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Grundo’s Cafe Lenny’s Conundrum Round 11 Discussion

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#1 Lenny

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Posted 20 February 2023 - 03:31 AM

Anyone can solve this Lenny’s Conundrum? It’s from Grundo’s Cafe, a Neopets fansite. What we know so far is that the first word is an anagram for ‘Unscramble!’, and the solution appears to have something to with Morse Codes. The answer for 1) would be ‘Doubledash’, which should correspond to —.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

1) Mario Kart, for two

2) A pair of sporty Puppyblews

3) 30:1 at Krawps

4) Opposite of a trochee

5) Two Wadjets chasing a Mootix

6) A ping pong ball rolling off the right side of a table

7) What did Ana call her Moach removal service? Anapest!

8) Here, I'll put this one right in the clue.

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