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How do you manage to sell your high-end stamps?

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#1 Perdita

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 04:17 AM

I have a few of them and trouble selling. Especially, but not only, the stamps from albums with retired or r101 stamps are very difficult to sell for me, with offers sometimes less than half of what they're worth according to Jellyneo and the Trading Post.
How do you manage to sell them? Is it common to sell for waaay below their actual worth?

#2 Purrina

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Posted 12 April 2019 - 09:10 AM

I'm not sure what you mean by "higher end" - if that means 2m or 200m to you - so I'll attempt to answer as best I can and hope my experiences are helpful.


I have the same issue with slow or no sales on selling high(er) end items.


In my (limited) experience, it's not just with stamps, it any item of a certain price point - coins, plushies, gourmet foods, etc have the same issue of more difficult sales.

There seems to be this level where if a stamp/item is JN valued at 1m nps to somewhere around 5-7m nps - that people just don't buy for those prices. Sellers are fewer and they _expect_ to get a 'discount'.

You can leave it in the trading post, or you can constantly relist auctions, and it may eventually move - but it takes time.


IMO it's because the market is much smaller - oftentimes for stamps you are dealing with collectors looking for an avatar, plushies are gallery items, gourmet foods are going for the trophy, etc. So you have the dwindling population of Neopians who is looking at a stamp album page and deciding - "am I committed enough to shell out 172m to buy all the stamps on this page for the avatar?" or,  are they willing to go and buy them with other. Neopia already has a lower player base then previous years and the market of buyers got smaller, the items are restocked enough that you are not the only seller, so it's been difficult for me to move them at close to JN price in a timely fashion.


Then, you reach that pricepoint where you ARE the only person who has the stamp/item for sale, or there's only 1 other seller. That's where I find things really turnaround.

I recently restocked a r99 gourmet, no others on the TP or auctions, and it sold at auction for full JN price at first listing. I feel the buyer was likely looking for this item for awhile and ready to buy.


When I RS an item selling at 999k, I feel a lot more optimistic it will sell with much less effort over an item I RS at 1.4m. It seems that range of "1m to 5-7m-ish" is a real trouble zone for me. Too much competition and not enough demand really drives the prices down. Then you get to much higher end items that have no or less listings from other sellers, and it comes back around again.


Good luck selling! :)


#3 Perdita

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Posted 13 April 2019 - 01:53 AM

I have a few stamps that range from 2m to 40m. They are all difficult and annoying to sell. You're totally right about other more expensive items being equally difficult to sell; I just didn't think this was such a problem with stamps as well, as they are of interest for stamp collectors, avatar collectors, and with r99 stamps there's even the r99 collectors. I'm just surprised I guess.
With all of these stamps I'm also not the only one selling them which doesn't make it easier. I've also tried advertising on the Trading Boards before, but what I really hate about them are people coming along like "you can't sell that for that price, it's inflated / not worth it / I wasn't able to sell mine for that price / whatever". Tell me that via Neomail! Don't come here crashing my board. It invites people to expect a hefty discount, and although I've had good sucesses before with the boards, you can completely forget about your thread if you've got one of these people there.

It's not that I don't understand people thinking about whether they really want to part with hundreds of millions for a full stamp page or not, it's just that I don't want to sell for half the price, but neither do I want to sit on my items forever. I do know that patience is key with most unbuyables though - I'm probably just confused about the time it takes to sell stamps as well as the expectations of some buyers.

#4 Bendida

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Posted 13 April 2019 - 03:37 PM

When I have an item worth between 1 and 2 mil, I usually put it in my shop for 999,999. Those are items I've auto-bought for less than 10,000, not worth waiting on it. better to invest the money even if it's for bank interest. I'm also a collector and when I don't have the patience to AB the items I want, I'm not willing to pay full JN price. Why should I? I can eventually buy the item for a fraction of that price. I'm willing to pay millions instead of buying for thousands but I know that the seller bought this for thousands too, so a discount is definitely not going to hurt them. That's why I expect to get it and when I'm not getting it, I say, whatever, I'm going to try my luck ABing and save my money for something really big like retired stamps I can't AB. You have to consider this thinking too and decide if sticking to full price and slow selling is more cost effective than selling with significant discount but selling more items for shorter time.

#5 Coldplay

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 03:13 PM

I had an expensive item for sale, I had to wait a few weeks to sell it but you need to have an idea of what you'd like to get for it: only pure, pure+ets, pure+items and especify it in your trade lot. Also be sure of how much you want to haggle on it: 100k? 1m? 5m? don't be discouraged of underoffers, it's plagged with re-sellers and that is what they will try to do! Just be patient.

#6 Prisca

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 12:26 AM

I like to wait until there is a lull in the market on a particular item, then, when there are 0-2 of them, i post it, asking for a slightly discounted price, or offering a collectors discount. This is for items worth 20m+. For items less than 20m i tend to wait for them to increase in value. Good luck selling. :)

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