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Hero Crafting!

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Posted 02 July 2015 - 11:52 PM

Here is a place where you can theory craft heroes for heroes of the storm from the blizzard universe. Here is my second hero that I have crafted.

I think a nice new character for the Diablo universe would be Natalya from Diablo 2.

Her skills would consist of traps and combos.

Trait, claw mastery, damage done by auto attacks leave the enemy with grievous wounds which deal a small damage over a long time. Say, 3 damage per second for 8 seconds, scaling by level.

Of her basic skills, her Q could be a dragon kick where she teleports a short distance to a target and deals a small damage. More damage if she has charges into her passive W.

Her W would be a charge skill that would increase her damage for a short dururation, unless continually attacking, maxing out at three charges. You could then use these charges to add burst damage to your Q, Dragon Kick. This skill could also be teched by talents to do slow, aoe damage by something like fists of fire or more.

E would be a trap spell that drops and can be teched by talents to do different styles of attack for a limited time. You could have a lightning trap, a corpse explosion trap, flame wave trap, or many more!

R, Shadow Master, which would be a copy of yourself that would attack and do the same charged damage as yourself. Of course this would not be a direct copy that you could tell was different looking by being more of a shadow figure.

Second R choice, Fade, you get to chose when to go into a cloaked state in order to gank or get to the back line of a team fight. While in cloak you are greanted a damage reduction. This would only last 5 Seconds and could be a quick retreat option as well.

She has very little lore, but has been one of my favorite characters in the diablo universe ever since I met her in act 3 of diablo 2.

Links to her info below.



Thanks for reading this,
Aka Megazord

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