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A-kon 30!

Posted by KaibaSama in Screw the money, I have rules, 02 July 2019 · 155 views
a-kon, anime, convention, cosplay

A-kon 30 was this past Thursday-Sunday in Fair Park! I got so many compliments and picture requests for my fem Kaiba, which is odd because I figured it would be my Star Guardian Lux cosplay that'd get more pic requests. I've also started up a FB Cosplay page for me, which is Cosplay Kiki (@CosplayerKiki)! If the image is me as fem kaiba, you've got the right page. My instagram, setsuna_kaiba has also been added to the fb page, and has become my cosplay instagram. I'd change the IG so it goes along with the FB page, but I already told people it's name, so I don't want to change it just yet.


Sadly, A-kon had panels separated by curtains so I couldn't hear my panels if there was another panel shouting. They didn't have much time to plan since they suddenly changed the dates and location. Hopefully next year will be better, and they've already said they're going to announce a new venue.


This year they actually had someone in cosplay repair! She had a sewing machine and a ton of glue guns! Which is great for me since mine jammed and wouldn't work. Usually we just get boxes of random stuff, so it was great having someone in there who knew what they were doing and actually had supplies.


I wish I lived closer to Texas though since there's always a ton of conventions down in that area.


IG: https://www.instagra.../setsuna_kaiba/
FB: https://www.facebook.../CosplayerKiki/


Fem Kaiba:
Sadly my blue contacts rolled up so I couldn't wear them. Posted Image
Star Guardian Lux:
You can't tell but I do have violet contacts in
Posted Image

Me, a Ghost refugee in Colombia.

Posted by Arnie in Arnie's Blog, 28 June 2019 · 216 views
migration, refugee

Hello, you probably know me already. I'm your local venezuelan cry baby, Arnie (Actually, I'm Alexandra. Arnie is the name of my favorite skeith. Rest in the freezer, my beloved fat dragon).
If you have been around Codex for the past 3 years, you may have read my sorry tale (Sorry, I'm very into Mary Poppins Returns).


The venezuelan crisis made me want to migrate ouf my country at some stressful point of 2016.
That year I lost around 8 pounds due to the scarcity of food and all I had was the mango I could pick from other people's gardens. Tired of going to a pointless job that simply stopped paying for my time (because as many clinical laboratory, our lab has to stop operating. Why? Scarcity of material), I quitted.


I begged my father for a loan, bought a very wrecked mini laptop (the very same I'm using to type this down), repaired my old and broken pen tablet by myself and started the painful process of getting a Paypal account (took me 8 months).


The plan? Sell art comissions. I was super rusty, but is not like I had a better choice.
I advertised my services every-fucking-where.
Lost money for a few months because of the not-having-my-own-Paypal issue.
Sold my neopets goods and best pets.
Got a little better at art, less rusty, more confident.


I saved some money, at the same time, I was able to bring food back to my table and some weigth to our bodies (a family of five, sometimes six... And a baby on the way).


Spent months, years, so many sleepless nights... Trying to get my passport, the basic right of my identity confirmed so I could roam in this world of outs.
And failed. Every time. A government supported mafia grew around the venezuelan service of Identifcation and Migration. If you wanted a passport you had to pay a bribe of 800, 1000, 1500 USD, in cash. (No need to say I've never had more than 300$ in my power).


Time passed, savings dissolved, and things went worse. The electric system is destroyed (5 days blackouts. Permanent in some places). The Telecom infraestructure let me with no internet. Lost good paid works due to that.


My february of 2019, I was back at the beginning.


With my brother we decided to just go the hell out. We didn't needed to go far. Just far enough to have power and internet, may be find a job.


By April (my birthday month, and his) we have sold almost everything worthy, except my work tools and his car (and...My personal neopets main account! I still have it, lol). Got enough to travel to the border.
Hand by hand fougth for a spot in a bus. Traveled for hours, got extorted by a corrupted military man (He took 50$ from us, it was morally painful TT^TT), went back to the highway and crossed a very dangerous/unsafe mountain road.


At this point I was so anxious and scared I just wanted to desappear.


Now at the border, we walked a muddy path to the river. The river was calm and unusually low leveled. We walked over the muddy, mossy, and slippery rocks to the other side.


No one stopped us. It's usual for people go that way to take food from Colombia to Venezuela (yet, is dangerous, sometimes the river is raging and hell yes, it will drown you if you are not careful).


Since no agency would sell me a bus ticket to our destination, we got the tickets overpriced from a middleman (paid almost double price; yeah, more mafia. Venezuelans taking advantage of desperate venezuelans). And crossed the ominous, beautiful and cold Paramo de Berlín, a mountain pass (Thank your for donating so I could pay that ticket, you know who you are).


I saw many people walking the Paramo road, wearing summer clothes, carrying little children, exposing their lives. At some point I couldn't hep it and cried.
Despite the medical aid points in the way, an important number of venezuelan walkers have died in the cold mountain.


(In happy note: I saw more cows in 4 hours in the mountain that in my whole life in my hometown.I love cows.)


We arrived at night to a room in a guesthouse, occupied by other 4 people, friends of my brother.


Internet was terrible, the space was very reduced, there wasn't enough power outlets and the window so tiny the air smelled ugly and we had to sleep on the floor. Still, I slept like a baby.


We spent 3 weeks in that place. While roaming the city in the search of a job and an internet contract, because I need internet to work.


No job was granted and I was madly desperate to leave that room.


My best friend sent me 100$ on paypal.
We tried to cash them out to rent our own room.
Got scammed.
Cried out loud because of the curse of being with literally 0.00$
Lost a week recovering that money with a paypal chargeback.
Got them back.
(I told my friend nothing, they will never know!)


The landlord was already telling the room was overcrowded.
We had to leave.
And in order to achieve that we searched around the city.
Didn't choose any place.


At some point, my brother started talk to the landlord about whatever manly topic, conviced him to let us use a small warehouse-like-room in the building as office. Conviced him to let us have the good office internet for a small monthly fee.


In a week or so, most of the things in the room were sold by brother, following the landlord's instruction.
He is old, and asked my brother to help him sell those things online.


Now, with room almost empty we just rented it (and unlike the other rooms, this have it's own kitchen sink and private bathroom.. but no shower... I've been washing my humanity in the bathroom sink for weeks).


Our landlord is a really god man. Everyone in this guesthouse is venezuelan, he knows they are all struggling, don't push them to pay, offers to help them start with something humble (like a grill to sell meat brochettes in the streets, or let them use the house cooking gas to bake cakes to sell.), welcome anyone who has a child under their care, tell them how to get the kids into public schools...


So far, my brother have:
-Dealt with the cash money and bus travels mafia in Venezuela.
-Negotiated with corruped military men so we could keep our laptops and most of our hard currency.
-Found a place to rent when there was any available.
-Basically, protected me.


Two and half months later:
We still sleep in the floor (I got a little inflatable mattress, it's like sleeping on a marshmallow).
We still have no jobs (Brother got to go to an "interview", later, when he got no response, he was told the employer expected any inmigrant applicant to beg and almost cry for the job. We are poor, yes, but let us have some dignity. Jeez).
We havent been registered in any sort of local governmet database as refugees.
I'm a refugee, yes, but a ghost one.
With no one ensuring my rights.


He uses his laptop to do the same microjobs on pages like Hivework or Spare5, like he did back in Venezuela. Too many time invested for too little money. Makes me sad... a man with his talents is not allowed to work.


Most of the income comes from what can I get as freelance digital-artist.
It have to be enough for rent, food and for sending money back home, where four of our people are still enduring the crisis.
Hint: Most of the time is not enough.


Sometimes we don't eat and send a message explaining we can't send money for the week.


Despite all the bad tings, I'm here.
I'm alive.
I will keep fighting and working.
For me, for those who count on me.


If in this long period of 3 years you have ever bought art or neopets goods from me, let me say Thank you. It means a lot more than you think.


[Aw, man, this is so long... I'm sorry.]

Just won a Bludberry Urgoni CupcakeÂ, Help!!!!!!

Posted by JoeThomas2001 in JoeThomas2001's Blog, 05 January 2019 · 594 views

Just won a Bludberry Urgoni CupcakeÂ, Help!!!!!!

I just won a Bludberry Urgoni CupcakeÂ, does anybody know what this is?


I know the Bludberry Urgoni Cupcake is a common thing, but I got a Bludberry Urgoni CupcakeÂ.


The " Â " at the end of Cupcake.


Has anybody seen this before?

Passive Aggressiveness at its finest

Posted by Kelvin in Awkward Everyday Stuff, 04 January 2019 · 538 views

Here's the last two solutions. I've come full circle. I've become the Sweeney whomst've used blogs to post answers.


Worth if it meant more people posting blogs.


Conundrum #2 - Answer: Angelpuss Smiley

  • Neoboard themed.
  • All the horizontal boxes were the English subforum names for the boards.
  • The "English only" was originally meant to be a reference to TNT shutting down every other language for neopets. I wasn't 100% sure on this case, but it worked out because there were only enough boxes for the English variants of the board names.
  • The hint referred to a warf. Check out the item description for said petpet.
  • Answer found here. Scroll all the way down.
Posted Image


Conundrum #3 - Answer: Royal Potionary

  • It's a literal journey from the three outside maps of the medievally themed worlds. Subtlety is my forte.
  • The water tidbit means she can't travel over direct water.
  • I am proud of the last picture's drawing. It's my first drawn OC. I named him Mappy the Justice Feminist Krawk. Everyone loves him and he punches evil in the left tit.
Posted Image


Posted by Karla in Karla's Stuff and Things, 31 December 2018 · 408 views
2018, new, year

TLDR: 2018 was a pretty good year. Actually, it was better than I expected.


-I started working as a temporary graphic designer for one of my college’s programs, The Early Identification Program. I didn’t learn much from it, but it did feel rewarding contributing to their program. I actually kind of wished I knew about the program when I was in high school, ‘cause I could have used it to focus on science studies, and gotten a job related to science. Oh well... I knew for a fact that this job was temporary, so I was looking for jobs on the side. I left the job in May, and searched until I found a full time job in August.
- The place I started working at is called Morgan, Lewis & Bockius. It’s a HUGE-ASS law firm with over 30 offices around the world that specializes in several law practices. My job as a Production Artist is to create (or help create) design materials advertising their events. It’s a fun job, but sometimes it can be a little frustrating.


Natural Occurrences
Nothing major that I can recall. It did snow a lot, so I had to drive carefully in some conditions.


Things could’ve gone better…
- Mom was still being an asshole, especially beginning this year. She did get really sick though, so despite my differences with her, I put my anger aside to take care of her (That, and I was the only one who would do it. My brother was at work and my father was too lazy.) She also got into a heated argument with my aunt who I love so much. It got so bad apparently that she told her to not come to the house or call again. So my brother, father and I pretty much can’t see my aunt unless we leave Mom behind. Mom accuses us of “abandoning” her. She can call it whatever she wants, but she’s not going to stop us from seeing my aunt.
- The battery in my car died while I was in the parking lot of the university I worked at. It was freezing cold. I couldn't wait for my dad in the car because I couldn't turn the car on, and I couldn't go inside the buildings because I had to keep an eye out for my dad, plus all the buildings were pretty much closed. Not fun times. He did manage to jumpstart my car so he could get the battery replaced.


- I’ve been watching YouTube mostly. I’ve gotten addicted to this theatre company called Starkid back in May. I haven’t been able to stop watching their productions and videos on YouTube ever since. XD I think my favorite musical they’ve done is Twisted (It’s a parody of Aladdin, and I strongly recommend it if you’re a super fan of Disney movies).
- I think I may have seen 2 or 3 movies at theaters this year. Movie tickets are just too damn expensive, and I refuse to waste my money on movies that I don’t think I’m going to like. My mother always makes me watch movies with her, but she never wants to watch any movies I want to see. She always complains that I don’t see enough movies with her.


- I’ve tried all different types of food and restaurants this year, and I liked most of them. My favorite one is this place called Jinya Ramen bar. They serve Ramen in a pretty neat environment. If I had any friends, I’d invite them with me to eat there.
- I DID, however, get sick twice from a Thai restaurant I liked to go to a lot, but despite that, I keep eating there because my parents can't stop eating their "usual" dishes (They keep forgetting the names of the dishes, but I have to remember them because I'm the one always ordering them). I need to stop. It’s funny how an upscale place like that makes me sick, but I’ve never gotten sick from Chipotle or McDonalds. XD


Because of job hunting and the fact that I play on pet sites, I’ve pretty much abandoned my art, and I fear my artistic skills have suffered because of it. I’m going to try and take a sketchbook to work to practice on my art during my breaks, because I miss doing it a lot. :(

Living a Lie

Posted by UnicornSoulX in Words of Peackocky, 29 November 2018 · 475 views

I look in the mirror. And see my reflection
And all I want is to feel a connection.
To the outside world I may seem ok.
But if you really knew, I'm fading away.
The flame I had that once burned bright
Is barely more than a flicker of light.
Everything around me is dull and dreary,
As my soul grows lone and weary.
As I go on with this life.
All I will feel is turmoil and strife.
I cannot tell whether my smile is real,
So I look to my reflection to understand how I feel.
To you my eyes seem happy and bright,
But to read my mind would give you a fright.
Long gone are the days of true happiness and glee.
When my daughter passed on, so did a part of me.
No one even suspects; I put on a good show.
Everyone thinks I am strong, but that's only what I want them to know.
Every day I wake up is a true struggle.
I'd rather be somewhere else; let me walk through that tunnel.
They say that only the strong survive,
So I guess that's why I'm still alive.
But every day I put on a smile,
And wonder when I will walk my last mile.
Life is precious I know this is true.
And that is why I live like I do.
So just know every day is a lie.
Instead of smiling, I just want to cry.
I wish I could show my true emotion.
But that would cause you true commotion.
I'm empty inside, but only you see
The lies I live, and forever will be.
The heaviness I feel will burden thee.
Which is why I wish my soul was free.
Free from the hurt and all the pain,
And all the thoughts that put me in vain.
And now I'm pushed up against the wall,
Falling faster, please! Just let me fall!
Once I hit the bottom, then you will see!
Then, and only then, will my soul be free.
No more hurt, and no more pain.
Just the moment, I meet my daughter again.


Author: Jozie (Bobbie) Zbierajewski

Error code?

Posted by Kialaga in Kialaga's Blog, 14 April 2018 · 621 views

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/cdx/svn/checkout/core/trunk/Program Manager/ProgramManager.py", line 1192, in run_with_except_hook
File "Programs/1001/Abrosia.py.nc", line 732, in run
File "Programs/1001/Abrosia.py.nc", line 829, in InitializeSession
File "Programs/1001/Abrosia.py.nc", line 2394, in LoadNewMSABLists
File "Programs/1001/Abrosia.py.nc", line 2352, in LoadNewDBDict
Error: Could not decode items database information. Neocodex may be having some problems. Please try again later.


What does this mean?

December 2017

Posted by liamusprime in liamusprime's Blog, 02 January 2018 · 522 views

Happy New Year! I hope it was a great one for you. Time to recap December! Let's start with goals for the month:

  • Suprass 10 million in the bank: #Fail ... Stocks didn't increase like I had planned and I started saving dailies for the Charity Corner. We'll put this back on the list for January
  • Get at least one more Secret Lab Piece: Success, 2/9
  • Play Battledome at least 20 days: #Fail - 17/20 ... however, battledome had it's issues for the month, but it's going back on the list for January.
  • Finish up the Plot: HAH ... and it rolls into January, I'm not even going to set it as a goal :-/
Alright, let's get the recap going:

Posted Image


Pretty self explanatory. Nothing crazy per say. Once again, I could have played a ton more games. I spent about 2 days committed to nothing but games, however, I still should have played to get another 150k NP. I would like to offset my Market purchases with games earnings.

  • Had the Market boon, so I saved 30k with 6 days of purchases @ 10NP per share
  • Advent calendar this month! a smooth 32k from that
  • Not as much Trading/Shop, I look to increase that for January
  • Hit the fruit machine for 15k and Buried Treasure for 20K in the same day. That was fun...
  • Was gifted about 150k worth of items. If that was you, thanks!
813K np going to the bank. Not bad, here we go, goals for January 18:
  • Battledome, 20/31 days
  • Suprass 10mil (Asparagus Avvie)
  • 456k in games for the month (15k per day, and I'm already 2 days behind ... #GOALS!)
  • Decrease SDB by 10% (currently @ 5077)
Good luck to each of you in the new year!


Currently Playing: mad skillz - 2017 rap up

Belle's Once upon a time dress : pictures

Posted by Liesa in Crap...I'm cosplaying it., 23 October 2017 · 1,160 views

So I tried something new this time around because I was so unbelievably happy with how my cosplay turned out. Most pictures I get back are crappy quality and I wanted a little more this time so I asked my friend, who I've seen make awesome cosplay photo's, if we could hold like a mini-shoot together. I'm super awkward at it, don't know my angles and all that stuff.



But she guided me and took a lot of pictures. I just got some back and I just had to share :D
Give her a like at Frangipane Photography if you can :)



Posted Image


Posted Image



Posted Image

This is my absolute fave :heart:

It's been a long time

Posted by Chappy in Chappy's Scraps~, 30 July 2017 · 1,416 views

I've been gone for a while so here's some updates :


Finally out of college
Full time job at an oral surgeon office (Just front desk stuff), which means I have time to be here.
(I make appointments and listen to angry customers right before they get their teeth pulled)


My writing has gotten worse and I need to read again.


Oh right I got into make-up.


But I still live with my parents.


Tada~ You've been updated and now we're all caught up :)


If you got any books to read (via kindle or pdf), suggest them for me please :)
I need some education XD


p.s. I missed you all. Idk why I left but the important part is I'm back~

Ayyyyyyyyyyyy, come take a look at my baby!

Posted by Plunk in Real Talk, With Your Host: Plunk!, 17 July 2017 · 1,415 views

We finally got some ultrasounds done where the baby looks like a person and not some sort of amphibian's first stage in life. Check this shit out:


This one is a side view and it actually looks like a baby. Pretty awesome.



This one is the 3D view they did, and looks like something out of "The Hills Have Eyes".



And somehow we managed to get a picture of both of it's footers!



And that is pretty much all for today, except for one little thing. We've decided not to tell any family members the gender because they're putting WAY too much emphasis on it, but I feel like I can tell you guys because you're just gonna be excited and not make a huge deal out of it.


Cop allowed man to beat her, afraid that shooting him would lead to charges

Posted by BirdistheWord in BirdistheWord's Blog, 25 June 2017 · 940 views

I'm sorry :( We don't allow people, especially cops, to defend themselves from society's finest. It's sad, and unfair. But, it was the right thing to do in this situation......


You had to protect yourself, and you did by not shooting him. The physical pain will heal.....but you won't have your little kids or family threatened by thugs and douchebags.


Actually, you will still get death threats. I'm sorry. They will still want you dead just because of your job title. Despite the fact that you didn't actually do anything.


You will also be looked down upon - these thugs will see you as weak and will go after you.


I see the comments - and they still blame you for getting beaten up. things like "The only reason this is a story is because the man is X color" and "Kill or be killed".


But, that's not your fault. This world is the problem....and I'm so so sorry.

Restarted the plannah!!

Posted by Maha in I love you to Pieces, 04 June 2017 · 602 views

Aww yiss.


Not too far from 90kg now.


Finished the planner and then got sick, didn't go to gym for a week.


Was good though to rest up properly. Restarted the gym and now have my best friend coming in with me when I go (he noticed changes and wanted to try for himself, hopefully he'll eat a bit healthier? xD)


So been tryna do the planner again and help out my best friend in the gym. Its been full on though, I treated the start of the planner similarly to the 1st time but I've tried to keep my weights the same since the 1st 2 weeks are a set of 4, the 1st to being 10 x 10 and the 2nd 2 being 3 x 12. Definitely notice the strength change compared to before gym.. I'm still a weak little mofo but probably 2x as more strength in me now than just over 70 days ago or so.


Plus I've been doing a few hours of registers at work at the starts of my shifts now. Which probably helps a bit with my back muscles and my back overall. The start of registers sucked, my back was absolutely killing me within the 1st 2 hours. Now its taking around 4 hours before It hurts too much.. Mainly because I'm not used to the different movement and lack thereof, of walking and other things I usually did/do instead of registers.. But oh well. The reduction of around 10k steps average since doing registers has not seemed to hinder me at all however I definitely do enjoy nightfill far more than registers. So oh well.


Its all a great piece of life and I'm really enjoying it.


Good things!!! Even my Wife started her new job today, hoping she has a great day!

Back to school?

Posted by Trapezeo in Trapezeo Thinks, 22 May 2017 · 655 views

Well, today I applied to grad school. My bank will pay for 2 classes a year so I'll be slowly getting my degree. The school I'm looking at going to is only 20 miles away so if I do need to take a class in person, it'll be a short drive. The plan is for everything to be online so I don't have to commute.


I'll be getting a graduate certificate in Strategic Marketing Management and will eventually roll that into the MBA program. I only need 4 classes for the certificate. If I'm going to stick with banking, I want to become more heavily involved in the marketing department.


I'll keep everyone updated on how the process goes! I hope I get in! My undergrad grades were not that great, so who knows.

Math Test

Posted by firewolf13 in firewolf13's Blog, 27 February 2017 · 701 views

Today I aced my math test, wow I wish I would do that more often. :)

C++ update

Posted by Rainforce in Rainforce's Blog, 23 January 2017 · 862 views



So I managed to write some code, I decided to make an arkanoid/breakout clone instead. I do think I need some help though. I had zero c++/sfml experience before writing this, so bear with me haha.
The code itself is working, but I still need to do some stuff and I wouldn't feel confident showing this in the interview.


- Add a score system (+100 points when block is hit)
- Play explosion animation when said block is hit
- Make code more organized (with classes?)




// Headers
#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp>
#include <SFML\Audio.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <time.h>
int main()
//Create the window
sf::RenderWindow window(sf::VideoMode(640, 550), "Explosive Arkanoid");
//Load the sound and music
sf::SoundBuffer boom;
if (!boom.loadFromFile("sound/explosion.wav"))
std::cout << "SFML error" << std::endl;
sf::Sound sound;
sf::SoundBuffer backgroundMusic;
if (backgroundMusic.loadFromFile("sound/Lightning.flac"))
std::cout << "SFML error" << std::endl;
sf::Sound music;
//Load Textures/sprites
sf::Texture redBlock, orangeBlock, yellowBlock, greenBlock, blueBlock;
sf::Texture tBackground;
sf::Texture tBall;
sf::Texture tPaddle;
sf::Sprite sBackground(tBackground), sBall(tBall), sPaddle(tPaddle);
sPaddle.setPosition(295, 440);
sf::Sprite block[1000];
// Placing the 5 colored blocks
//Red block
int n = 0;
for (int column = 0; column <= 50; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[n].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 0);


//Orange block
int orange = 10;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[orange].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 32);


//Yellow block
int yellow = 20;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[yellow].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 64);


//Green block
int green = 30;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[green].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 96);


//Blue block
int blue = 40;
for (int column = 0; column <= 10; column++)
for (int rows = 1; rows <= 1; rows++)
block[blue].setPosition(column * 64, rows * 128);


// Initializing the ball direction + position
float positionX = 320, positionY = 275;
float directionX = 2, directionY = 3;
while (window.isOpen())
//Handle events
sf::Event event;
while (window.pollEvent(event))
if (event.type == sf::Event::Closed)
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::Escape)) window.close();
if (event.type == sf::Event::Resized)
std::cout << "new width: " << event.size.width << std::endl;
std::cout << "new height: " << event.size.height << std::endl;


// Ball collision with the blocks
positionX += directionX;
for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
if (sf::FloatRect(positionX + 3, positionY + 3, 6, 9).intersects(block[i].getGlobalBounds()))
block[i].setPosition(-100, 0); directionX = -directionX;
positionY += directionY;
for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
if (sf::FloatRect(positionX + 3, positionY + 3, 6, 9).intersects(block[i].getGlobalBounds()))
block[i].setPosition(-100, 0); directionY = -directionY;


// When the ball should bounce
if (positionX < 0) directionX = -directionX;
if (positionX > 640) directionX = -directionX;
if (positionY < 0) directionY = -directionY;
if (positionY > 550) positionX = 300, positionY = 275;
// Controls paddle
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::Right)) sPaddle.move(10, 0);
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::Left)) sPaddle.move(-10, 0);
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::D)) sPaddle.move(10, 0);
if (sf::Keyboard::isKeyPressed(sf::Keyboard::A)) sPaddle.move(-10, 0);
// Ball speed + collision with paddle
if (sf::FloatRect(positionX, positionY, 12, 12).intersects(sPaddle.getGlobalBounds())) directionY = -(rand() % 5 + 5);
// set the ball position
sBall.setPosition(positionX, positionY);
// Clear + draw on window
for (int i = 0; i<n; i++)
return 0;

3: A little late to the party...

Posted by ohml in Two Cents, 15 January 2017 · 618 views

Hey guys! I doubt any of you guys noticed my little hiatus, but I indeed had one, lol, We kind of just started a new year and I've noticed all these blog posts about their goals in 2017. I'm not a firm believer of this "New Year, New Me" bull but I'll give it a try. This year, I will have it on record with this blog post, so hold me accountable!

  • Do 200 crunches everyday
  • Read any book, for recreation (notice how I didn't say fun lol) every month.
  • Get a 3.5 GPA or higher during my 2nd semester
  • And most importantly...get past 200k NP in my bank.




Hey guys! I doubt any of you guys noticed my little hiatus, but I indeed had one, lol, We kind of just started a new year and I've noticed all these blog posts about their goals in 2017. I'm not a firm believer of this "New Year, New Me" bull but I'll give it a try. This year, I will have it on record with this blog post, so hold me accountable!

  • Finish my semester with a 3.5 GPA or better
  • Do 200 crunches everyday
  • Read any book, for recreation (notice how I didn't say fun lol) every month.
  • Don't stay up pas

Following the herd..

Posted by Marionette in Marionette's Blog, 04 January 2017 · 679 views
new year, resolutions

If I actually write down some resolutions in a place they're visible by someone other than me then there's an outside chance I may actually stick to them.. maybe. No promises.

  • No more alcohol. It mixes badly with my meds and ends up leaving me ill for days. It's just not worth it.
  • Lose some weight! I know everyone says this but the only person I'm cheating is myself.
  • Read more. Reading makes me happy, so do more! Anyone have any suggestions I can add to a list? What's your favourite book or series?
  • Stop procrastinating. I've had my etsy store planned for over a year now, just get on with it!
  • Fight the fear. Social anxiety is ruling my life and it needs to stop. There's a meet planned in Feb with the girls from WYOO. I am going. I am. Honestly. :ninja:
  • Learn a new skill. Crochet is cool.. right? and knitting?
  • Positive attitude. It's not healthy for the kids to see me being so negative all the time. I need to be a positive role model.


Posted by FelisNoctua in FelisNoctua's Blog, 23 November 2016 · 605 views

October was SO busy.
Finished paperwork to graduate with my masters, in December.
Saw Cumberbatch in Frankenstein.
Had a fantastic Halloween party, complete with keg beer for trick or treating parents.
And apparently, I got pregnant.
Yes, through birth control, this past long weekend full of nausea, and a missed period, led to two pregnancy tests that said "YES". I'd be thrilled if I didn't feel like I was going to lose what little lunch I could get down.

TV shows

Posted by snowleopard77 in tv shows, 06 November 2016 · 556 views

I have to catch up on my TV shows. I have been doing home work all week so I need to catch up on TV.

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