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Recommended 1-P Battledome sets, 2018?

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#1 crtitcmeerca

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 09:18 AM

*Imagine if I had a REAL weapon*

So, I'm a filthy casual and happily so and will probably never fight in 2-P battledome for fear of Chia/Kacheek Flour, Eraser of the Dark Faerie and such rubbish. I'm happily doing 1-P battledome!

What would be a great set that would be fun to play around with for 1-P that doesn't break the bank? For CURRENT META.

Let's assume I:

1. Have a pet that has sufficient HSDM for this purpose. (I don't but I am working on it)

2. Budget is flexible up to 100 million NPs.

3. I have no desire to show off fancy, rare, elite items such as 2x Super Attack Peas, Grapes of Wrath and such.

I have been trying to get info about a great high-end 1-P set but most people only care about 2-P.

My current set is:

Kelpbeards Trident
Sword of Reif
Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield
Everlasting Crystal Apple (tells u how much HP I have currently, he he)
Turned Tooth
Randomly Firing Freeze Ray

Is this set good enough provided I have enough stats? I could get my hands on a Leaded Elemental Vail, but that would be for much later when I have much more HP.

Yes, I am aware training takes precedence. However! If I were of above average stats, what would be an upgrade for this set for 1-P Battledome (if required at all) and reasons why. What would some realistic alternative sets be?


1. Is Grapes of Wrath really necessary since Wand of the Dark Faerie has similar distribution and is multi-use? Or if one were to have a Super Attack Pea? Would bombs then be redundant?

2. Are shields, reflectors and blockers really necessary for 1-P?

3. Is it worth splurging on a super freezer (Moehog Skull, Marbles of Mystery) when there are TWO abilities that give freeze once per battle?

4. Are bombs necessary if you already have powerful constants like WotDF and SuAP?

Weapons I am considering:

- Sword of White Lies (icons suck but damage is high?)
- Wand of the Dark Faerie ('nuff said)
- Illusens Staff (combo with Wand?)
- Deaths Knell/Maractite Dimensional Trap (downgrade of Moehog Skull with 50% freeze)
- Sword of Lameness (for... fun??)

What else should I consider WITHIN REASON?

TLDR: What is a good high-end 1P Battledome set for above average stats within the limit of 100-200 million NP?

What are some of your favourite 1-P Battledome sets and why?

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#2 KeIvin

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 01:42 PM

1P? Meta? Pfft.

I just use lens flare and warlock’s rage with KBT and some anagram sword and I beat Kaia on the hardest mode.

Training your pet’s level to get warlock/Bubbling Fungus your strength are way cheaper than any BD weapon you think you need.

You’re thinking way too much for 1P battling.

That level of consideration is reserved for 2P battling.

#3 ortin

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 03:48 PM

Lol no one uses Chia/Kacheek Flour or Eraser of the Dark Faerie in 2P mode. Those items are worth quite a bit and it's a waste to use it up in 2P battles nowadays :p

#4 GhostMommy

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 04:18 PM

Shurikan is a cheap upgrade.

The answer to your question about a third freezer,   is yes it is worth it.  Since 1-player opponents can use their freezer and infinite amount of times you'll find yourself get defeated frequently.  

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#5 crtitcmeerca

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 06:53 PM

Lol no one uses Chia/Kacheek Flour or Eraser of the Dark Faerie in 2P mode. Those items are worth quite a bit and it's a waste to use it up in 2P battles nowadays :p

Trolls must never be doubted. Haha. I would legit cry if I lost an elite item or had my pet turned.

Alrighty then! Looks like I'm thinking too much yet again and will just play around with my sets.

#6 Realisticerror

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Posted 14 July 2018 - 07:34 PM

honestly everything ive ever read and played around with has said that generally higher icons is better for 1p regardless of icon type, WoDF is one of the best bd items you can possibly get and relatively cheap (35ish mil) its a clutch healer, 25 icons and 75% light reflect, only thing it cant do is freeze!

#7 Bones

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Posted 16 July 2018 - 01:16 AM

WODF has now leveled out at 35m so for this is by far one of the best.



on a side note there are less and less questers now and 'some' 99s are getting harder to find on WIZ so we might see a slow increase in price on WODF soon.

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