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French Flies

Basic Information

Description: Who said that the Aishas arent creative, flies and potatos are the perfect combination...
Estimated Price: 64 NP (Last Priced: A day ago by jesedmoga)
Rarity: 76
Restocks in: Has not been spotted in mainshops yet.
Estimated Profit: 0 NP


Price Trend

Shop Owners

creepy_200 (85 NP), cervenarepa (100 NP), petpal1258 (100 NP), pnkslrg2782 (103 NP), paradise_sze (200 NP), princesskitty8282 (300 NP), cari_921 (310 NP), panchitass (320 NP), coolerzbabe (335 NP), crazygray3 (342 NP), cehayess (345 NP), cat128 (350 NP), chessacat (350 NP), chloelabrecque (350 NP), clap48_0 (350 NP), clementine_108 (350 NP), clumsyandgoofy (350 NP), cometa1974 (350 NP), cynnick (350 NP), cowboy_qb (369 NP),

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