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Posted 31 May 2004 - 02:21 PM

these fle are written for no other reaso thn to help u become better than what u are u can be the next me, the next
shadowlink the next aus even the next hydro all u need is a light to show u the way.


vb programmers
All programmers in vb should remember that u are not better than anyone else at vb we only know what
we have done before please try to remember this....
a 2 day n00b can deeat me in vb if I havent coded a application to fdo what he has he has beat me

Art money update
if u want to be a art money hacker please read my tut at....

Programmers (or wannabes)
remember we were all unknoldeged at one ti'me when I first stared my progs were ver pri'mative indeed I look
back now and ealise they did there job and they did it well the code was real messy but thats the part only
I see.

if u are a new progammer please download the student version of visual basic (but you wont be able to fully compile) or you can get visual basic by buying it or some other means :lol:

anyway thats my lil post other  just  keep up th good worj this place is getting big and I'm happy to see it

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