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[Guide]Maths Nightmare[out dated]

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Posted 29 April 2004 - 10:43 AM

A real brain tester what you'll want to know is how to play this game for the avatar.
Starting at the beginning, you get to choose from the following 5 stages:

Addition (Points x1)
Subtraction (Points x2)
Multiplication (Points x4)
Division (Points x4)
Random (Points x5)

Your points will be multiplied all depending on which stage you do. This counts as the actual score, so, you can see, doing the stage "Random" is probably the best for endpoints and score but it a lot harder. Let us move on to what you'll need for this complexing game:

Good math skills (This isn't required, but is a good bonus)
Somebody to help you out (Once again not required, but DEFINITELY helps)
A calculator (Whoever said we had to play fair?)
A working mouse

Also note that there are two types of Babaas, the fluffy white ones and the mutated, horrible ones. Te mutated Babaas are supposed to hold harder math problems, but this is wholly untrue in the Random stage and 50% of the time also untrue in the rest of the stages. Also, I would turn off your speakers, as the sounds of demented sheep bleating in your ear can be kind of annoying and pisses me off.
Okay, this is what happens. 3 Babaas will float down TOWARDS YOU on math equations, so it's up to you to solve them. At each new round, begin by placing your mouse in the top left corner, where the first Babaa will appear. Once it does so, click on it and move your mouse down to somewhere where it won't block the Babaas, like on the White Aisha. I wouldn't click on any Babaa except the first one in the first row, because once you finish a Babaa it will disappear and automatically move you on to the next on. Also note that depending on your computer, it might take some time to move from one equation to the next, so don't start entering numbers like a madman without waiting for the fence to appear under the next Babaa.
The first round has relatively easy equations, the following rounds might have slightly harder ones, etc. When you reach a hard one that you need to stop and use the good old calculator on, hit your right-click button and the game will pause. Super, huh? 1nc you've got that down, the rest of it is like feeding candy to a baby. Anyway, surprise surprise, you get 3 "lives" where if you happen to get hit by a descending Babaa, the screen will shake and the Babaa will disappear. If you get 3 hits, it's game over for you

By Frizzle

Dr. Sloth's addition (edit by Dr. Sloth): the right-click thing doesn't work for me :p but if u click and hold the game title bar, the game stops and u have ti'me to think/grab a calculator! :lol: this is how I got MY trophy :D

PLAY GAME: http://www.neopets.c...nightmare.phtml

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