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#1 clerythecleric

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Posted 26 June 2020 - 12:31 PM

Hey guys, I'm an F# developer and i've been writing software now professionally for 3 years (as a hobby for 8).
I've good experience with C#, F#, Java, and some javascript.

Generally i don't work with browsers i usually write hooks for programs running DX and inject my code that way. It's my understanding that abrosia and the SSers all just work through GET/POST requests, while i haven't done any of that type of stuff for some years i don't think it will be too difficult to replicate.

I had an idea moving forward, I plan to create a bot to automate buying the sticky snowballs, 2 an hour * 24 hours is like 48k per account a day?
if i SS for 55k ( people say the one here is unsafe though it's been fine for me so far. I might just make my own) and buy sticky snowballs for another 48k a day. That's 100k per day.
I figure if i run 10 accounts on proxies that's 1mil a day / 7mil a week automated. Hypothetically.

So my question is 2-fold.
Firstly, What do you think the freeze chances on this would be on buying sticky snowballs once every 30minutes?
Secondly, It was to my understanding that with a score sender, so long as it doesn't flag a review you will never get frozen from it. Is that still the case?

lastly, if anyone else has any ideas for bots, automation scripts etc which were never made here. Give me a shout and if it's worth it I may just build it and i'll be happy to share.

I had another idea for an alternative method of restocking. It's just an idea at the moment, something along the lines of utilising multiple shell accounts (say 10 accounts) in sync of each other, this would enable you to constantly refresh a shop (say battle magic) every second from different accounts, then as soon as it restocks a shop your 'side-account' who holds all the money will refresh the shop and attempt to buy the items.

This has multiple benefits over abrosia. 
-Firstly it means you can refresh the shop every second. Therefore bypassing the refresh minimum wait time.
-Secondly, as your 'side account' isn't refreshing at all until we know 100% that items are in the shop, there is no risk of having it RS banned
-thirdly, your side-account which holds your money (and the items you will subsequently buy) will only have actually restocked for a very small amount of time, as he only refreshes when we know items are ready to buy. From neopets perspective only the shells have been refreshing all day and they have 0 link to your side-account thanks to the proxy servers.

Lastly, This is highly scale-able. Example:
If you run 10 shells and refresh one account every second, that means each account will be refreshing every 10seconds. While updating you every second
If you run 20 shells and refresh one account every second, that means each account will be refreshing every 20 seconds. While updating you every second
If you run 30 shells and refresh one account every half a second, that means each account will be refreshing every 15seconds. While updating you every half a second.

If you wanted to go really extreme there is nothing stopping you monitoring multiple shops in this way (20-30 accounts per shop) and swapping to the shops as they restock on your side-account.
Let me know what you think. It sounds like alot of work but I don't think it would be as much as some of my previous projects I've done on other games.

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#2 KaibaSama

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Posted 27 June 2020 - 08:37 AM

1. We used to have a sticky snowball autobuyer actually, but it no longer works. Not sure the freezing change though. Might be a bit low since it's just snowballs.

2. That is NOT true for the SS. You can absolutely get frozen even without a review. Don't use ours, it's unsafe. It appears to send the score, but you won't get np from it. It caused issues a while ago, and it hasn't been updated. 

3. Not sure on that refreshing. We use a wait on abrosia as many real restockers do wait a bit, rather than constantly refreshing. It's aimed to make it seem as human as possible to lower the risks.  You'd also have to make sure those accounts aren't ever connected to reduce the risk of a chain freeze, proxies/vpns (which can slow it down), separate emails...ect. 

4. Most common program request is usually a kad feeder. 

#3 clerythecleric

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Posted 27 June 2020 - 12:58 PM

^ Thanks man that's useful to know.
I'd like more info on the score sender if you have any? I've been monitoring it in fiddler and i don't see any issues. As i said i'll probably build it into my tool anyway as I think I know what i'm going to do now.

Today I was just setting up some wrapper functions to allow me to easily change/find and grab information from the site. I setup a function to grab snowballs from the healing foundation. To check and carry this out for all my users takes now only 5 lines of code which is pretty sweet.

I plan to implement Sqlite to save all the users information to and last successfully buy time, i'm gonna add all the dailies and various games, training etc.
Idea being it will essentially just run on a loop checking who needs what and doing this in random orders for random accounts. Essentially playing the game by itself. I may end up adding some shop/restocking buying as well but if i do that won't be till later as it will be a bit trickier.

My goal here is to essentially have a tool i can just run 24/7 and in turn it will generate NP without me having to ever login or touch the game.
I wonder though, for example when i get a sticky snowball i send post/get request to the URL of the healing fountain, do you think i should send requests for 'explore' and 'fairyland' with delays between? to give the impression i'm browsing the site. Or would it be safe just going directly too trudy, coltazan, healing foundation etc. As i'm sure legit players use links anyway saved somewhere, or bookmarks.

These are all running on their own proxy as well so there shouldn't be any connection between them. (Well through testing these are 100% compromised but any future accounts wouldn't have any link through this tool alone)

I had an image to post but i don't think it will let me.


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#4 KaibaSama

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Posted 27 June 2020 - 07:49 PM

Hmm..it's possible they changed the background stuff again and the score sender is sending properly, and it's counting as a daily play and you're getting the neopoints on the website. If all the stuff that cause the last issues is disabled it may be safe again, but I can't confirm that myself (and we don't really have a large enough sample size of people confirming it/testing it for us to determine safety right now). 


I'm not much of a programmer, I only know a bit of basic java..but I think doing the dailys (like healing, trudy, coltazan and such that you mentioned) would appear as if you're playing normally. Just randomly going to places on the map may seem like an auto refresher, so to have it load things like dailies pages/pages that a normal player would go to go use might be a bit better than randomly loading faireland pages (doesn't have to do the dailies, that'd be more work lol).

#5 clerythecleric

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Posted 29 June 2020 - 08:37 AM

Well the snowballs work good, been running it for a day or so with 4 accounts got over 250 sticky snowballs 1f61b@2x.png
Going good so far, been running it on 4 accounts as a test and i've made 250 snowballs so far, i started it sometime around yesterday I think.

I've built it in a way so that it's all powered by the data, meaning making new page requests and posting data, adding new users and proxies and dailies etc is as simple as just adding a new column to a table and it should then carry out those events for all those users based on the timing schedule in the table. Though before that can really work in the way I want, I would like to find a nice way to handle the response data accordingly (as obviously it changes from page to page).
I've had a few ideas but not really delve into that much yet . Depending on how far I want go, be it just verification that the event took place or if I want to actually extract the text/data and events and record them.

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