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Who or what is your spirit animal?

such animal very spirit wow

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 10:26 AM

True enough to my forum name, my spirit animal, according to http://www.quotev.co...r-animal-totem/

is a Crow. 


You got Crow!
You are most likely a very mysterious person, since the crow is often labeled as a mysterious or "dark" bird, and you can easily become gloomy or prickly when bad situations come along your path. You are easily saddened by simple things, such as a small fight with a friend. On the positive side, you are very tricky and clever. Don't confuse this with wisdom or knowledge, for you are a bit more on the trickster side of things. This allows you to get out of sticky situations, similar to the deer totem.

Oh I love Quotev site! If Crow is trickster, when I got Coyote result, it is trickster too! Seems we like to switch our cloying nature with jokes. Like a jester who teaches playfully  :lol2:


"You are the Coyote! People with a coyote totem are usually know as tricksters and jokesters, making them excellent prank masters. Their senses of humor are highly intelligent, but they have to remind themselves to be the voice of reason sometimes, because sometimes they focus on having fun, maybe too much fun, leading them to unwanted situations in life. Coyote people aren't just tricksters, but have an incredible amount of wisdom!"

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