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Viable but Unknown Builds

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Posted 11 July 2014 - 05:55 AM

Post your favorite builds that aren't that well known, so we can all try it on showdown or battlespot.

Everytime I go on showdown, most people have the same generic pokemon recycled over and over.

However, when I meet a new strategy, I get really excited!


Here's one I found really useful:


252 HP/ 252 ATK / 4 Speed Adamant OR 136 HP/ 252 ATK / 120 SPE

@ Normal Gem



Fake Out

High Jump Kick

Knock Off

Blaze Kick



HItmonlee is great for unsuspecting opponents. Always start off with fake out to lose normal gem.

Once the gem is lost, unburden causes hitmonlee to gain 2x speed.

Without investing any into speed, an unburdened hitmonlee can outspeed even greninja and aerodactyl.

However, with the 2nd EV spread, hitmonlee can outspeed most scarf users!


Knock off deters pesky ghost and psychic types. Also, nobody really wants to switch into a knock off.

Blaze kick is amazing to get rid of steel (particularly ferrothorn [2HKO it])

High Jump Kick would be the main way to deal damage.



High Jump Kick is amazing at a power of 130, but missing can really mess up HItmonlee by causing a lose of 1/2 its HP.

Also, High Jump Kick will miss if the opponent uses Protect, so we weary of those pokemon too.

Be weary when there is an opposing ghost pokemon on the team, as the opponent can switch into the ghost type, causing an HP loss. (You can anticipate the switch and use knock off instead)


One last warning: hitmonlee should not switch once it has lost it's normal gem! This causes a loss of the speed boost, which is the primary reason for using hitmonlee.


Despite not being OU or UU, Hitmonlee can do a number of damages to OU and UU teams.


Feel free to share your uncommon builds!


#2 SuperDuperPuppu

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 04:25 AM




We all know that dragonite lives up to its name as a pseudo-legendary pokemon, but what about its pre-evolution?

Fortunately, Dragonair does pretty well on its own.

Most of the moveset will be borrowed from Milotic's standard moveset (because they have the same abilities)


252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Nature: Relaxed or Sassy

Ability: Marvel Scale

Item: Eviolite




Sleep Talk

Flamethrower / Fire Blast / Ice Beam / Dragonbreath / Toxic

Dragon Tail / other


At level 100, dragonair with relaxed nature has 326 HP, 183 Def, and 239 SpD.

At first glance, these stats look terrible/mediocre.


However, If you didn't know, eviolite increases the pokemons Def and SpD by 50% if the pokemon can still evolve.

That means that dragonair really has 1.5x the listed Def and SpD (274 Def and 358 SpD). 


Furthermore, the ability Marvel Scale grants Dragonair 1.5x the Def if it is afflicted by a non-volatile status (burn, paralysis, sleep, poisoned, badly poisoned).

That means the Def can be a total of 411 (183*1.5 from eviolite * 1.5 from marvel scale).


What this basically all means is that dragonair has the potential to be very bulky (ignoring its mediocre HP).




You might be wondering that this build might be very situational, requiring a status in order to get Marvel Scale to work.

Rest assured, since the move "Rest" takes care of this problem.

Not only does rest restore HP, but it grants Dragonair the Sleep status, so he/she gets the Def boost.

After taking a hit or multiple hits, use rest to restore HP.

After that, always follow up with using Sleep Talk for 2 turns (2 turns because rest causes the pokemon to sleep for exactly 2 turns).

Sleep Talk will randomly select between the 3 remaining moves (meaning you have a 66.7% chance of attacking).



With the rest/sleep talk build, you never need to worry about statuses, as dragonair can simply rest.

Feel free to mix and match the 2 moves (aside from rest and sleep talk) to your liking.

Personally, the move dragon tail is very useful in preventing other pokemon from setting up.

It also has great synergy with entry hazards (spikes, toxic spikes, and stealth rock).

Dragontail forces the pokemon to switch, so the pokemon looses all its buff. Also, the incoming pokemon receives damage from entry hazards.

Fire blast allows dragonair to get rid of pesky pokemon that set up entry hazards ( many of which are weak to fire)



Unfortunately, Milotic is usually a better choice with greater HP and leftovers recovery.

The benefits of using dragonair over milotic is due to the resistances granted by Dragon typing. Also, it has a greater movepool, allowing it to be more versatile and counter more pokemon.

Unlike Milotic, dragonair doesn't have scald, so it cannot burn any pokemon.


In general, dragonair does not deal that much damage, and is overly reliant on entry hazards for damage dealing.

(This can be fixed by using toxic and/or wrap to deal damage per turn)


Since dragonair will usually be outsped by almost everything, it requires careful planning and prediction to execute succesfully.





Remember when we all thought that beginner pokemon (especially the 2 bug pokemon archetypes) always suck? Well, guess we're wrong.

At first glance, butterfree appears to be a terrible pokemon. However this can easily annoy and sweep an entire team if done correctly.


4HP / 252SpA / 252Spe

Nature: Timid

Ability: Compound Eyes

Item: Focus Sash



Sleep Powder

Quiver Dance

Bug Buzz

Giga Drain (Preferred) / Dream Eater / Psychic / Shadow Ball


The premise of this moveset is to use sleep powder first, causing the pokemon to go to sleep.

Compound eyes increases the accuracy of sleep powder from 75 to 97. The means that instead of  missing once every 4 times (75 accuracy), it will now miss only 3 times out of 100 times (97 accuracy).

After the pokemon sleeps, follow up with quiver dance, which gives +1 to SpA, SpD, and Spe (meaning the following 3 stats are multiplied by 1.5).


With a Timid nature, 1 quiver dance will allow butterfree to outspeed even crobat.

2 quiver dances will allow butterfree to outspeed most scarfed pokemon.

Focus sash allows butter free to survive at least 1 hit (to allow for sleep powder or quiver dance)



Butterfree will outspeed most stealth rocks and spikes setter (forretress, ect).

Since many pokemon teams start off will a trap setter, this basically guarantees a free sleep powder.

After that, you're basically guaranteed a quiver dance (since the pokemon will either sleep or switch out).


Depending on whether the other player switches out or continue to use the sleeping pokemon, decide to attack or use another quiver dance (much riskier).

Regardless, you can take at least one hit due to focus sash.



For the 4th move, I listed alternatives to giga drain because butterfree is weak to fire. Both giga drain and bug buzz will only do 1/2 damage. Psychic and shadow ball can be used to neutral damage instead (at the expense of no HP recovery)


Also, beware of grass pokemon! Sleep powder will not work on grass pokemon.


Butterfree to extremely susceptible to priority moves (bullet punch, ice shard, sucker punch, ect).

If the other player manages to bring you down to 1 hp (due to focus sash), they can take you out with a priority move without you being able to attack.


A lot of pokemon, such as galvantula (with sticky web) will outspeed butterfree and set up stick web.


Also, be weary of rest/sleep talk builds.

Putting those pokemon to sleep is practically pointless, as they have 67% chance of attack anyways (if they have 2 attacking moves).


Finally, only 1 pokemon on the other team can be put to sleep according to smogon rules (required on pokemon showdown). If you don't adhere to smogon rules and play on battlespot, then feel free to ignore.

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 04:51 AM




4HP / 252Atk / 252Spe

Nature: Jolly or Adamant

Ability: Guts

Item: Flame Orb





Sucker Punch




Most of the time, the first move that should be used will be protect.

This guarantees Raticate a safe turn to obtain the Burn Status.

At the end of this turn, Raticate will lose 12% of its HP to the burn.


You might be wondering why you want to burn raticate, as it would lose HP and 1/2 of its ATK.

The answer lies in its ability, Guts, which prevents the physical damage from being halved.

Instead, it raises the Atk by 50% (multiple ATK by 1.5).


Beyond that, your standard damage dealer will be Facade, which has a base power of 70.

However, when a pokemon obtains a non-volatile status, such as burn or poison, then the power of the move is doubled -- to 140.

That's basically a hyper beam or giga impact, without the need to recharge!


Obviously Facade doesn't work on ghost type, so sucker punch would be the main damage dealer.

U-turn allows Raticate to scout a pokemon or switch out (while doing damage) if faced with an unfavorable pokemon.


Some stats:

Raticate Facade Versus 0 HP / 0 Def Medicham 133.3 - 156.7%

Versus 4HP/ 0 Def Mega Heracross: 80.7 - 95.3%

Sucker Punch Versus 252HP / 0 Def Aegis Blade: 111.7 - 132%



U-turn prevents raticate from receiving burn damage.

U-turn also allows raticate to escapte shadow tag, infestation, wrap, and so on.

No matter how tempting it is, use Protect on the 1st turn. Raticate will essentially do 3x the damage with the burned status. (1*1.5 due to guts * 2 due to facade)

At most, Raticate can only survive 1 hit, so be sure to plan accordingly if you don't want to protect (if you predict a swords dance or nasty plot).



Raticate has very low bulk -- Fighting types will definitely 1HKO

Sucker Punch is the main damage dealer for ghost types, but many have status moves or set up instead of attacking, rendering Raticate practically useless.




I have realized that I have unintentionally used only Gen 1 Pokemon, so I decided to use a gen 6.


Meet the most BA looking pokemon, ever.

I simply fell in love with his design.


4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Strong Jaw

Item: Focus Sash / Leftovers



Dragon Dance

Thunder Fang

Ice Fang/ Crunch / Poison Fang / (Rock Slide or Head Smash )

Fire Fang



Strong Jaw is an ability that increases the power of all moves that involve the usage of the mouth (includes thunder fang, ice fang, crunch, and fire fang)

Originally, thunder/ice/fire fang as a base power of 65, but strong jaw increases this to 97 (nearly the same power as ice beam and thunder bolt).

Crunch is boosted from 80 to 120


Fire fang is useful to take out steel types (especially ferrothorn and  forrestress).

Thunder fang is useful to take out pokemon that use ice moves (many are water type pokemon)


For the 3rd attacking move:

Crunch is the strongest damage dealer out of the the moves,

but poison fang is useful against fairy types (that dragons have a weakness to)

However, none of them give STAB (50% bonus for attacking moves with the same type as the pokemon), so rock slide/head smash would be good alternatives


First, Tyrantrum should switch into an opponent that he resists or receives neutral damage from.

After that, the next move should almost always be dragon dance, giving a 1.5 boost to attack and speed.

With the diverse move pool, Tyrantrum should be able to at least do neutral damage



-Rock typing is probably more harmful than beneficial. Dragons have great resistances to many types, but the additional rock type causes these resistances to be lost

-This set is extremely susceptible to priority moves (ice shard, mach punch) due to the use of focus sash and low bulk

-Many moves do not give STAB

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