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[Guide] Adblock for restocking

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#1 Swim

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 05:28 PM

So I found it really annoying how sometimes I would go restocking and then I would purchase an item 

that wasn't really worth anything. So I created a HUGEE list that blocks the images of items that aren't profitable using Adblock.


The only thing with this list is that it'll slow down your computer a bit and may be a little bit annoying when you're trying to click things on your inventory. However, I find that it's worth it when you go restocking and don't have to manually search up the rarity/value of the item.


Of course there may be some things that are blocked on my list that shouldn't. If you do happen to see such item please let me know and I'll make changes to the list :)


How to work:


1. Download the "Adblock.txt" document I attached to this post

2. Download the Adblock extension from https://getadblock.com/

3. Enable adblock in Chrome and you should be able to see it in the top right corner of your browser

Attached File  a.png   44.48KB   3 downloads

4. Click on the options button (shown in diagram above)

5. Click on the "Customize" at the top 

6. You should see "Manually edit your filters", click the edit button beside it

Attached File  a.png   24.14KB   4 downloads

7. Copy and paste the contents of my list into the space and save the change

8. Viola, you should have your new and handy adblock list



Here's what it should look like in use:

[Edit]: Lutari Healing Potion should be blocked but you get the idea

Attached File  a.png   30.56KB   4 downloads




+rep if this helped ^_^

 Attached File  Adblock.txt   309.87KB   45 downloads

Edited by Swim, 18 June 2016 - 05:29 PM.

#2 Shane

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Posted 18 June 2016 - 11:54 PM

Thought we had this already.

Fairly sure I made a list some time ago with just about all popular shops and spread it.

#3 Arnie

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Posted 19 June 2016 - 11:58 AM

I've seen this lots of years ago, in other forums. I still think is a grate idea :p

#4 unworthy

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Posted 07 July 2016 - 07:08 PM

I used to do this back in the day before I've found this website.,..not that Ive ever really used the programs just a few times a few years ago.  It was fun sticking to 1 shop and slowly seeing nothing lol

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