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Posted 31 January 2023 - 04:51 PM

Hey, how are you all doing this evening?  I'm Tequilla but you can call me; tonight.. That's a statement not a question.  Anyway, I have read the rules before and I know they have updated somewhat but I still know the rules.  I had another account here on the forum MissSwagHard but well I lost access to the email within the account.  This is going on with alot of people actually because yahoo and even the other companies have always rostered emails that haven't been logged into in along time.  But anyways, that's besides the point.  I'm a mom; a psychologist(non-rouge); physician; retired dancer; retired movie star; I am also a mother and wife.  I'm not rouging anyone and I never was.  You wanted expertise here so here you got it.  I created walkthroughs myself and put them online on clraik forum but well I hadn't been on here in forever the account here was created in 2011 whilst they had went on hiatus from doing anything with their site so well alot of us came over to neocodex and don't even use cheat progs to play the games.  They are always butt hurt.  Anyways; I had posted in the adult section there.  i know, I know; stop rouging information here.  I'm not ashamed of anything I've done.  I am also a retired porn star.  But that's also besides the point.  I've introduced myself here before as MissSwagHard but someone got rouged and into trouble for using my pictures from the adult section on clraik and saying it was them but well porn companies had seen the pictures before.  Oh well; I don't have the pictures in my back pocket or anything they weren't found on my computer.  Hi, Hellspawn members that are also here.  Look state psychology department says you escapees need to go turn yourselves in.  I know about all the others and you were all my patients at some point in Rockbridge Virginia even.  I used to play Myspace Mobsters and Mob Wars as well.  Hi, Theodore since now you know I'm here.  I didn't fake pregnancies; I'm a 100% female. But I'm also 100% in parenting mode most of the time and I always was.  Some other psychologists were rouged down to being children and although I went through alot of things at the hands of some of the others that were rouged down but had been patients I was trying to make sure some of the other state psychologists I was around even then didn't have to go through the things I was going through.  Life has a horrible way of working it's self out doesn't it? I mean as soon as people figure out that I'm the real state psychologist with a gynecologist license too they go mad.  I have doctrines to even teach.  I do still offer dance lessons but I'm currently pregnant still and our children are not really in orphanages, no, they are with my real first boyfriend is what you think.  No, their biological father.  Some of us are cool like that and don't want to use people.  Anyways, that's all for now.  i have some things to do.  Maybe I'll eat some more candy or smoke a cigarette whilst drinking some mountain lightning.  I fight for mine that's all I can say.  Love y'all bye bye. 

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