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Advice Needed - Purchased Side Account

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#1 eagerneopian

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Posted 30 October 2021 - 11:42 AM

Hello all. A long time back, my main account was hacked into and was being used. Hundreds of dollars worth of neocash items were transferred out. The user that the items all went to, remains unfrozen despite TNT knowing that they were in my account illegitimately.

Because of this, I (stupidly) purchased an account to use as a side account until my main account was returned. The site claimed they were ethically obtained but I now have suspicions about it.

Fast forward and I was able to get my main account returned. I've continued keeping my side account, because I've been playing it awhile now. I have info on it to prove ownership if it were ever questioned - original email account info, pets that were made in the account, locations etc. I've never used an autobuyer or done anything against the TOS other than getting the side which I thought was being sold by someone who just no longer played. I do know that the account was inactive for years before I began using it. (The coding and clothing items were extremely broken/outdated)

I'm very active and both accounts are personalized - I immediately got rid of the pets that came with the side account and it no longer even resembles how it looked when I first got it long ago. It just looks like a regular, used side account. My only worry is that the original user might try to get it back sometime, but then again, it looks so different now that unless they were 110% sure of the username they'd probably even second guess that this was ever their account to begin with. However, I'm attached to my main and don't want to risk losing it. Should I self freeze the side and cut my losses, or am I just being paranoid? My accounts were all breached years ago and TNT knows this, which I thought may actually work in my favor should someone try to get into my side. I regret getting it now, I just didn't wanna start over from scratch when I came back, back then. Let me know your thoughts.

#2 Ketsuban120

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Posted 03 November 2021 - 11:23 PM

No, don't self ice. Take a deep breath. TNT definitely still freeze but they are extremely short staffed so they are incapable of the old watchdog right over your shoulder days. I have a side I purchased, and my main was actually my childhood account that I got on random chat from the black market, and later recovered two of my other original accounts. The user base is much less nowadays too. Just make your account how you like and follow the main vs side rules. :)

#3 justasheepu

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Posted 19 November 2021 - 05:15 AM

agreed, it looks like they are severely understaffed, I would just transfer everything to 1 account and stick to that one.

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