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Hello :) I'm not new to Neopets or to Neo Codex :)

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#1 RoseAngel

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 05:15 PM

Maybe it was the other site that I was an admin on.  Than, something happened to that site or no one was on it anymore and I joined Neo Codex.


Than, I got banned from Neopets from using someones program and I quit Neo for like four years.


I just came back around 1 month ago.


Neopets and Rift are currently my best games that I play now.  I do play others, but, those are the ones that I play most.  My 2nd two best games, sorry, but I just can't have just one best game, hehe, are Maple Story and 2nd Life.


I like to be called Rose, even though my real name is Angela, I had a favorite Aunt, who was my Mom's Sister, and I just loved her name.


It was funny the way that I found this site today.  I was searching on Amazon for Neopets TCG and I went down to the bottom and it was talkling about a restocking program (I forgot the name of it), that you guys are offering.  I thought that was something else :)


Well, I am going to be 60 on December 1st.  Which is a milestone in my life, really.  My Hubby, Robert will be 64 on February 8th, 2018 :)


We have two cats, Geronimo (14) and D2 (13)  They are Brothers by another Father . . . hehe :)


I am really glad to be here and would like to help out in any way that I can.  Also, I think that program that you want to start (like IRC) sounds really awesome :)


:air_kiss: :air_kiss: :air_kiss: :air_kiss: :air_kiss: :air_kiss: :air_kiss:


I tried to add some pics . . . they downloaded because I can see them on here, underneath this post.  So, it says next to the pic at the end of the line, add to post, so I clicked on it and nothing happened . . . not sure why though?  But, just incase they did post along with this message, the one of the single lady is me, the one with the man and woman is my Hubby, Robert and I, and the one with the two cats are D2 (the orange cat) and Geronimo :)


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#2 pancakeface

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Posted 21 July 2017 - 11:52 PM

I still remember the spoilers for Rift, but it's bizarre how I've never played it after all these years even though I thought it looked cool.


I might not be the right person to hand out welcomes as I'm hardly active, but welcome! 

#3 Poh

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 02:51 PM

Hello Rose and welcome to Codex! I'm not exactly a regular but I've been around for a while and I pop in every now and then. You and your husband looks lovely! So does your cats too. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

#4 RoseAngel

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 06:42 PM

Thank You Everyone :)


It's nice to be back on a site like this again :)


:neocodex: :kirby: :ninja4: :air_kiss: :heart: :coolpics: :innocent:

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