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Daily Puzzle

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Date Question Answer Prize
+ Weewoos are natives of which Neopian Land? ???
+ Which Petpet species is NOT featured in Mop 'n' Bop? ???
+ What kind of faerie is the shopkeeper at Faerie Furniture? ???
+ Which colour of Kiko is not seen in Kiko Match II? ???
+ How many ears does a Seece have? ???
+ Sir Fufon Lui is a member of which Neopian species? 375 NP
+ What are Lemon Nimmo Bites shaped like? ???
+ Which fruit is NOT given out by the Fruit Machine? ???
+ What colour of Grundo is pictured on the cover of the Grundo Beauty Book? ???
+ How far away from Neopia Central are the Haunted Woods? ???
+ Which species is NOT featured among the pirates in Attack of the Revenge? 350 NP
+ Which Spooky Petpet only flies when it loses its temper? ???
+ Other than chocolate, what is the flavour of the Illusen Day Cupcake? 325 NP
+ What is Simon the Plushie Tycoon's favourite kind of plushie? 450 NP
+ Which game is NOT recreated in Dungeon Dash? ???
+ Pasta made of which fruit is sometimes eaten as dessert in the Lost Desert? ???
+ Which of the following is NOT an element used in Chemistry for Beginners? ???
+ What is the Crumpetmonger holding in her tail? 300 NP
+ According to the Neopedia, in what year was Count von Roo born? ???
+ Which of the following Petpet species has been pictured on its own Brightvale stained glass window? ???
+ In The Great Qasalan Caper, how many gold statues has Jazan ordered for Nabile? 300 NP
+ Which colour of balloon should be avoided in Super Hasee Bounce? 325 NP
+ What colour is the gem in Nuria's Fire Amulet? 375 NP (hungryhippo)
+ According to the Neopedia, how old is Garin? 300 NP (Snowneo)
+ The hero of the book Whiplash is a member of which Neopian species? 350 NP (Snowneo)
+ Which robot Petpet has four legs? ???
+ What colour is Mipsy, the Acara sorcerer from NeoQuest II? 450 NP
+ Which type of Negg does NOT have a cookie that resembles it? ???
+ According to the Neopedia, what species was the first abandoned Petpet that Peopatra nursed back to health? 450 NP (Snowneo)
+ What are Artichoke Dumplings best served with? 325 NP

About The Daily Puzzle

This page keeps track of the Daily Puzzles found on the Pet Central page of Neopets. Automaticallly the system will get the question and the answer. Sometimes it will get the prize but not everytime. Users like you can help keep the prize database complete by submitting it. Trophies are awarded for most helpful members!

What are Daily Puzzles?
It is a poll found on the Neopets Pet Central page. Click Here to visit Pet Central. Each day you have one chance to get the answer correct. If you get it correct, you are awarded a prize. This prize is same for all winners. After you send in an answer you will be shown if you got it right or not, and on consequent visits to Pet Central you will see a Daily Poll in its place until the next day when you can try another puzzle!

Why a range for the date?
The logs are kept track in NST (Neopian Standard Time) because the events take place according to this timezone. For instance, if Tarla is not coming today, the ???, then there will be no drop in that 24 hour period no matter which timezone you are in. So if your timezone does not match NST (PST) it will show the corresponing range. An example using today's date and your timezone settings:

  • NST Date = ??? 12:00:00 AM - ??? 11:59:59 PM
  • PST Date = February 19, 2018 12:00:00 AM - February 19, 2018 11:59:59 PM
  • Your Date = -- - January 1, 1970 3:59:59 PM

All drop times will be in your timezone settings. You can change your timezone by going to your Board Settings.