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Hotmail/Outlook All accounts now bouncing?

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#1 evolutionzzz

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Posted 23 September 2020 - 03:52 PM

So it used to be there 1 in every 3 hotmail accounts would bounce for neopets. About a month ago it changed for me. Now every single hotmail account bounces. Did something happen with Neopets or something that I can control? I always clear cookies, change IP's (and I used several VPN services). I am so confused :( is there something that needs to be cleared from my computers other than browsing history, cookies etc. Is there data of all the accounts Ive created/logged into hidden somewhere that Hotmail can see? I am not blacklisted, I have sent emails from Gmail to the hotmail accounts im having problems with and they come in. But not Neopets. There is no way that 60 out of 60 hotmails bounce. Just no way. I have also tried creating on my cell phone to see if that would work, NOPE, still bouncing. I do find it strange that everytime I create an account (different IP's everytime) it makes me do a puzzle verification to send an email out (I try sending an email so I can test it) but if its requiring that each time then it has to be tracking some way. Any ideas would be great! HELP PLEASE!

#2 curiosityandthecat

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Posted 26 September 2020 - 09:37 PM

What do you mean by bounce? I actually recently had a similar issue (and maybe it’s what you mean), but I tried to recover an old account whose email was a live address (Hotmail’s newer version), and I couldn’t get the password reset link no matter how many times I tried :/

However, I was able to recover a different account using the same email a few weeks ago...

#3 evolutionzzz

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Posted 01 October 2020 - 09:57 AM

Thats exactly what I mean. Requesting an email from Neo and it never shows up. It used to be that 30-60% of them would bounce but now its 100% of them. Trying to figure out if this is temporary or if Outlook has Blacklisted Neo. EERRRRRRRRRR


Anyone know? or wanna test it out and let me know if you run into the same issue.

#4 NikkiCantComeToThePhoneRN

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Posted 01 October 2020 - 04:44 PM

I'd make a shell or have someone look up your username. You may have gotten found out somehow and got chain iced :(

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#5 evolutionzzz

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Posted 05 October 2020 - 05:49 AM

Its not accounts being frozen or anything. The accounts are all good on neopets.com. The bunny says the email should arrive within 15min but it never shows up. I have tried another 10 accounts (all different emails) and same thing happened with all of them.

#6 rainbeau

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Posted 18 October 2020 - 07:21 PM

made an account literally to complain about the same thing, haha.


but! i do have some info.


yahoo is apparently working fine, as is gmail.


the only accounts i'm having issues with are hotmail and live accounts. can't be sure about aol - aol won't let me re-create an email that expired due to inactivity, so i can't check it. angry.png


accounts are not frozen nor compromised (last seen long, long ago).


really don't want to send a support email for stuff that shouldn't be broken in the first place, rrgh.

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