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[Guide] A Dollar A Day with Swagbucks and Gambit

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Posted 28 July 2020 - 12:32 PM

Swagbucks Referral link (we each get $3 when you earn $3 within the first month): 
Gambit referral link (we each get $1 when you sign up and buy a points gift card through Swag): 
What is Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a website that allows you to complete surveys, sign-ups, and random other activities in exchange for "swagbucks". One swagbuck can be exchanged for roughly one cent, in gift cards. Minimum cash out at this rate is $5. A minimum wage job pays better, but there are certain activities that are super easy to complete once you get the hang of it, and can be done while watching TV. 
What is Gambit? Gambit is a site for betting/gambling, that only uses Swagbucks currency. It's rates are worse than real world gambling sites, so I only recommend using them for the trick listed below. I do not advise gambling in a situation where you can't know the outcome, such as sports. 
EDIT: They got rid of the discount, naturally. It was a good run while it lasted - but it's not longer a sure thing, and I no longer recommend Gambit, as without the discount, any reputable gambling site has better odds, if you choose to gamble. Gambit is still a useful tool for meeting Swagbucks daily goals (with rewards ranging from 8 cents a day to a dollar for meeting larger amounts), but again, probably not worth signing up for unless you're already using Swagbucks. 
Short Version: Sign up for Swagbucks, buy $3 worth of gambit points for $2, twice daily (total $6 of gambit points for $4). Profit by $1.25, repeat, and cash the surplus out for gift cards to sites like Amazon, Walmart, Paypal, digital Visa and others. 
Long Version: For around the last year, there's been a promo offered for "new" players where you can buy $3 worth of points for $2, twice daily. You can buy a max of two gift cards of any variety, twice a day. That means you get $6 worth of gambit points for $4. There's a delay of several days (typically 5-7 days if it's your first purchase of gambit points, 3-4 days thereafter) between buying the gift cards and receiving them. Once your points credit to your gambit account, you have the option of betting on sports, e-sports, and powerball outcomes. If you want to gamble, that's fine, but be prepared to lose. If you want a sure thing, I recommend betting on if the powerball will be "Odd" or "Even". It's a binary outcome, and if you split half your points on each, you're guaranteed to win one bet and lose the other. How do you make money, if you lose half your bet? Because you only paid $4 for the $6 of gambling points. Split the bet at $3 for even, and $3 for odd. The "vig" (the odds multiplier) is set to 1.75 for either odd or even. This means that regardless of the outcome, your winning bet will be $3 multiplied by 1.75, which equals $5.25, for a profit of $1.25 a day, if you complete this task daily. Doing this task alone comes to $37.50 in profit per thirty day month, or $456/year.
Pros: Once you get this set up, it's basically free money in exchange for very little time. 
Cons: It takes time to grind up to $2, and then $4 because the majority of surveys offer under a dollar for a given length of time. The time estimates in the survey sections are way off, and some surveys will disqualify you if you don't meet the criteria for the demographic they're looking for. This can be especially disheartening after answering questions for 20 minutes, just to get DQ'd prize of a penny rather than the advertised rate. Use an email address you have access to, but be aware that you'll get spam emails. If you plan on using the paypal cash out option, you'll need for it to be the same email as your paypal email. I did have to use my cell phone number to verify I was real, but haven't received any spam calls or texts. 
Advance pros: If you wanna dig deep into the site, there are other money making opportunities such as submitting receipts for credit, and signing up for discounts for shopping at certain stores for items that are "on sale". For example, I bought a specific brand of chocolate milk at Stop and Shop, and got a few bucks in credit back. 
You can also "print" coupons (I save them as a PDF to my laptop, which counts as printing), for a max of fifty cents a day, for as long as they don't run out.
I've completed several "complete action" offers under their "Discover" category - like opening up a robinhood account, varo bank acount, along with several other opportunities. Be sure to read the fine print with these, some credit after a month, some require spending real cash, and some of the game related ones don't end up tracking and you don't get credit. So far, as long as you provide screenshots, their support has been pretty good about crediting me anyway. 
On the weeks where I've treated Swagbucks like a job, I've been able to find and qualify for one or two surveys a week for much higher payouts, like $20-35 for an hour/hour and a half of time. I've made several hundred off of these (total), but you can't really plan on these since they go really fast once they're posted, and there's no guarantee that you'll qualify even if you see one. There are some passive "watch this video" options for pennies, but they were nerfed in December and the payout may not be worth what you're paying in electricity to charge your laptop/phone. 
Advanced cons: You can end up wasting time on a survey that you end up getting DQ'd on, resulting in a waste of time and no money earned. Sometimes on offers (from what I've seen, mostly the game related ones), the offers don't track, and you don't get paid. Folks have mixed results with their support team, but since I take screen shots of everything as I'm doing it, they've done right by me, giving me credit anyway. There's always the chance that either Swagbucks or Gambit could close down suddenly, and you lose all credit. For this reason, I recommend cashing out any amount over what you need to keep the gambit points flowing ($28 in a week total, which is $4 a day multiplied by 7 days). I've been on swagbucks for ~4 years, and doing this gambit trick for just under a year, after I figured it out. I'd say the risk is low, but I'm also not their accountant.
Separately, if you sign up multiple accounts per IP address (say, you and your sister each want to do this), they may put a hold on your ability to cash out pending your mailing them a copy of a state issued ID, proving you exist, and aren't just a fake account/bot. If they discover you using a VPN, you will be banned. You may need to be age 18+, but I don't recall. Some countries aren't supported. 
ProTip: Use your real information to sign up, and answer surveys on. Many surveys have attention checks (such as "choose the 4th option down"), and may ask you the same question more than once to insure you're answering the same question, the same way. If you pretend to be 42 years old at the beginning of the survey, and are 24 at the end of the survey, you will be disqualified. 
If there is further interest, I may update this with additional ways for earn beermoney. If you have any questions, feel free to post here, or send me a PM. I'll try to get back to you when I check my messages. 

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