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Cliffhanger Solutions

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A miss is as good as a mister
A neopoint saved is a neopoint not enough
A tuskaninny named colin lives on terror mountain
Do not bathe if there is no water
An iron rod bends while it is hot
If your hedge needs trimming call a chomby
Dr Death is the keeper of disowned neopets
The big spender is an international jet setter
The Bruce is from Snowy Valley High School
Pet rocks make the most playful of petpets
The Alien Aisha Vending Machine serves great good
The tatsu population was almost reduced to extinction
You should try to raise your hit points
The hidden tower is for big spenders only
The advent calendar is only open in december
The library faerie tends to the crossword puzzle
The healing springs mends your wounds after battle
Have you trained your pet for the Battledome
Keep your pet company with a neopet pet
Whack a beast and win some major points
Flame the Tame is a ferocious feline fireball
Doctor Sloth tried to mutate neopets but failed
Faerie pancakes go great with crazy crisp tacos
Scratch my back and I will scratch yours
Kougras are said to bring very good luck
Kacheeks have mastered the art of picking flowers
Children should not be seen spanked or grounded
Kikoughela is a fancy word for cough medicine
Snowbeasts love to attack grundos with mud snowballs

Copy directly from the game then paste here and hit solve!

or Solve with AJAX

About Cliffhanger

This page contains all the answers to Cliffhanger. You can find this game on Neopets here.

Why play?
You can get 1,500 NP a day from this game and intelligence for your pet. Intellegince is rewarded randomly.

How do I play?
Chose a difficulty. Click start. Count the words and then come back to this guide. Find the section that has blanks with that number of words. Look at the brackets next to it. It contains the letters in each word. Go back to the game count how many letters are in the first word then second. Come back and match it up. That is your answer. Hints are sorted with the shortest words to the longest.

What is the "Solver"?
If you want to use the help of the solver to check if your answer is correct copy and paste exactly what you see in your cliffhanger game. You can have submitted letters or you can leave it totally blank. For example:

_  _  _  _  _  _  _  _     _  _  _  _  _     _  _     _  _  _  _  _     _     _  _  _     _  _  _
_ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _

Then hit solve and you will be given the answer. In this case "Everyone loves to drink a hot cup of borovan now and then"