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Ever heard of tremulous? :D

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Posted 10 July 2016 - 08:38 PM

Hello guys, i'm new here and i'd like to introduce a game i have played for at least 10 years(damn i'm old)

It's a litle outdated but it's really one of a kind game for sci-fi lovers.


It's a FPS that is basically a neverending war between aliens and humans. The story goes something like. Alien spies were discovered on earth and traced back to their natural planets, then a war breaks through with both aliens and humans attacking each other's planet's/ spaceships and territories.

There's a "blue" team ( humans, use guns and the technology to build machinery to protect their base) and the red team ( aliens, which use meele attacks and symbiotic-body features to have a great advantage in close range fights and control the distance.


The game has ok graphics, resonable amount of players and endless maps and it's a delight for any star wars, falling skies, and sci-fi in general fans. 


The official site is http://tremulous.net/ 

and currently there are 4 "versions" of the game with a fifth to be released next month.. with tremulous 1.1 being the most active one and the old school one too, tremulous 1.2 being more updated but empty and unvanquished and murnatan remakes.


A quick video to see if anyone gets interested is here, it's a frag video but can give you an idea of how things are if you want to get started at it :D



This game used to be a very popular QUAKE mod until it became a game on it's own, more than 10 years ago and it's still one of those dinossaurs that refuse to go extinct.


Just suggesting it to anyone who might or not be interested :D


Please correct me if i said anything wrong and ask me as much as you would like to if you're interested, thank you very much :D

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