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Guide to Score Sending for Trophies

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 06:23 AM

Pilot's Guide to Score Sending for Trophies





i. Introduction

ii. Planning Ahead

iii. Execution

iv. Strategies

v. Conclusion



Author's note: The author of this guide assumes you have prior knowledge/experience on score sending and knows how to use a program for it. If you are new to the program or score sending, there are several guides floating around here for you to get started and test the waters.


i. Introduction


Score sending as you already well know, is commonly used in games for the purpose of obtaining x amount of neopoints in x amount of time without x amount of effort. For most people, editing bytes (AoB) and running the actual flash game constitutes the only safe way of earning trophies. What if i told you that score sending for trophies was just as efficient and safe?


What this guide will do for you:

  • provide a further insight to the workings of score sending for trophies
  • how to score send for trophies safely

This guide will not:

  • do you wonders in making nps from games
  • teach you how to use the program
  • teach you how to create ss lists



ii. Planning Ahead


Score sending a game on impulse for the trophy is the worst decision one can make. Sure, that trophy might accentuate your twilight userlookup coding. Sure, all the female users on the games board will want to suck your d now. But going in without proper planning is almost guaranteed to land your beloved account and pet(s) in TNT's freezer.


In order to score send a trophy safely, there are several factors you must consider first:


Age of account - If you decide to score send on an account a few months old for example, consider the number of trophies other users and yourself would deem to be plausible. The older the account is, the less suspicious things are. That is of course, assuming the number of trophies is reasonable. If you're a baller like me, you already agree with me and score send for trophies on your >10 year old main.


'But Pilot, I have a week old account with 10 game trophies! I'm just that good at games!'


That's nice, maybe I can proofread your support ticket to TNT regarding an account closure.


Length of the game - Do you go with 30 minute games such as Attack of the Gummy Dice for a gold/silver score and risk the probability of a timeout from the score sender? Maybe you're not feeling adventurous this morning and simply wish to go for Smug Bug Smite, a game which takes less than 5 minutes for a trophy score. Its a good idea to play the games first and estimate how much time is required for a certain score. If you're a baller like me, you already have a list of all games and their appropriate times.


Games with specific divisible scores - Some games have scores that increase by 5, 10, 100, etc. Not all games will have this feature but once again, it is advised that you play the game first in order to gain some awareness. You know something's up when a game's highscore page only has scores ending with either a 0 or 5. If you're a baller like me, you already have a list of all games with their divisible scores and how much they go up by.


'Pilot, I accidentally submitted a score of 804 in Snowball Fight... what do?!'


Make a new account.


Trophy standings - It is generally a good idea to aim for more silver/bronze trophies instead of gold. After all, a trophy's a trophy and sacrifices have to be made when you're in this line of work. Having an account with a mix of gold, silver, and bronze trophies will garner you mass recognition and respect on the games board (needs testing). Having an account with only gold trophies enables you to sign autographs from the back of TNT's freezer.


Time of the month - Personal experience says that the best time to score send for trophies is at the end of the month. Why, you ask? Well allow me to enlighten you. Since all highscores are reset on the first day of every month, it is possible to 'earn' multiple trophies on the last day of the month provided that no scores are reviewed. You walk away with more than one trophy and the scores are reset the next day! The only downside to this is that if a score is reviewed it might seem suspicious how you were able to play your way to a trophy score, on the last night of the month, an hour or two before the reset...


It's fine to score send on any day of the month. Although how often?


Consistency - As a personal rule I only score send once or twice for trophies each month. Sometimes I cease operations for months and score send three to four times the following month to compensate. More than three is pushing it in my opinion. In any case, you want to stay off TNT's radar indefinitely. Patience is key.


Once you have considered your options and obtained necessary information about the game, it is time to lock and load.


iii. Execution


Before you go out all guns blazing, it is crucial to determine what you will be sending through the program. At this point, you should already know the time frame of the game and its corresponding score. For the sake of this guide, I will provide you with a segment of my working life relevant to the execution phase of this guide.


09:10:11 Start up laptop, login to Neopets

09:12:24 Consult with personal ss list and decide on a game (ie. Peanut Dash)

09:12:58 Browse to the highscore page of Peanut Dash

09:13:30 Settle for gold trophy (Example score: 1407) 

09:13:42 Consult ss list or play game and estimate score within time frame (Example time: 283 = 4 minutes, 43 seconds)

09:14:32 Access sLAUGHTER's score sender through the program manager

09:15:01 Input values and start score sending

               Laugh as the score goes through and a shiny trophy is added to my lookup later that day


'But Pilot, my score on a certain game was reviewed! Is this the end of days?'


Contrary to popular belief, having a reviewed score does not mean your account will get frozen. If you're a baller like me, averaging one review every three submissions is just normal procedure. As long as you submit a reasonable amount of time for an achievable score, all the furry artwork on your userlookup will remain available to the public.  


iv. Strategies


These are some simple strategies that may help you in your score sending spree:


Building your portfolio - Upon review, your score is less suspicious (or not at all) if previous submissions indicate that there have been similar scores leading up to your trophy (final) score. This suggests that you earned the trophy through days/weeks of playing. For example, a starting score of 358 in Peanut Dash eventually leading to 794 then 983 over a few weeks will suggest that your submitted score of 1407 for the trophy is genuine.


Hiding in plain sight - Sometimes mimicking the score of other users is the best way to go if you have no choice but to blend in with the crowd. This works best for games with specific divisible scores, such as Chariot Chase and Deckball. Of course, if you have someone else who doesn't know what they're doing (as the image below points out), both you and that user will be iced if you decide to follow his scores. 




v. Conclusion


Feel free to post here or PM me if you have any queries regarding trophy ss-ing or score sending in general. 


About the author:

Has never obtained a game trophy legitly.

0 freezes from score sending, 50+ trophies and counting.

Edited by Pilot, 01 March 2013 - 06:25 AM.

#2 Mishatu

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 07:13 AM

Nice guide!


Here's a link to an SS guide in case newbies are too lazy to look for one:


#3 Chowder

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 07:26 AM

Nice guide

#4 Mikali

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 08:16 AM

Thanks for the guide!  I feel a little safer ss-ing for trophies in my ten year old main (though I'm paranoid and I'll ss trophy on my sides first to get a feel before doing my main).

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