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Irc Rules

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#1 BlackHawk

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Posted 31 May 2004 - 10:07 AM

A lot of people have been behaving extremely childlishly on our IRC channel, including spamming, flooding and abusing my automated script (also flooding!). Therefore I decided to put  these basic rules here so u can't say that you haven't been warned before ;)
by the way: The bot's name is CodeR, if anyone's asking...
by the way2: This is included in the greeting message on our channel do there's no exbecausee for NOT reading it :D

Basic stuff:

- Don't abuse my automated script (the !***** [<-- CENSORED by Dr. Sloth because of the host] thing)  - this causes my connection to die, extremely pisses me off, makes others unable to use the script (because I must be connected in order for it to work) and causing other problems. This will lead to a warning on IRC, then - if repeated - BAN on IRC and possibly a warning here.

- Don't flood the channel. Saying more than 5 lines in 9 seconds will be detected by the bot and it'll automatically kick you. Also, repeated flooding may cause the same consequences as above. In short: Write less, but write longer :D

- Don't repeat yourself. Saying the same thing 3 ti'mes consecutively is considered repeating and will be auto-kicked by the bot. Also, if repeated constantly, it'll be considered as spamming - with the usual consequences.

- Don't be offensive to others. If ops see you being offensive, they'll kick you, and possibly ban from IRC. Also, you will face the same consequences as for breaking rule #1 here.

- DO not fear to talk about things restricted by the 'warez rule' - while you can't talk about some things here, you CAN talk about them on our IRC channel :drool:

And the last thing... current IRC ban list:
//.Razor - abusing the automated script, childish behavior

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