being used." So what does she do?


...She gets angry at me for not doing what she should've been doing. And now she stopped talking to me again.


Now, you're probably thinking: "Karla, why are you getting worked up about this? This is no big deal!"


But that's the thing. THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL.
But my mother likes to make things a bigger deal than they should be. Whenever she does or says something to somebody that is clearly her fault, she always turns it around to make herself look like the victim. To add insult to injury, she likes to stop talking to people whenever she feels like they're wrong, and after a while, she wonders why they aren't talking to her. I'm so sick and tired of it!! I even told her that I'm sick and tired of her doing this, but she keeps doing it anyway!


Well, fuck it. I might just consider not talking to her again, because there's absolutely no point talking to her. NO. POINT. There's no point in talking to a person if they're just going to keep being a total jerk to you. I'm gonna give her a week, and if she keeps ignoring me, then I'm going to ignore her for a hell of a lot longer than two months.


Sure, it's not the right thing to do, but it's right to me, because there's no point in spending your time with someone who's just going to be a cancer in your life. I suppose Dad had the right idea...

Who wants some dinner?

Posted by UnicornSoul in Words of Peackocky, 26 July 2017 · 595 views
souffle, ham, cheese, hashbrowns and 2 more...

Posted Image


Ham, egg, and cheese souffle, crispy bacon, hashbrowns, and biscuits for dinner!!!! #Souffle#HamAndCheese #BakedBacon #NotFriedBacon #Hashbrowns #SourdoughBicuits #Breakfast4Dinner#BestDinnerEver

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy, come take a look at my baby!

Posted by Plunk in Real Talk, With Your Host: Plunk!, 17 July 2017 · 708 views

We finally got some ultrasounds done where the baby looks like a person and not some sort of amphibian's first stage in life. Check this shit out:


This one is a side view and it actually looks like a baby. Pretty awesome.



This one is the 3D view they did, and looks like something out of "The Hills Have Eyes".



And somehow we managed to get a picture of both of it's footers!



And that is pretty much all for today, except for one little thing. We've decided not to tell any family members the gender because they're putting WAY too much emphasis on it, but I feel like I can tell you guys because you're just gonna be excited and not make a huge deal out of it.


Cop allowed man to beat her, afraid that shooting him would lead to charges

Posted by BirdistheWord in BirdistheWord's Blog, 25 June 2017 · 533 views

I'm sorry :( We don't allow people, especially cops, to defend themselves from society's finest. It's sad, and unfair. But, it was the right thing to do in this situation......


You had to protect yourself, and you did by not shooting him. The physical pain will heal.....but you won't have your little kids or family threatened by thugs and douchebags.


Actually, you will still get death threats. I'm sorry. They will still want you dead just because of your job title. Despite the fact that you didn't actually do anything.


You will also be looked down upon - these thugs will see you as weak and will go after you.


I see the comments - and they still blame you for getting beaten up. things like "The only reason this is a story is because the man is X color" and "Kill or be killed".


But, that's not your fault. This world is the problem....and I'm so so sorry.

Restarted the plannah!!

Posted by Maha in I love you to Pieces, 04 June 2017 · 221 views

Aww yiss.


Not too far from 90kg now.


Finished the planner and then got sick, didn't go to gym for a week.


Was good though to rest up properly. Restarted the gym and now have my best friend coming in with me when I go (he noticed changes and wanted to try for himself, hopefully he'll eat a bit healthier? xD)


So been tryna do the planner again and help out my best friend in the gym. Its been full on though, I treated the start of the planner similarly to the 1st time but I've tried to keep my weights the same since the 1st 2 weeks are a set of 4, the 1st to being 10 x 10 and the 2nd 2 being 3 x 12. Definitely notice the strength change compared to before gym.. I'm still a weak little mofo but probably 2x as more strength in me now than just over 70 days ago or so.


Plus I've been doing a few hours of registers at work at the starts of my shifts now. Which probably helps a bit with my back muscles and my back overall. The start of registers sucked, my back was absolutely killing me within the 1st 2 hours. Now its taking around 4 hours before It hurts too much.. Mainly because I'm not used to the different movement and lack thereof, of walking and other things I usually did/do instead of registers.. But oh well. The reduction of around 10k steps average since doing registers has not seemed to hinder me at all however I definitely do enjoy nightfill far more than registers. So oh well.


Its all a great piece of life and I'm really enjoying it.


Good things!!! Even my Wife started her new job today, hoping she has a great day!

Back to school?

Posted by Trapezeo in Trapezeo Thinks, 22 May 2017 · 265 views

Well, today I applied to grad school. My bank will pay for 2 classes a year so I'll be slowly getting my degree. The school I'm looking at going to is only 20 miles away so if I do need to take a class in person, it'll be a short drive. The plan is for everything to be online so I don't have to commute.


I'll be getting a graduate certificate in Strategic Marketing Management and will eventually roll that into the MBA program. I only need 4 classes for the certificate. If I'm going to stick with banking, I want to become more heavily involved in the marketing department.


I'll keep everyone updated on how the process goes! I hope I get in! My undergrad grades were not that great, so who knows.

A small relationship rant, I suppose

Posted by Lucy in thoughts/things, 21 May 2017 · 331 views
personal, relationship

(Was originally going to post this in the bad thing that happened to you today thread but then it got super long and I haven't been putting anything into my blog lately. So here we are.)


Not a bad day per se, just a bad weekend. My boyfriend and I both have exams tomorrow and the next few weeks, and we're both very stressed. Plus I have 0 self confidence atm because I lost so much weight from having pneumonia and basically my ass deflated. It's a Dutch pancake. Sad. Anyway, people have been telling me even more often to eat more, that I need to gain more weight etc. GUESS WHAT. I know, cheers. Thanks for telling me almost everyday, every single week. Ain't that easy for me, y'all. And then my boyfriend said on Saturday morning during breakfast "Your ass is kinda flat, eat more." And I kind of got a bit pissed at him, because like I said, 0 self confidence and people having told me that several times already. He never ever compliments my physical attributes, so that just rubbed the wrong way. I know that what he said was more him being concerned and trying to push me to be more active physically, but naaaah. And ever since then I feel like he's either trying to provoke me and/or I'm still very very sensitive. Annnd this morning I asked him if it was okay if I left a hairbrush at his place (out of courtesy, I knew he'd say yes but I always need to be polite about shit like that...) and he didn't answer my question and mocked me. Well fuck me for wanting to be polite????? Then I got kinda moody and he noticed when we were on the tram, I explained him why and of course he didn't understand. We both revised at different locations, and we decided to meet up for lunch. He was waiting for me infront of a shop, and on the way there I decided to apologize for my moodiness that morning. Turned out he arrived a few minutes prior to our agreed time and bla bla, I told him he should have told me as he needn't have waited because I was only a 1 minute walk away. he said something along the lines of "Naaah, it was okay, it gave me the chance to look at the women" and that just rubbed me the wrong way again because he knows that I haaaate when he mentions other women in a checking out kind of way infront of me. Something he'd done a few days earlier and I reminded him that I personally find that disrespectful, especially because I have asked him in the past to not make such comments. Was still feeling a bit meeh from that. But then I had a little think about what he'd said and my first thought was that he'd been trying to provoke me. Orrr he was just making a joke. Thing is, I can hardly ever tell if he's joking or not. So I asked him and he said he had indeed been joking. The mood was a bit lighter but I still felt very distant from him and we didn't talk much. I did most of the talking but he didn't seem awfully interested in keeping a conversation going. And then we both went back to our respective study locations and that's that.


Also I do realize that I'm very problematic (low self confidence, sensitive af...) but meh. I hope this is a one time thing due to both of us being stressed. I understand why he might have not been interested in talking to me any further, not wanting to accidentally say something that I'd be able to misniterprete and be a sensitive little shit. I wish I could explain all this to him without him telling me that I'm trying to find excuses or telling me it's all my fault for not doing sports. Because according to him, sports is the answer to my eternal social anxiety/shyness, anxiety in general, me being underweight, everything.


Right now I just want to tell him that I'm sorry for my part in the last two days, especially since we haven't been able to see each other as much. And he has to prepare for an exam too, so a sensitive girlfriend probably isn't helping with his stress levels. But I'm also super scared anytime I have to talk about my feelings with him, because most of the time it ends with me crying because he just doesn't understand what I'm trying to say and it's my fault anyway. I think we both feel a lot of resentment towards eachother at the moment. Sighhhh.


If you've read all this, cheers. I just needed to vent a little. I might call my mum.

2017 According To the Hunger Game's Distant Uncle That No One Talks About

Posted by Keil in Awkward Everyday Stuff, 09 March 2017 · 268 views

Posted Image


This is from the 1989 movie "The Running Man" with a tight Arnold Schwarzenegger in an equally tight yellow jumpsuit. A good cheese film so much so the lactose intolerant would enjoy it.


In a dystopian society, Schwarzenegger's character gets framed for mass murder through the same television techniques that makes the GOP Health Overhaul Plan, a comedy sitcom for people who actually still watch TV. As "punishment" for his crimes, he is forced to play the #1 rated show "The Running Man" where he must run to the finish line before being killed. Along the way, he chokes am energetic Asian dude who just wants to play hockey and chainsaws a Hulk Hogan impersonator in the dick. I assure you, this is not a porno, unless a predictable slew of bad puns is your fetish.


Bush did not do 9/11...





Math Test

Posted by firewolf13 in firewolf13's Blog, 27 February 2017 · 253 views

Today I aced my math test, wow I wish I would do that more often. :)

My Very Bad Kinda V-Day Poems

Posted by KyloRen in Welcome to the Dark Side, 14 February 2017 · 299 views
valentines day, v-day, bad poetry and 2 more...

So I got bored in class and decided to write a whole bunch of Star Wars themed really bad V-day poems. They're in the theme and poetic style of the classic "roses are red" poems but I wouldn't directly call them love poems. I'd give the names of who the poem is for, but I think it's pretty obvious.


My suit is Black
I'm on the attack
My Kids tried to kill me
At least my grandson is with me


Lightsabers are Red
Grandpa is dead
I talk to his helmet
While crying in bed

My hair is Red
Ren's a whiny bitch
I love my cat Millicent
So I bought her catnip.

My lightsaber is Red
A jedi's is blue
I hate everything
Especially Luke

My armor is Chrome
Starkiller Base is my home
FN-2187 Deserted
So I need to hurt 'em.

My name is Matt
Kylo Ren has an 8 pack
He's totally shredded
So I molded myself after that
Hi I'm Matt
Kylo Ren has an 8 pack
I saw him in the shower
He's got some great power


Lightsabers are red

Some are blue

I've got a scarred head

I'm a creep too


I like little boys

I take them for the Order

One is a knight

The others are fodder


My lasers are showcased

As I hurtle through space

I'm the Death Star recreation

Kylo's Starkiller Base


The fangirls love me

My hair is fluffy

I'm incredibly sexy

So they all want to fuck me

C++ update

Posted by Rainforce in Rainforce's Blog, 23 January 2017 · 373 views



So I managed to write some code, I decided to make an arkanoid/breakout clone instead. I do think I need some help though. I had zero c++/sfml experience before writing this, so bear with me haha.
The code itself is working, but I still need to do some stuff and I wouldn't feel confident showing this in the interview.


- Add a score system (+100 points when block is hit)
- Play explosion animation when said block is hit
- Make code more organized (with classes?)




// Headers
#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>
#include <SFML\Audio.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <time.h>
int main()
//Create the window
sf::RenderWindow window(sf::VideoMode(640, 550), "Explosive Arkanoid");
//Load the sound and music
sf::SoundBuffer boom;
if (!boom.loadFromFile("sound/explosion.wav"))
std::cout << "SFML error" << std::endl;
sf::Sound sound;
sf::SoundBuffer backgroundMusic;
if (backgroundMusic.loadFromFile("sound/Lightning.flac"))
std::cout << "SFML error" << std::endl;
sf::Sound music;
//Load Textures/sprites
sf::Texture redBlock, orangeBlock, yellowBlock, greenBlock, blueBlock;
sf::Texture tBackground;
sf::Texture tBall;
sf::Texture tPaddle;
sf::Sprite sBackground(tBackground), sBall(tBall), sPaddle(tPaddle);
sPaddle.setPosition(295, 440);
sf::Sprite block[1000];
// Placing the 5 colored blocks
//Red block
int n = 0;
for (int column = 0; column <= 50; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[n].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 0);


//Orange block
int orange = 10;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[orange].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 32);


//Yellow block
int yellow = 20;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[yellow].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 64);


//Green block
int green = 30;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[green].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 96);


//Blue block
int blue = 40;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[blue].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 128);


// Initializing the ball direction + position
float positionX = 320, positionY = 275;
float directionX = 2, directionY = 3;
while (window.isOpen())
//Handle events
sf::Event event;
while (window.pollEvent(event))
if (event.type == sf::Event::Closed)
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::Escape)) window.close();
if (event.type == sf::Event::Resized)
std::cout << "new width: " << event.size.width << std::endl;
std::cout << "new height: " << event.size.height << std::endl;


// Ball collision with the blocks
positionX += directionX;
for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
if (sf::FloatRect(positionX + 3, positionY + 3, 6, 9).intersects(block[i].getGlobalBounds()))
block[i].setPosition(-100, 0); directionX = -directionX;
positionY += directionY;
for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
if (sf::FloatRect(positionX + 3, positionY + 3, 6, 9).intersects(block[i].getGlobalBounds()))
block[i].setPosition(-100, 0); directionY = -directionY;


// When the ball should bounce
if (positionX < 0) directionX = -directionX;
if (positionX > 640) directionX = -directionX;
if (positionY < 0) directionY = -directionY;
if (positionY > 550) positionX = 300, positionY = 275;
// Controls paddle
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::Right)) sPaddle.move(10, 0);
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::Left)) sPaddle.move(-10, 0);
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::D)) sPaddle.move(10, 0);
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::A)) sPaddle.move(-10, 0);
// Ball speed + collision with paddle
if (sf::FloatRect(positionX, positionY, 12, 12).intersects(sPaddle.getGlobalBounds())) directionY = -(rand() % 5 + 5);
// set the ball position
sBall.setPosition(positionX, positionY);
// Clear + draw on window
for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
return 0;

3: A little late to the party...

Posted by ohml in Two Cents, 15 January 2017 · 323 views

Hey guys! I doubt any of you guys noticed my little hiatus, but I indeed had one, lol, We kind of just started a new year and I've noticed all these blog posts about their goals in 2017. I'm not a firm believer of this "New Year, New Me" bull but I'll give it a try. This year, I will have it on record with this blog post, so hold me accountable!

  • Do 200 crunches everyday
  • Read any book, for recreation (notice how I didn't say fun lol) every month.
  • Get a 3.5 GPA or higher during my 2nd semester
  • And most importantly...get past 200k NP in my bank.




Hey guys! I doubt any of you guys noticed my little hiatus, but I indeed had one, lol, We kind of just started a new year and I've noticed all these blog posts about their goals in 2017. I'm not a firm believer of this "New Year, New Me" bull but I'll give it a try. This year, I will have it on record with this blog post, so hold me accountable!

  • Finish my semester with a 3.5 GPA or better
  • Do 200 crunches everyday
  • Read any book, for recreation (notice how I didn't say fun lol) every month.
  • Don't stay up pas

Following the herd..

Posted by Marionette in Marionette's Blog, 04 January 2017 · 267 views
new year, resolutions

If I actually write down some resolutions in a place they're visible by someone other than me then there's an outside chance I may actually stick to them.. maybe. No promises.

  • No more alcohol. It mixes badly with my meds and ends up leaving me ill for days. It's just not worth it.
  • Lose some weight! I know everyone says this but the only person I'm cheating is myself.
  • Read more. Reading makes me happy, so do more! Anyone have any suggestions I can add to a list? What's your favourite book or series?
  • Stop procrastinating. I've had my etsy store planned for over a year now, just get on with it!
  • Fight the fear. Social anxiety is ruling my life and it needs to stop. There's a meet planned in Feb with the girls from WYOO. I am going. I am. Honestly. :ninja:
  • Learn a new skill. Crochet is cool.. right? and knitting?
  • Positive attitude. It's not healthy for the kids to see me being so negative all the time. I need to be a positive role model.


Posted by FelisNoctua in FelisNoctua's Blog, 23 November 2016 · 275 views

October was SO busy.
Finished paperwork to graduate with my masters, in December.
Saw Cumberbatch in Frankenstein.
Had a fantastic Halloween party, complete with keg beer for trick or treating parents.
And apparently, I got pregnant.
Yes, through birth control, this past long weekend full of nausea, and a missed period, led to two pregnancy tests that said "YES". I'd be thrilled if I didn't feel like I was going to lose what little lunch I could get down.

TV shows

Posted by snowleopard77 in tv shows, 06 November 2016 · 260 views

I have to catch up on my TV shows. I have been doing home work all week so I need to catch up on TV.

I fee like a bad friend

Posted by Mishelle in Mishelle's Blog, 28 October 2016 · 329 views

Aurora's prison bae has finally gotten out of prison and everything I said would happen happened.


Apparently his name is Trey, I literally have been calling him prisonbae for the past 3 years and I still don't really care what his name is. I've been trying to get her to cut things off with him ever since she started this mess of a relationship with him (while he was in prison) because he just sounds like trash. He seemed to me like the type of guy who was just leading her on because he knew he would need a place to stay when he got out of prison. He was released 3 weeks ago and Aurora took off of work to drive 10 hours to Northern California to pick him up and bring him back home. I knew he would try to move in with her because he doesn't have anywhere to go. His sister's dad got a restraining order put on him so he can't live with his mom because of it. She assumed he would eventually move into a halfway house and told me that she would give him a week to find a new place to stay.


Lmao I knew that was a lie. I basically completely fell back. When she texted me about him I just kind of ignored her because if you're already complaining 2 days in this clearly isn't working out. I've been warning you for three years, what more is there to say?


Fast forward to 3 weeks later. She's texting me with pictures of her crying saying that she's done with him because he made her cry. He hasn't found a job, he hasn't even had an interview. He turned down applying for Jamba Juice because he felt that job was beneath him (bitch,,,) and he told her he wanted to do construction because that's "men's work". I'm assuming by "construction" he means the guys who stand in front of Home Depot and wait for a job. Meanwhile, Aurora is paying for everything. Letting him stay in her home. Buying all of their food, Basically she's sugar mama. And I told her not to fucking be sugar mama.


Like if he really loved you he'd want to do better and finally do something for you for a change. You've been putting money on his books, driving a damn near day to go see him, and jumping through hoops for him but what has he done for you? NADA.


So now she's crying in my imessage and shit talking about how she's getting drunk tonight and I'm just so not even remotely moved.


Posted Image


I'm not gonna say I told you so, but god damn it bitch I told you so. He was an insecure, unintelligent vagabond and I'm glad he's finally gone. He had nothing going for him. He had no job, no money, and no home training. Good riddance. I'm trying so hard to be supportive but I really just want her to be over it already. I was over it 3 years ago.

[Hearthstone] Quick update on my progression.

Posted by Shane in Megazord's Blog, 15 August 2016 · 347 views

So a small update so you guys know. (I know many of you don't care :lol:)




1. I ended up crafting and cracking open a few notable cards...


Edwin Van Cleef (crafted)
Al'Akir Windlord (pack)
Snake Pit (golden) (first) (pack)
Shadow Stalker (second) (crafted)
Blade of C'thun (first and second) (crafted)


2. Picked up Karazhan also, so now I have the shiny pink cardback!


3. I've got over 1890 wins now.


4. I've been struggling to get the daily quests done, but I can usually finish them up within the 3rd day by rerolling the quests to get ones that match, or are easy to do. Been playing a lot of tavern brawl, which is fun to an extent... But it's the easiest way to finish quests. =/

Running on Caffeine and Misery!

Posted by Pryanka in The Prysm, 18 July 2016 · 303 views

Oh my gosh, let me just start off by telling you the education system in the United States does not prepare you very well for standardized testing!!!


If any of you know me, you know what I'm stressing about in particular: THE BAR EXAM


Till date, most of us can agree that we have been able to pass with minimal effort on our part (Of course, most of us have to study to get straight A's, but I'm talking about just passing - it's pretty difficult to fail high school as long as you submit your assignments on time and show up)


Well, all that worked until High School. Then college went and changed the rules on us. Getting an undergraduate degree definitely required more effort than high school did. But for those of us who didn't do a math/science based degree and opted for a liberal arts major (coughEnglish&Politicscough), it wasn't that strenuous. A couple of essays per semester, and as long as we did our readings and could talk about them a couple times in class - just enough to make our presence known - we got participation points and ambled right along. Most of my classes were not substantively testing me on material I had to memorize every few weeks like the pre-health majors went through. Grades matter, of course, because they determine your ability to get into graduate school or get a competitive job. But the amount of preparation needed to excel in undergraduate classes wasn't that crazy. For the politics class where there was some substantive knowledge of various political theories, you spent maybe a couple weeks leading up to your final exam reviewing your notes. And if the class was an open book final exam...forget it. You just spent enough time to organize your notes, write out answers to past exams, and just make sure everything you needed was in your outline and accessible. And even after all that, 7 times out of 10, I barely looked at my notes while taking the test anyway because there was just so much to write.


After undergrad, enter: Law School
Oh Law School, I think you're set up for failure, and yet I can't figure out an alternative that wouldn't be equally as bad. Let's lay down the basics that you need to know going into my rant. We take "core" classes our first year of law school. These are the "basics" that we build on for the remaining two years. The core classes include: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Torts, Civil Procedure, Property, and Contracts. Coincidentally, these are also the major subjects tested on the bar exam. In fact, one out of the two days is 200 multiple choice questions in those subjects (plus Evidence). Of the 7 subjects, 6 are taken during our first year of law school.


The remaining subjects are: Conflict of Laws, Partnerships, Agency, Corporations, Secured Transactions, Family Law, Wills, and Trusts. These don't really show up in the multiple choice section, but do show up in the essay section. (6 essays, 3 hours, some essays test multiple subjects...so the 7 core subjects plus the 8 additional subjects are all fair game). These subjects are a mix of secondary core classes OR optional classes at most schools. (In my school, we had to take 4 out of 5 from: Business Law, Administrative Law, Evidence, Trusts and Estates, and Tax. The other subjects are optional or covered briefly in other classes. Conflict of Laws was covered in our Civil Procedure class, for example. Family Law and Secured Transactions were completely optional).


So you take your core, you take your secondary core, and you fill up the rest of your law school semesters with electives (Ie. I took an incredible class on Family Violence and Sexual Assault, I took Matrimonial Law Practice, and I joined the Child Advocacy Clinic. Can you see the theme?).


But the problem is that a BULK of the Bar Exam that we are now studying for is made up of those 7 core subjects that we took two years ago! And it's difficult to recall that information with word-for-word clarity, which is what we need for the essay portion of the bar exam. Not only that, studying these subjects in law school is a very nuanced thing. We spent a semester on each of these subjects, flesh out the history and evolution of the rules, and discuss hundreds of court cases that have shaped the law into its current form. To pass a final exam for our law school classes, we had to be able to eloquently discuss all of that, especially case law. The answer to everything was MAYBE, followed by explanations on why it went either way, supporting both sides with case law and favorable interpretations of the statutes at issue.


And now, for the bar exam, we are told to recall the cut-and-dry version of the "rules" and forget all the rest of it. The answer is no longer a maybe. They want a very succinct "IRAC" formula for answering the essays. State the issue, write out the applicable rule in 2-3 sentences, analyze the facts to the elements of the rule...again, very concisely....and finally, conclude one way or another based on your perfunctory analysis.


I mean, an example of an IRAC'd paragraph would be:


The issue is whether the defendant created an irrevocable option. An irrevocable option can be created by a merchant if it is in writing and states that it is irrevocable. If there is no time limit, the offer expires after a reasonable time. Here, the defendant is not a merchant, he is just a consumer. Thus, he could not create an irrevocable offer, and no irrevocable offer was created.


^ Like literally, it's got to be that repetitive. I mean I cut out some details from the rule statement (there are some other elements, and other methods to create irrevocable options) BUT you get the point. No linguistic flourishes. They want that wording very specifically so graders can grade our essays in 2-3 minutes each.


We spent three years learning how to make that paragraph above into a full-blown 10 paragraph essay answer to a final exam question. Now we've got to stop "arguing with the question" and just answer it in that robotic, mechanical way. No time for maybes. No time for exceptions, and case law, and court rationales.


Now, we have to spend three MONTHS (from end of our final semester in ~May until the bar exam at the end of July) to unlearn everything and re-learn it in a way that's appropriate for bar exam writing.


Not only are all the major subjects three years old in our memory, we also have to change our writing and analysis style.


But the icing on that cake - we have to memorize in three months all of those succinct rules distilled from three years of law school. I mean, it's a final certification exam - isn't that the point, you say? It is the point, I get it.


But it's not fair to allow students to take open book law school finals for three years, then expect them to unlearn everything, and re-cram the important rules from all of the subjects they've taken.


We never had to memorize the rules in law school. We only had to know that FRE Rules 401-403 covered Hearsay, and flip to those rules when we needed to reference them. The analysis we always had to do, but no memorization was necessary. You could bring your outline and the statutes to the final exam and flip to whatever rule you needed. Just spot the issue, conduct the analysis on the applicable rule, and you were good. It definitely doesn't prepare you for the bar exam.


I would rather have had to memorize rules for individual classes per semester for three years to have a solid foundation going into bar prep studying. Instead, it was overwhelming as fuck.


Even now, just a week before the exam, I feel confident in my ability to pass the MBE Questions and the MPT exams. (MPT's are "practice tests" where they give us a closed universe of rules and case law, and we have to write out some kind of brief, memorandum, jury instruction, etc. We get 2 of those closed universes. 1.5 hours each. That part doesn't require "learning" because everything you need to write a perfect answer is given to you in the closed universe. I guess it's like a reading-comprehension test for wannabe lawyers to make sure they can actually prepare legal materials and follow instructions)


What I don't feel confident in is those goddamn ESSAYS. Those 6 essays are going to make or break my score, and the biggest problem is that I have to memorize 3 years worth of materials in just 3 months. We have to regurgitate nearly word-for-word on whatever issue and subject they test us on. It's just a lot of goddamn memorizing :(


Most essays we encounter, we can do a cursory read and "answer" and know how all the subparts of the essay will play out. (No, the mother cannot deny her daughter asthma medication even though her cult-like religion forbids medicine. Yes, the mother can cancel her daughter's skating lessons even though the daughter loves to skate, because it's not the courts problem what recreational activities a parent puts their child in).


What is hard is structuring it in that mechanical IRAC format and WRITING.OUT.THOSE.DAMN.RULES. Word for word.


So yeah, it sucks that law school didn't administer final exams in a closed-book setting to emphasize our need to MEMORIZE (and also train us in memorizing those rules so we didn't start from scratch for bar prep). It also sucks that all the major bar exam subjects were the first ones we took in law school and aren't remembered that clearly 2 years later. (Even though I also know those are foundational subjects and they can't do it any other way).


I'm just salty.


And whining. And venting. And miserable because the bar exam is seven days away and I keep getting my non-hearsay exceptions mixed up with my hearsay exceptions -cry-


And for some reason, I never get any answer involving depraved-heart murder right.

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