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Festival of Neggs 2017

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#51 NMP

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Posted Yesterday, 07:26 AM

Don't forget you get the theme too if you didn't already have it. 

Stamp doesn't seem to be going for as much as the Chadley Stamp did at the start. 

Seeing it sell for 800k-1mil as opposed to the 3mil starting price for the Chadley stamp. 

Seeing as how the Chadley stamp goes for 5-6 mil now, might not be a bad idea to invest in these. 


The Chadley stamp was hard to obtain.  Some of those games were well nigh impossible for every player to achieve.  As opposed to this stamp, where you clicked on a link once a day.   Don't expect a click and get to be as worth as much as a real accomplishment that most failed to obtain.


#52 IamDaniel


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Posted Yesterday, 09:00 AM

A let down again... 

#53 jaredyne


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Posted Yesterday, 03:28 PM

Yeah, Festival of Neggs is usually disappointing. But hey, it's over for another year. Next event should be AC at the start of June, yeah?

#54 manophear

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Posted Yesterday, 04:03 PM

Got my stamp too so I'm good. Not a stamp collector but I'll hold onto it for now

#55 Hikimaru


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Posted Yesterday, 07:37 PM

I did it in a few accounts, will wait to see if this stamp inflates in a year or so.

#56 jaredyne


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Posted Yesterday, 07:53 PM

It'll inflate to buggery if they make it an avatar album. That would be quite a long ways off being possible of course, not many stamps in that album yet! But who can tell with JS and stamp album avatars, I'm still shocked about Other III

#57 BirdistheWord

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Posted Yesterday, 08:27 PM

I don't understand how a freebie stamp can be 1 mill off the bat and altador X stamp is only worth 45k ....I'm no stamp collector so I dunno but feels like false inflation.

#58 manophear

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Posted 9 minutes ago

# of stamps in circulation overall probably, and Altador X Stamp might have been subjected to a dupe bug?

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