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Burnt Red Eye Egg

Basic Information

Description: Burnt Red Eye Egg is now Black eye egg and rightfully so.
Estimated Price: 43 NP (Last Priced: A day ago by Larxie)
Rarity: 101
Restocks in: Has not been spotted in mainshops yet.
Estimated Profit: 0 NP


Price Trend

Shop Owners

ashiana31 (40 NP), armenianalex (43 NP), notoochy19 (44 NP), ashley_14_93 (45 NP), nikki8279 (45 NP), norway_rocks806 (46 NP), amemitdevourer (49 NP), as_conklin (49 NP), normouse (49 NP), 02kmccurry (50 NP), abc123girl1070 (50 NP), abe1lincoln (50 NP), acoustech (50 NP), aim30816 (50 NP), alexandra_i43 (50 NP), alexsander1000 (50 NP), alicecullenrox2525 (50 NP), alice_nightsky (50 NP), ally_kat44 (50 NP), amanpreet1990 (50 NP),

Past Restocks (beta!)