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Trick or Treat time again

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#1 Bones

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Posted 31 October 2018 - 04:37 AM

Info taken from JN so credit to them:


Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic
Giant Jelly
Lunar Temple
Healing Springs
The Crumpetmonger








Bag to buy in bulk would be The Crumpetmonger Trick-or-Treat Bag around the 500k mark .

The bag gives out a stamp but it is fairly hard to get the stamp so currently the stamp prices are hovering around the 2m mark and should rise quickly with time.

#2 Kelvin

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Posted 31 October 2018 - 12:28 PM

From my research: Investing in the Neovia Stamp Album for an eventual avatar is NOT an immediate pay-off. Putting aside TNT's unpredictable content release consistency, there will be a huge wait for all the stamps to be released. Could take at least 3 years. Currently, with the crumpetmonger stamp released, the album is only a little more than halfway through.

#3 KaibaSama

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Posted 31 October 2018 - 01:03 PM

Well, I got junk. As usual. I don't collect stamps and I don't play as often anymore, so it's not too big a loss for me. 

#4 Cannabis

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Posted 31 October 2018 - 05:41 PM

Glad to see they added a stamp to a goodiebag, let the price war begin

#5 Karla

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Posted 31 October 2018 - 06:58 PM

WELP I'll be holding on to the crumpetmonger bag for a bit.

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