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Posted 22 May 2004 - 04:57 PM

OK if you want a cheating account and you want to keep your main account from getting frozen and you're using the same computer this is what you do:

0)Log Out your main account and go to some site off of neopets like about:blank and close any chat programs, just as a safety precaution (because when proxy is enabled you can't log on, so I'm guessing its still going through your actual ip, so just close it to be safe)
1)Go to www.stayinvisible.com/index.pl/proxy_list and find in the list something with your country name and "High Anonymity" (I think if its closer to u it goes faster but I could be wrong)
2)Well once you find that copy the IP Address to notepadEx: 211.115.80
3)Also copy the port number like "8080" to the notepad file
3)Once copied go to the menu bar at top Tools>Internet Options
4)Click on the "LAN Settings" tab
5)You should see a bunch of text boxes and at the bottom a group box which says proxy. Uncheck all of the check boxes except for the proxy one.
6)Copy and paste the IP Adress from notepad into the wider box
7)Copy and past the port number into the shorter box
8)Press OK and its set
9)But before you go to neopets and make a cheating account, go to Tools>Internet Options and click on the buttons "Delete Cookies" "Delete Files" and "Clear History", so you nothing that points to your main account, I'm not sure clear history matters but do it just to be safe
10)Now go to the neopets site and create a cheating account
11)If you want to go back to your main account after you're done cheating, leave the neopets site then delete cookies delete files clear history and turn off the proxy, click ok and go back to your main account, it should be safe

by noitidart


#2 Parkenshaw

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Posted 22 May 2004 - 07:20 PM

Thats a great tut noitidart. But I have small addittion for netscape and Mozilla (actually Firefox) users.
To access your proxie list in Firefox is si'mple:
- Click on Tools
- Go to options
- Within the general tab click on the conection settings (pretty obvious)
- In the new window just click on the "Manual Proxcy Configuration" and enter the settings as follows in Noitdart's exellent tut.

But as for Netscape users follow these guidelines to change your proxy settings:
- Click on your Edit tab.
- Click on the preferences button.
- On the left hand side of the new window click on the Advanced folder.
- Then to the proxy folder.
- And as in Firefox just click on the "Manual Proxy Configuration" and follow the rest of Noitidart's tut.

Oh and before I forget to clear your cache and cookies in Netscape just go to the Privacy folder in the preferences window and click on Cookies. Then into manage cookies and then remove all cookies and your done. Same thing for Firefox for the cookies too.
But for the cache that is within the advanced folder iin Netscape. And finished. Its Pretty si'mple but alot of ppl dont know their own browser.

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