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The store has been restocked!
Nov 29 2014 06:00 PM
  • SheOfTheEnderworld's Photo
    You fucking rock. 'Nuff said.
    Nov 29 2014 06:51 PM
  • Zombian's Photo
    Well, no where else to post this, and no way to send you a message, but I purchased a NC card from your store, after paying, an auto message arrived that you are out of stock and would refund or replace in a few hours. Despite many messages requesting a follow up, I have yet to recieve either a refund or the card that I paid you for. Please address this.
    Jan 13 2015 09:21 AM
  • Hydrogen's Photo
    @WatchingKarmaLOL Waser Lave responded to your thread: "The card codes were restocked a few hours ago. I'll be generating and sending out codes to those customers who purchased while we were out of stock now but if you'd prefer I can issue a refund, let me know which you'd prefer. For future knowledge you can also send an email to [email protected]neocodex.us or [email protected]neocodex.us if you need to contact staff, you'll get a faster response than replying to an automatically generated message."
    Jan 15 2015 04:32 PM