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Town considers banning cigarettes

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#51 NeoVix

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Posted 26 April 2015 - 06:15 AM

All stuff like this does is give more business to the illegal backy sellers IMO.


Cigarettes and tobacco are so expensive in England that I use our local backy man anyway (7 quid for 50g..compared to 20 quid or more in the shops...) but if smoking was banned in a certain area..you can bet that more people would start using people like this, instead of going to the nearest area that did sell them legally.


Also I laugh at how governments and stuff make out they want people to stop smoking. Then products such as e-cigs help LOADS of people to stop, the government shits themselves because they are losing so much tax revenue, so all of a sudden e-cigs are banned in public places aswell as cigs are and there is loads of stories in the rags about how they are as bad for your health as cigs are. I find it amusing seeing them try to make out they give a shit about peoples health, but at the same time they really really do not want people to stop smoking :D

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#52 pancakemachine

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Posted 12 May 2015 - 07:53 PM

I honestly hate cigarettes the smell of them really irritates me but I do not think it should be illegal. it is a persons choice if they would like to smoke and with our overflowing prisons/jails already if you made it illegal we would just be housing even more people and supplying them with a roof over there head and three meals a day all because they decided to puff on a cigarette. 

#53 Kate

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Posted 13 May 2015 - 04:45 AM

I personally don't see a problem with it. Maybe back when I was a smoker it would have bugged me but if they wanna smoke, they'll find a way, just like with anything. 

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