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Tears of the Water Faerie

Basic Information

Description: Who knew that the tears of the Water Faerie had healing powers? This bottle cannot be taken into the Battledome.
Estimated Price: 472 NP (Last Priced: 12 hours ago by saudarif1)
Rarity: Currently Unknown
Restocks in: Magic Shop for approximately 133 NP (Last spotted: approx. 5 minutes ago)
Estimated Profit: 339 NP


Price Trend

Shop Owners

indigo_swirl (1000 NP), vasdimitri (1000 NP), indulgencexx (1385 NP), itsallbello (1500 NP), vonsilver (1700 NP), villagebeautie (2250 NP), imagine_jasmines (3590 NP), instant_karma (9295 NP), icebird134 (9300 NP), vienntho (10000 NP), iag_456 (25000 NP), isamanchur (30000 NP),

Past Restocks (beta!)

Today, 12:40 AM, Yesterday, 08:54 PM, Yesterday, 12:13 PM, Yesterday, 08:52 AM, Yesterday, 07:41 AM,