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Your Neopets Story

neopets autobiography padme

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#1 Padme

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 08:12 PM

Tell me the story of you and Neopets!

What got you addicted?

How old were you?

Did you leave and come back?


I've heard peoples sporadically on TinyChat, personal conversations, random board mentions but I'd love to have them all in one place


(I don't think this is a board already but I could as always be totally wrong LOL)



#2 Alexiel

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 08:39 PM

I remember... many, many years ago... I was in the... fifth or sixth grade.
We had computer class.
Naturally I was already done with the assignment.

I was always done with computer course work first from then to the year I graduated.

Nothing but time to kill so was playing... I think it was either this old Windows game where you skied down a slope & avoided a yeti or something... or that one where you separate balls into cells and tried to get a certain % sealed off without the balls touching the line. The names escape me.

My friend Melissa could tell I was bored as fuck so told me about Neopets.
I checked it out and was hooked instantly.

This was pretty much year one. 

Advent Calender didn't exist. NeoBeer, NeoWine, etc. was being sold.


There was an apothecary (that I still deeply miss), video rental store, and a few other things (like the original Maraqua, utility fish, etc.)

119.gif813.gif 156.gif 82.png 130.png 71.gif 812.gif 161.gif 1.gif 373.png 70.gif 120.gif 811.gif 72.gif 74.gif 122.png

If/when the battledome finally arrived there were one player opponents such as the Powerpuff Girls, Dexter, George Jetson, and so many more...

Staff would frequent the message boards and talk to players.

Filters weren't nearly as strict (if they even existed at that time - was probably all humans back then).

Pet art was drastically different... even compared to UCs:



Not to mention the HUMAN pets:


bruce1.gif kau1.gif mynci1.gif



Eventually I got bored for a bit.

Year maybe?
Then my at-the-time girlfriend got me hooked again.
We'd help each other out.
I started a new account because... I think I didn't originally remember my account info.
Then when I did some of that stuff in my SDB was surprisingly worth "a lot" (for back then). 
Like... want to say one thing was the H4K helmet went from junk in the space station to a useable battledome weapon. Course back then it was just Hypno Helmet:

100.png 101.png

Think my then-new main was eventually frozen for multi-accounting.


Years later tried again.
Saw an advert for IA (RIP) on the forums.

Was curious so checked it out - learned ALL about the Neopets "Underworld" (lol). That would eventually lead me to here, back there, then to here, then a 2-3 year vacation from here & Neopets (once I was frozen on the second Dupe Day for trying to sell a duped FSS I obtained via a Money Tree Grabber lol), and then back again.

Now I pretty much have no f*s to give about Neo - do it as a way to kill time and feed my inner child some nostalgic goodies.

Doubt I'd make another account any time soon if/when I do get frozen again, but regardless I'm hooked on NeoCodex for life at this point.


That's... aboot it. :)

#3 Adam

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 08:39 PM

I joined, got about 45 accounts iced, quit. :D.

#4 Fikri

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Posted 30 August 2015 - 11:48 PM

my brother introduced me to neopets when i was 13. my first account wasn't impressive at all because back then i only like to chat with my guildmates. my guild used to organize lavish giveaways to active members so that was my primary source of income.


my first time getting frozen is a couple of months after i signed up because besides me, my brother and sister also played neopets and TNT thought we were the same person. pfft.


but despite being frozen, i signed up for a new account and started over. i still remember my classmates and i were having computer science class at school and the teacher asked us to browse the internet on our own because he got something else to do. all my friends gathered in one place watching porn while i sat alone at the back, playing neopets lol.


these days, neopets has become a guilty pleasure for me... every time my brother comes into the room, i have to close the website quickly and when he asks what i was doing, i have to say "browsing porn". :crybaby:

#5 Scavi

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 01:30 AM

Back in 2005-2006 a friend of mine and I were really interested in virtual pets sites. I remember playing in horrible pages with ugly drawings just because we didn't stumble across Neopets. Then she did find the site and we started playing, during the last period of Neo 1.0. We were like 9 years old and we didn't care much about NPs. Then my friend quitted because her mother was worried that she might talk to strangers on the site :lol2: and I continued playing. One day I discovered the neoforums and created a 14+ years old account in order to be able to see them. That, I think, was the moment when I got hooked. I learned about lots of things which I completely ignored in the past.


I was a completely legit user. I was really opposed to cheating in all ways (mostly because I was afraid I would lose my main account) but as time went by I did my little bit of cheating (AutoHaggler, light program use). However, in 2010, I got frozen because I had purchased NC with NPs to a friend and, later on, she asked Neopets for a refund. All the accounts in which she had purchased NC got chain frozen. Really unfair IMO. I had a really nice account, a couple of UC pets, a BD cross painted Krawk (back when those were really expensive) and 300+ more avatars (in 2010 that was quite an achievement, considering that most game-avatars were obtained legally by my effort). Hopefully I was not very addicted by the time (I was more of a PS3 CoD player) so the fact of being frozen didn't hit me too hard. I sent a ticket and they answered 1.5 years later with no solution... oh well


In 2012 I cheated successfully for a month, made like 15m and sold the account. Now I'm back :)

#6 sprockets

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 02:58 AM

I first heard about neopets back in around 2000 through one of my mom's coworkers. Like Alexiel I was exposed to the atrociousness that was of the human pets (Bruce used to be a human before being turned into a much cuter penguin). I really had no idea what I was supposed to be doing but I had fun just playing the various flash games that they had to offer from the games shelf (instead of games room). Next thing I can remember is joining AIM Chatrooms to talk about neo and restocking. Was legit up until 2007 when I was frozen for lending a friend some nps to bid on some really cheap king's lens, he didn't win but he overpaid me back in items and my accounts got chainfrozen. Made a new account, played for 3 months and then quit until 2012 when some nutrinopet user told me about codex and I thought "Why not?", ab'd in the attic until it went down and now I just go on every few months for a minute or two and then leave.


Looking back neo had been quite the timesink that I probably could have spent better ways (like developing my social skills). Ah well, at least I made some internet friends that I still talk to. 

#7 Cass

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 05:20 AM

I started in 2005. My bff at the time found Neo and introduced me to it, and we played together for a very long time. Eventually, she outgrew the site and I, well... here I am lol.

#8 Rauul

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 05:30 AM

started playing neo in 2001, i was a little child (10 years, now im 24 yo) i used to play with my classmates ;) (now i live with one of them and we still playing neo)

got frozen so many times, rebuild a new main, 3 years passed, got frozen again, rebuild and now i have a 4 years acc, i only participate on neo plots and events, do my dailies and thats all


i remember i used to love the very old jubjub (with very big feet) had a rainbow one, when maraquan pets came out, had a maraquan jub jub (and someone said me he looks like a cow's heart)


sometimes i miss spending my free time on spanish forums, i met very kind people there, we are still be friends (we met in real life) 

#9 Karla

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 06:00 AM

I first heard of Neopets in the early 2000s. I joined, thought it was boring, and quit.

Mid 2000s, I saw the Maraquan Gelert, aed for it, got iced, quit again.

Made another account in 2007, aimed to get a cybunny, 2hard4me, quit again.

Started playing again after college. Nowadays I just do dailies, if I remember at all. :p

#10 Rocket

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 06:07 AM

I started playing in 2001 with some friends, I quickly became obsessed and I would secretly log into my friends accounts and steal their stuff and neopoints. I remember waking up at like 2am so I could visit the snowager and had to be really quiet so no one would hear me lol.

I probably played for about 2 years then lost interest and maybe logged in every year or so for advent calendar.

Come 2007 when I was a lonely housewife in the middle of a Canadian winter I got bored and wanted to check out neopets again. Surprised my account was still there, baron and empty like I had left it. I quickly became hooked again, found the forums and found keyquest. I made friends and would spend a lot of time playing games trying to become a neo-millionaire. I did this for about 2.5 years before I got bored. But I met a friend on neopets, a friend who always had the mystery pic answers and would give them to me, so I asked where he got them from. He was hesitant, but mentioned NeoCodex. I lurked for a while before making an account here then I did.

I quickly ab'd and bought stuff to make myself rich and admired by many. I had friends at the top and no one knew I was cheating. I became obsessed with being the best (this is problem in real life too). I was quite popular during my run. I ran a guild and am still friends with  several of the people today.

My cheating got the best of me and I was permanently iced in 2012, I made a few other accounts but I spent a lot of money on the one ($3000 usd in neocash alone not to mention everything else I bought along the way). I quickly gave up on neopets thinking it was a waste of time. I wrote several scathing emails to TNT because I was mad and wanted my account back, I almost got it back this year but I made the mistake of telling them to "go fuck themselves" in a ticket and they still have it on record, oops.

Come end up 2013 early 2014 I made my way back to Codex looking for a forum to join, not necessarily looking to play neopets. But I quickly was drawn back in to AB'ing though I kept a low profile this time. I still got caught womp womp. I had pretty much given up and didn't care to play anymore.

2015 - I had a few empty shells and it was time for the Altador Cup, I was going balls to the wall. I had idk how many accounts and I didn't care about them so I ended up score sending them all on one ip. Well it seems the Jumpstart/Tnt payed closer attention? Idk I got temp ip banned for a while and when I was un-ip banned I would hit the score sender again. Now I'm perma-ip banned and it kinda sucks. The only way I can access neo is through a proxy and that's tedious and annoying so I don't bother anymore unless I'm helping someone with a trade.


I love neopets, I'm not afraid to admit that it introduced me to some amazing people and I'll have lifelong friends because of it. I also found love, laugh if it you will. I will always cherish my neo days, but I may not talk about it in public it's still kinda embarassing, I'll always remember it. And without neopets I wouldn't be here on Codex, and I wouldn't have met all you fine people.

#11 KaibaSama

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 06:14 AM

I saw my cousin playing it as a small child. I can't remember when, but it was back when they still had that little scroll with the links at the top of the screen. I started playing and remember getting an FFQ, which I used to paint my pet baby. I thought baby was an expensive color back then, I didn't know there were others. I played it with my friends and at their house. I was really good at Ice Cream Machine. It still is one of my favorite games. I got bored and then stopped. 


Found neo again around the time I was 12, so 7 years ago, and made a new account because my original had been purged. Stayed for a couple months and got bored again. 


Came back 3 years ago, couldn't remember my old accounts password and made my current account. I remembered my old accounts password later, but I already had so much stuff on my new one that I didn't want to switch back. Now I can't get into my old account because it says my password is wrong, but I don't remember changing it and I'm not getting the password reset emails. I sent in a ticket a while ago and haven't gotten anything back. 


Sorry that this isn't as interesting as everyone else's. 

#12 Katya

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 03:11 PM

Note: all the events I'm about to talk about occurred in the Portuguese version of the site. I'm still on my quest to find any Portuguese/Brazilian folks from that time that might remember these things and find out if we were besties during those years. :crybaby:



I don't remember exactly the year when everything started for me.

I had a friend living in US for a few years and she used to send me some magazines about skating/surfing/bicycling that weren't sold in Portugal - I was a radical teen lol. This was before 2000, because I stopped with those sports before my 18 birthday which was in 2004 and by then I think I already had an account.

Anyway, in one of those magazines there was an ad about Neopets. It got me curious so I did my research for several months. I never thought about creating an account, I was just (still am) very curious. After learning everything about it -there wasn't much to learn by then anyway- I forgot about it for a couple of years. When I moved from my parents house I found those magazines and the ad, it was when I decided to create an account. Like I said, I don't remember the exact year but I remember a lot of things from the first 2000 years -and the more I think about it, the more I've been remember, it's weird- so, contrary to what I believed a couple of year ago I was already a Neo player before 2005 which was when I thought I started playing.


ANYWAAAY, I remember a lot of stuff from that time, the weird Pets, the even more weird items we used to have. That wine lol!

Because I did an exhaustive research on the site I knew a lot of stuff other newbies like me didn't know so I used to hang in the Help Chat. Nothing major happened to me until 2007, I only played mindless games, and chat in the HC but never made any real friend. In 2005 that changed, a lot of Brazilian newbies registered and they all went to HC of course, I made friendships with some, created a guild and we were the only constant group that had always a topic in the HC active at all times. We helped people with their doubts/quests/whatever. And when Altador Plot was released (May 2006, I think - I remember being really close to my b-day -April, I just don't remember if it was before or after). TNT opened the Hall of Heores and the whole thing started like a ball of fire in a gas station lol people were very excited with that stuff (newbies eh :rolleyes: ).

By that time we had a few Portuguese TNT members (neoboards monitors only -we never talked with anyone else beside the folks that were in charge of keep board a nice place!) talking to us on a daily basis on our topics. I admit we were little cunts. We had TNT on our side and we were such bitches to new people. There used to be tons of flame topics back then, with my group always in the middle of the drama lol. We used to called ourselves "Family", it was even the name of our Guild, and that didn't go well with some folks because "families" weren't allowed in Neopets - wtf right?- and we got tons of friendly "warnings" from our TNT acquaintances, but we never had any problems with it. We were as cool as any Neopets player can be. I had tons of avatar items, so I started making weekly topics in the AC to lend them. I got scammed a few times, and always had my items/NP returned as soon as I contacted those same TNT acquaintances, because of that TNT started to return other scammed items to other folks. It were some really nice years, probably the best ones I spent on the site. I made lots of friends. From the neoboards to MSN it was a little hop. We started to chat with each other more in the messenger than in the neoboards but we still had our guild chats and AC lends.


2007 came and all went to shit. Apparently having TNT members as our friends outside Neopets was a bad bad bad idea, especially when we have the bad luck of attracting psycho assholes willing to engage in a relationship just to fuck tons of players. So, some stupid girl fell for one of those fucktards monitors and when they started making plans to meet each other outside the virtual world - she even already had bought a plane ticket to Brazil, for fuck's sake - the bastard decided to end everything by icing her account and everyone that talked to her more or less frequently. We never had official numbers, because the original (American) TNT never respond to our mails, but we did the math ourselves. Almost every Portuguese/Brazilian player that used the neoboards by that time had their accounts frozen with the "cheat" excuse. Later that day, after most of us creating other accounts and started to swarm the boards with topics asking what was going on, TNT bastards said to us that everyone was caught cheating. Oh man, if I could I would have killed someone lol. Rage everywhere. Threats to sue the site came from every member, whatever. The next day TNT forbidden chats - people were no longer authorized to create topics just to talk, unless it was related to the respective forum. When we didn't abide to that despot rule, we were iced again.

That was the first time I semi-quit Neopets. Not after sending a mail the the US TNT, explaining everything, with proofs (every single one of the conversation exchanged with the fucktard on MSN, no shame - I think I'm glad I'm obsessive enough to keep record of the silliest things). Fucktard got fired, neoboards got to its original state, and PT Neopets was reduced to a few hundreds of players, when before it used to have 30k online daily. Yeah. Shit happens but who cares about it now? I don't, but it was cool back then. :p


Since then I never returned to the neoboards. I lost contact with the friends I made there because ultimately, the core of our group thought it was my stupid moves that got them iced unfairly. But I'm a bitch so I don't care about it. *shrugs*

After that I continue to play and got frozen a few more times with the same excuse as always - cheating. But honestly, I didn't know there were cheats, or cheating communities.


In 2008, and after being iced... again. And after seeing all the money I'd spent with NC and Premium I decided that was it, I would never again give money to those idiots.

After a bit of search about cheating sites, I found Codex. I made an account here. I don't have idea what username/email I used it, but it was the first time I actually cheated, after being iced for that reason.

After that, I found another site that sold stuff. I don't remember the exact name, all I know it had "Dubloon" in its name. I bought 10M, and the Ghostker battle set (Sword, Shiled, Bomb). Twice. :lol2: I still have them and the account I used to do the transaction is still unscathed - eat that dick, fucktard TNT member! :D .


Then life happened. Work, man, kids, all that jazz. It was a big semi-hiatus from the site (semi because I used to still log in from time to time to check on things, AB a bit) until I return to Codex and made this account 3 years ago because my obsessions with write down everything didn't save me from losing the data access to my old account. I've been cheating like crazy, even more than those times after the last time I was iced and never got caught for it. Until now. Let's hope it stays like that so I can continue to give back to this community part of the joy it gives me every day. :D




Damn. It took me more than 1 hour to write part of my Neo soul in this tl;dr crap. Handle with care, pls. And ignore any error/misspelled word. I doesn't know ingrish.

#13 Tchi57

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 04:57 PM

I liked the way a Kacheek looked while on LSD. 

#14 Swar

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 06:42 PM

I remember playing it when I was reeeeally young, then playing it again at school. I went a long time without playing it again, until I found it because of a friend when I was 10. Back then I only played the games and didn't really care about the pets. After two years playing the flash games occasionally, I found Codex. I was too dumb and posted some stupid questions here that I don't even like to remember. Anyway, I didn't really know how to speak English, so I just gave up on Codex and went back to my legit life.

Some years passed, I got better at English (I bet this is grammatically incorrect) and found a RS/sniping guild on neo. They were too good (maybe they cheated, idk), and I had no idea why they let me be part of it lol but it was awesome there, it was like a family. One day, there was this huge fight between the guild leaders and the guild was gone. Some of them were frozen (probably caught cheating) and the rest just disappeared.

More years passed and I somehow found Codex again. I tried to create a new account, but it said I already had an account with my email, so I requested a password change and started posting again, but not as stupid as when I first created it.

Now, 1 year later, I only go to neopets for some dailies and when there's a plot or an event, and spend most of my day here :) I'm so glad I found Codex.

#15 tmanowen

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 08:49 PM

How old were you?

I was around 8-9 years old when I started playing, my step mom got me into it, who also played and my brothers. Then my cousins got into it and I got really big into shop restocking(yes even at like 9 years old), because I was really into just making any sort of money, real or fake. Then after probably a year or so, I kind of just lost interest in the game as I was playing mmorpg's and just almost stopped playing. I think I even played webkinz for a little bit(I although resent that though).


Did you leave and come back?

Last summer(Summer of 2014), I was very bored with life and started going back to old games of mine and finally remembered about neopets.  A lot had happened and I had gotten more knowledgeable about exploiting games and cheat engine, and I thought I'd maybe mess around on neopets(of course on my main account). I started to mess with scratchcards and found some interesting things I may even one day share here, but then I started messing with game high scores. That ended up not going well when TNT decided that my score of 301 on fashion fever was not a realistic bug on their part, and I had just been cheating :(.


After my account was frozen, I quit then until this past summer where I decided that I should use some of my scripting languages into creating myself a shop restocker(which still works pretty flawlessly), And to use my second account I made at a similar time of my first account to just play on casually and do dailies. I also created a script to run most of the dailies that I update if I find more stuff to do per day. Mid this summer I found a pretty cool bug / exploit / glitch, to kind of create money unfairly, using my knowledge of past exploiting. I was using that to get some extra money in NP, but it kind of got boring after awhile and I just stopped. Now adays I just lurk forums while I run my dailieis and shop restocker scripts in the background. I would love to share some of my work with you guys, but I'm a pretty new member and don't really know how the rules work on everything having to do with that.


If anyone actually reads this, you are probably wondering who the frick is this guy xD. Well I'm just responding to the post and throwing my two cents in of who I am and want to make a place here on the forum although I'm fairly new. And sadly only recently found you guys.

#16 Padme

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Posted 31 August 2015 - 10:38 PM


If anyone actually reads this, you are probably wondering who the frick is this guy xD. Well I'm just responding to the post and throwing my two cents in of who I am and want to make a place here on the forum although I'm fairly new. And sadly only recently found you guys.


I read all of them :) This is a great thread to jump into!  :D

#17 March

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 11:38 AM

Mann I think I was 8, had to be 2000. I made some accounts, but I know I REALLY got into neo when i was 11 or so a couple years later, I guess those were the "golden years," me and my friends would draw all our neopets and draw comics for the neopian times and junk... GOOD TIMES. I never even made enough np to get a paintbrush even though I seriously played for years haha

I don't remember when I left but I know I came back to it my second year of college, since if I don't have anything to do online I spend too much money shopping.. lmao.

#18 kadoatie

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 01:47 PM

I was introduced to Neopets back in May 2000 when I was ten years old by my best friend at the time (who turned out to be crazy, but that's a story for another day).  My first pet was a Kacheek and unfortunately my first account has long since been purged by now.


Some of my favorite memories were sneaking up late at night just so I could play Neopets during the quiet night.  I still lived with my parents at the time and I had the squeakiest fucking bed so I would have to be extra prudent.


Back when I first started, I was jealous of one of my classmates who had 100k in the bank.  I thought she was so goddamn rich and begged her for NP.  Her original account was purged as well and I doubt she still plays Neopets.  


Eventually, I became a better player and kept moving my way up.  On one of my old accounts, I used to have awesome items such as Mono Claw, Spectres Battledeck, Hat of the Muffin Man, and many more.  I got frozen numerous times throughout the years and would quit for a while and end up coming back again.  I didn't turn to cheating until after they kept freezing my legit accounts for incredibly stupid reasons.


I'm 26 years old now and I still enjoy playing Neopets to pass the time, but the site will never be completely the same for me.  I feel that I play more for nostalgia purposes than actually enjoying the site as much anymore ;x

#19 Kate

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Posted 01 September 2015 - 02:48 PM

I was like 10 or 11 and my brothers and I all played. I used to be so jealous of their skills at Meerca Chase and earning NP. 
I really really wanted a baby pet, like bad! I collected Ice Lollies for a long time and then my Mom stole them and sold them so she could play the Brucy B Slots. 
I have always been on and off Neo all these years, my longest hiatus was about two years and that was from 2008-2010. I used to love all the makeup items like eyeshadow, blush, lipsticks, and I kept hoping someday we'd be able to put them on our pets. So you can imagine my excitement when NC was introduced. I still take time to do things I used to love on Neo, just to relive my happiest memories on there. I miss my badly named blue acara so much. RIP little shera. 

#20 Eggie

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Posted 02 September 2015 - 03:18 PM

I was 9 and and relatively new to the interbutts. My friend came over to my house one day and she was super into Neopets at the time, so she pretty much forced me to sign up. I was absolutely enamored with the site from the second I logged on and I remember staying up all of that first night playing it with my mom. A little while later, she created her own account and we both played for roughly 12 years. I'd like to think me and my mom became closer with eachother due to Neo. It was "our thing" and nobody else knew what we were talking about when we talked Neopets. It was fantastic. We both had established accounts with years of work poured into them.


When the conversion came, I fell out of love with the site significantly but reluctantly continued to play on a lesser scale. The site no longer felt the same. My mom carried on until both her and my first accounts were hacked and frozen. She managed to get hers back but no longer plays. I never got mine back and have decided to play illegit instead. It's actually more fun.

#21 Brat

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Posted 11 September 2015 - 03:57 AM

i first found neopets back in 2003 I was maybe 12years old during computer class in middle school. Like Alexiel I always found myself completing all my work super early so id get free time to play around with the computer. I don't really remember how I found it, but when I did I immediately fell inlove with it. I even got most of my cousins to play it with me. Right around when I started high school my account was frozen and decided to quit helpers for good. Fast forward twelve years later (present day, beginning of August to be precise), I found myself super bored and kinda frustrated with life and seen an article on the internet about neopets. Decided to see if I can still log in (I had side accounts that didn't get frozen) and surprisingly I remembered my side's login information. Now, I'm playing this goddamn game again =/

#22 Jakerz

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Posted 11 September 2015 - 04:51 AM

Ouu good topic!


I think I started playing in around 2003 when I was 11, don't remember how I found it. I played legit at first and use to loveee playing Neoquest? I think that's what it was called anyway lol. I'd also battled a loooot and loved training my pet with codestones and what not. Fast forward a bit to 2005, I got introduced to neocodex. That's when the cheating began lol. I had lots of accounts running autobuyers/autoplayers, and transferred everything to my main. I got away with it for a long time but eventually everything got iced. Then I decided to start selling neopoints, even made my own website to do it easier. Made a bit of money off that but eventually got bored and quit completely.

After I quit I started playing Runescape and WoW, and never really went back to neopets that I can remember. Although 2 days ago I made an account just to see what had changed. It's funny that some of the most popular games are the same ones I use to play back in 2005 lol

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