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my mom says i'm special AMA

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 09:13 PM

1. more likely to reserve. I'm not one to avoid conflict per se but I don't intend to hurt people either, and I'm usually very aware of what my opinion may bring forth. If you're my best friend I'm savage af though but you signed up for that shit.

2. I can't say for certain I never did but if I did, it was a subconcious thing. Perhaps sarcastically to prove a point ("Whaaaat? I had no idea you could do that.")

3. Very much. As a kid/teenager I was a stubborn little bitch and that didn't bring me very far. It's good to keep changing, developing, growing and stay in motion.

4. Pfft... the way finances are going now... probably a year... perhaps too. Or maybe my poor man's life has done me good and I actually put the million dollars on my bank account and cash in on the rent. Who knows.

5. Road rule as in traffic laws? Not a law specifically but I find traffic lights absolutely stupid. I feel they should just replace every crossing with roundabouts; they don't cost any electricity and regulate themselves so much better than regular crossings.

I like roundabouts too. That said, i have encourntered some very scary and hazzardous ones in my day... well thought out roundabouts are a big win though. :) 

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