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Someone explain this to me please?

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#26 Waser Lave

Waser Lave

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Posted 06 December 2015 - 01:05 AM

Are you suggesting that hundreds of pages of indepth legalisations and economic reform will suddenly be easily read by the common person?
Bare in mind the most read newspaper in the UK is the Sun..

No, if I wanted to suggest that I would have actually said that.

#27 Frizzle

  • M'lord

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Posted 06 December 2015 - 07:48 AM

Your implications are off the chart.

#28 ohml

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 06:08 PM

Revisiting the thread from over a year ago, a lot has been discovered that shows the true meaning and nature of TPP.

 (I am skipping the basics thinking you already know it.)


I apologize for not citing sources as it would forever and my memory of where I exactly found it is unclear,


TPP will establish a legal process called the "Investor-State Dispute Settlement" (ISDS) to help enforce new regulations. Basically ISDS will let companies challenge the law of a Country under TPP in a Tribunal of Judges if the countries law if the company things it hurts their profits. Which is reallllllllly bad. The Government should always be above the corporations. Just because a law doesn't work in your favor, does not mean that you can go to this tribunal and get this fixed, its the goddamn law. Under the ISDS they could even fine the government which could encourage countries to change their laws just because of a corporation.



Who will be on this Tribunal? Of course they won't be corporate fucktrumpets, would they? Most likey, the people who will probably be appointed to be in this are people who are HEAVILY influenced by corporations and cash, in essence, fucktrumpets. Who do you things these corrupt people will side with when the time comes to pick between a country or corporation?


An example. Malaysia: Dude, when you mass produce those D batteries, your polluting the air with a lot of carcinogens can you stop?

                     Company: Nah it's going to cut into my profits.

                     Malaysia: Seriously, we have a law stating that you can't do this.

                     Company: I disagree with the law lets take this to the International Tribunal


Guess what will happen...


Another downside to this, in TPP, is that in this partnership, are the countries in it. Malaysia literally tolerates slavery, Brunei implemented Sharia law in their government, and the Filipino president, Rodrigo Duterte literally compared himself to Hitler and says he hates the U.S. 



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