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Gadgadsbogen means, literally, "good good _____" - DAY
Galactic defender; takes rechargeable batteries - COMBOBOT
Gallery of _____ - EVIL
Game located in Mine Complex 13-A - LASTBLAST (Hydrogen)
Game: Attack of the ___; - REVENGE
Game: Dubloon ___ - DISASTER
Game: Gourmet ___ Bowls - CLUB
Game: Grand Theft ___; - UMMAGINE
Game: Hubrid's ___ Heist - HERO
Game: Igloo Garage ___ - SALE
Game: Meerca ___ II - CHASE
Game: Mootix ___ - DROP
Game: Neverending ___ Battle - BOSS
Game: Tyrannian ___ Golf - MINI
Game: ___ 21 - SCARAB
Game: ___ Escape - DICE
Game: ___ Florg - FEED
Game: ___ Poker - WORD
Game: ___ Rock Rampage - MOON
Game: ___ Runner - RINK
Game: ___ from Meridell Castle - ESCAPE
Game: ___ of Maraqua - RAIDERS
Game: ___ of Vernax - WEB
Game: ___ of the Marblemen - ATTACK
Game: ___ of the Revenge - ATTACK
Game: ___-A-Sloth - SPLAT
Game; Earth Faerie _____ - ACES
Game; Kiko _____ - MATCH
Game; Techo _____ - SAYS
Games: -swabber and -ball - DECK
Garden _____; great for getting at pesky weeds - HOE
Garin's childhood friend - JACQUES
Garnish on Succulent Cheese Dip - CHIVES (Falafel)
Garon's other Caves - FAERIE
Gear ____; for looking at delicate mechanisms - SPECTACLE (Falafel)
Gelatinous Petpet; not of the cuboid variety - BLOBIKINS
Gelert Battledome Ability - BARK
Gelert Battledome move - FLASH
Gelert second-generation Battledome move - FLASH
Gelert servant of Fyora; discovered the Hidden Tower - CELANDRA
Gelert who drank the potion too late - BRUNO
Gelerts with fangs; Halloween, Tyrannian, and ____ - DARIGAN (Noitidart)
Genie ___ - ORB
Geraptikan word for judgment - KALAHNTO
Geraptiku Petpet with floating eyebrows - GYMPU (jcrboy)
Geraptiku Petpet with hypnotic eyes - TOOTUM (Falafel)
Geraptiku Petpet; cannot fly even though it has wings - PONKA (cakebake2490)
Geraptiku Petpet; often embarrasses its owner - GUMBLESH (fizwee)
Get icky little bugs or opponents with this! - SWATTER
Get one to clean your hotel room for 5 NP a night - MAID
Get out of their way in Omelette Defender - TONU
Giant sea snail with an edible interior - ESCARGOT
Gift from the Space Faerie; Space Defence - BANDOLARO
Give this alien Petpet plenty of water and light - RASHPID
Give your pet wings with this paintbrush - FAERIE
Given out for High Score - TROPHY
Gives out Mud Mixture - ILLUSEN
Glamorous Shopkeeper - GLAMCHIA
Glamorous Ski Lodger - JASMINE
Gnomes rule this garden game - WINGOBALL
Gnorbu captain who likes flying - TUAN
Go to Grarrl Keno to hear one! - ROAR
Go to other worlds - EXPLORE
God of Mystery Island; _____ Pango - PANGO
Goes great in a sandwich with cheese - PURPLUM
Going on vacation? Send your pet here - NEOLODGE
Good for Pteris - WORMS (Lando)
Good for your Neopet's intelligence - BOOKS
Good health is very important to this Quiggle - QUINTON
Gorm-, Frum-, Zurro-, Meri-, or Deck- - BALL
Gormball player with her own wearable - EMBER (finder86)
Gormball player; unable to play in Y12 championship - EMBER (sLAUGHTER)
Got ___? Try some eggs! - CHICKAROO
Got this disease? Get some jelly pills! - NEOFLU (Noitidart)
Got this disease? Get some jelly pills! - NEOFLU
Government of Neovia - DEMOCRACY (Ints)
Graceful swimmer; Venuquin species - PEOPHIN
Grand Elder - KYRUGGI
Granddaughter of the Yurble Raider - PENELOPE
Grants temporary invisibility & protects from fire - BUBBLEMOTE
Grapes of ____; VERY angry - WRATH (jcrboy)
Grarrl Battledome Ability - ROAR
Grarrl Battledome Ability (Level 13) - SWING
Grarrl Head powerup in Destruct-O-Match III - UNDO (Bara)
Grarrl Trooper; loves wreaking havoc - GRAGAREX (Noitidart)
Grarrl ____ Blade; serrated edge - TERROR (jcrboy)
Grarrl who gave out Neggs for Spring - ROSIE (jcrboy)
Grarrl; infamous thief - GALEM
Grarrls and ___; Caption Contest 1,200 - ICECREAM (Bara)
Grass ____; unique feature of the Island Draik Egg - SKIRT (TheWu)
Greater ______ of the Fire Faerie - ORB
Greatest of the healing Scorchstones - JADE
Green _____ Eraser, only erases green pencil - FAERIE
Green and purple fruits; Jhudora’s favourite - KABUGGLES
Green with an outer shadow - GLOWING
Green-coloured paintbrush - GLOWING
Grimoire of ___; gives HT - Richer avatar - PROSPERITY (nkk)
Grinch Theater says that this returns on May 11th - THEMUMMY
Gross food… unless you like clam juice - CLAMADE
Grow ten times in size - SUPERSIZE
Grow your own ice cubes with this - TREE
Grumble Be ___ - GONE
Grundo Battledome Ability - BLAST
Grundo _____; Spooky food - STIX
Grundo _____; cash in Rare Item Codes here - WAREHOUSE
Grundo's _____; Pump-Up - GYM
Grundo, Kacheek, and ____; Shenkuu Tangram - BRUCE
Guess the Weight of the ___ - MARROW
Guild Neighbourhood; Sloth's _____ - LAIR
Guild neighbourhood for the adorable - CUTECITY
Guild neighbourhood; Kiko _____ - LAKE
Gwermal plus grunion - GWERNIAL

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