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October 18-19, 2017 Not Found Prediction

Tomorrow - 9AM or 9PM

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Here you will find a prediction to when the Turmaculus will be awake and past times it was awake. This system is an off shoot of the NeoAlerts system. Times will be shown in the timezone determined by your board settings.

Why a range for the date?
The logs are kept track in NST (Neopian Standard Time) because the events take place according to this timezone. For instance, if Tarla is not coming today, the Not Found, then there will be no drop in that 24 hour period no matter which timezone you are in. So if your timezone does not match NST (PST) it will show the corresponing range. An example using today's date and your timezone settings:

  • NST Date = Not Found 12:00:00 AM - Not Found 11:59:59 PM
  • PST Date = October 19, 2017 12:00:00 AM - October 19, 2017 11:59:59 PM
  • Your Date = Yesterday, 11:00 PM - Today, 10:59 PM

All drop times will be in your timezone settings. You can change your timezone by going to your Board Settings.