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How I beat NQ II with minimal effort. Mac User friendly :)

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Posted 26 June 2015 - 10:32 AM


I did not make these scripts. I simply googled all over the place for them. This guide isn't a speed guide to NQ II. It still took me about a week to finish, but that was because I was still getting the hang of all the scripts. You also have to be near the computer. You have to watch over the game because some of the scripts require your interaction. The scripts Im using are old, that's why it's required to download an older version of Firefox. If you're not comfortable doing that you can still use the auto trainer, you just have to move to the locations yourself.



Let me add that you could probably avoid using the two browsers by just downloading a super old version of Firefox. I didn't try that though and didn't want to. If you try to do that let me know how the scripts work on it.


But I don't know if it'll work or not since one script is from 2008 & the other is from 2014 I believe.

Things You'll Need

~Googlechrome with Tampermonkey

~Older version of Firefox with Greasemonkey. I got mine from Oldapps. Make sure you switch to Macintosh on top and then go to browsers. I'm using version 28.0.


Install the autotrain on Tampermonkey.

~Remote Control

Install the remote on Greasemonkey.

~A Walkthrough

~Remote Control Configuration

What I did/How to use everything

So first things first, I used both browsers, switching between them when I needed to train or move. Do this at your own risk! I've done this and have not gotten frozen, but using anything comes with a risk obviously.

Follow the directions for the autotrainer on the userscripts page. The only thing about this script is that Velm is coded to only heal. That's what he's best used for. So when it comes to his turn and all of your players are already healed it will just loop until you choose something different for him to do. Since we're using this on tampermonkey, the update that has Velm check if your partners are already healed won't work. Noticing the date of the script, it's from 2008 so if you want to be able to have Velm do that, try downloading a version of Firefox from 2008 and using the script. It'll probably work then, but that's too far back for me. I just used tampermonkey. Having to do this is tedious but what can ya do? TRAIN YOURSELF! But you don't want that do ya? :p

Another thing with the code is when you no longer have a healing item, you'll have to input the code yourself to change it. Your characters will heal whenever their health is in the yellow or red. To change it, click the tampermonkey icon, click dashboard and click the script. Then look for " healingItem = GM_getValue("healingItem",#);" in the script. Change the number to one of the numbers listed on the script's page that you have. You'll have to do this everytime you run out.

Now how to use the autoplayer! Have greasemonkey downloaded for your older version of firefox, and download the script. Open up the remote configuration page and open up about:config. Filter it to nq2guy. These two values should be there "greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://nq2guy.tz//NeoQuest II Remote Control.Path , string , 1
greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://nq2guy.tz//NeoQuest II Remote Control.pathIndex , integer, 0
". In order to make it move, make sure the remote is disabled on your neoquest page. Then use the remote configuration to find out the directions to where you want to go. Say you're just beginning. On that page click Chpt 1, then click Trestin to Minor Foreman. The picture will show you where you have to be in order to move correctly to the spot. Copy the directions and go to the about:config page. Modify the Remote Control.Path value. Paste in your numbers. Make sure that the pathIndex is on 0 (that's the second value underneath the one you put the directions in). Then go back to Neoquest, enable the script and press enter in the url bar. It should start moving. Once it gets to it's spot, it will alert you to disable the script. MAKE SURE TO DISABLE IT before moving. Sometimes the script will leave you in the middle of nowhere, but not too far from your starting postion. Try going back to the starting position and changing the way Rohane is facing. I had to do this mainly for Nox's castle.

In order for this script to work it HAS to be disabled before you input the directions. You HAVE to be exactly where the remote configuration page tells you to be.

And that's about it! I used the walkthrough to tell me how to spend my skill points, who to talk to etc. I would keep both browsers open, and then train first, go to firefox log in, then move until I got to where I had to be. It's tedious and it DOES require you to be there. I was writing this guide as the scripts were going so you can just do other things on the computer while it plays. Just make sure to check on the trainer for Velm.

If part of this or none of it at all makes sense to you, feel free to PM me and I will try to explain it as best as I can. I'm not a coder or anything like that, I pretty much just taught myself and followed the directions on the pages. I managed to get both avatars doing this and I'm almost finished with the game. I just stopped playing as soon as I got the avs! Lol. I hope this helps my fellow Mac users out a bit since we get no love when it comes to programs :p

Good luck!

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