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Starting over from scratch.

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#1 Neoxx

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Posted 17 January 2018 - 07:42 PM

It finally happened, and I can't say I'm surprised - I started getting a little bored, started pushing the boundaries a lot and getting sloppy - and I was hit with a chain ice but thankfully not IP ban (had a big eff up due to said sloppiness that rendered my IPs useless and had me ABing with 4accounts at once off of the same IP, which was also the IP of my main and sides LOL)


So this time around I'm doing it semi-legit. Uh, that's to say NOT LEGIT AT ALL but I'm pretty salty that one fuck up has also sucked my legit main account and all of my hard work of YEARS not to mention SO MUCH RL MONEY down the drain. So I'm not fucking around with multiple accounts and spending real money/buying illegit anymore.


Looking for tips on getting restarted - I currently have a bunch of newbie account ABer lists to start me off, as well as working on my own SS list to bulk up my game scores. Staying away from trophy and avatar scores for now, just trying to round out my new account with minimal effort.


I'm currently running Cheat APer off of the Program Manager while I wait for my account to hit 24hours, I'll cycle through pyramids/snow throw etc through-out the day/evening.


Despite this being all my fault I'm still pretty bummed so come and give me tips, tell me about times you've really fucked everything up.

#2 adamj95

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Posted 19 January 2018 - 12:48 PM

Do you need any items or pet lends for avatars? I might have some to lend you.

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