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NFT Drama

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#1 DontMindMe

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Posted 09 October 2021 - 04:35 AM

So...what exactly is going on? I keep seeing people on Reddit cry about it, but I don't honestly see what their issue is. What do you all think?

#2 DontMindMe

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Posted 11 October 2021 - 09:03 PM

Okay. Honestly it seems like a lot of old Neopets players are so upset because the financial future of Neo? NFTs just seem like a last ditch effort on JumpStart's part, because Neo is largely irrelevant. But it seems everyone wants to point fingers at something else without stopping to consider that a website over 20 years old at this point just doesn't have the profits to stay. Neo is far past it's prime, and honestly, what's keeping the old players? Nostalgia? Sunken Stone? A sense of achievement they build over years if not decades? But none of these things could be applied to new players. Saying TNT should improve the site, just why? At worst it's a waste of money, and best how much could they really get? YouTuber Tamago2474 put it best explaining how Neopets simply isn't as interesting in 2021 as it was so long ago. I can't blame TNT from simply not being passionate for it anymore. Imagine if you worked on the same project for 20 years, and it's barely afloat anymore. You could pour time, money, and effort into it, and maybe it'd turn around. Or you could find new projects to work on, something new, fresh, and exciting. Fans have this delusion Neo could be saved because they want it to stay. They seem to think putting your ideas down for something you love will make it successful. It's naive, and would most likely be the final nail, due to general inexperience with a project like Neo, and won't lead to the grand redesign everyone will love. I honestly can't see what else JumpStart is suppose to do. Trying to rebuild the site is a moneysink, and anything aside from merchandise would be scummy. It seems they're giving it one last Hail Mary before dropping it completely. From what I've read on Reddit, most of them understand that if this fails Neo would be out too much money to recover and close, but if it succeeds it might stay alive. Honestly, it would be great if Neo could stay up, but it's not realistic to expect it to. Nothing last forever. It'd be great, but it's time to accept Neopets will likely shut down within the next year. Instead of being upset it didn't last, be happy of all the memories. Plus a lot of the games where preserved with Flashpoint, so all is not lost. The only thing left is whether JumpStart should contuine with a deal that likely will put them in a worse position than outright killing Neopets entirely.

TLDR: Neo is likely barely making enough to stay up and is irrelevant. NFTs are likely a last ditch effort to keep it alive. Neo will probably die soon.

#3 ArcheonLover

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Posted 11 October 2021 - 10:02 PM

What the commenter above said is true, it all seems like a last-ditch effort to stay afloat and many think Neo will get shut down soon.


But as to why NFTs are bad and everyone's upset about NFTs- NFTs use a lot of energy to make(countries worth) since it uses cryptocurrencies and it's helping mess up the environment along with oil companies, tech, etc.

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