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Tug-of War

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Posted 25 April 2004 - 01:25 PM

How to Play
To play Tug-o-War, its like the real life game. Pull someone into the river or what ever. To do this you gotta keep pressing X and Z buttons on your keyboard as fast as possible . I find it best to keep it in the middle, that way your character doesn't trip over his feet or anything lol.
In the game, you also get clouds above your enemies head and above your own . These clouds will have 3 random letters in it. Press these letters in the order they are shown and it stops your enemy for a second or two, giving you an advantage. What I found best was to, keep your fingers on the Z and X keys and just look at the screen. Make sure you type it in fast or the enemy will stop you for a while!

The levels play out as it follows, they go through all the characters in the game. Then the level gets harder. Like, you will have to defeat Ramoset, Horak etc. all the characters then you go to a new level and you defeat all the same characters again. It will just keep going on and on until you die. Also some characters are harder then the others. Truggdon is pretty hard to defeat, he's huge and green, but he's the Jetsam after is pretty easy. You can defeat both of them pretty easy though.

There are programs out there that will do the game for you but you still have to type in the 3 letters above the enemies head :p and it won't get you thorough the whole game.

These are the passwords for the special characters in the game.
Theibos- lrslsts
Khadir- sltltsr
Ramset- sslrtrl
Horak- lrlrss

By Frizzle.

PLAY GAME: http://www.neopets.c...s/tugowar.phtml

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