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Posted 09 June 2004 - 09:10 PM


Power Ball Descriptions
-A= start level over
-C=crazy bounces
-D=double balls
-E=enlarge bat
-F=3 hit reinforced blocks. (you have to hit the ball 3 ti'mes before it goes away)
-G=Glue, Stcks the ball to the bat until u click again
-H=Giant Chokato, gives 1000 points
-I=Indestructable ball
-L=slow down
-M=Super Multiple Balls
-N=Neopoints galore
-P=speed up
-S=shrink bat
-T=triple bat
-V=avoid the pant devil, if u get this, game over
-W=warp to next level
-X=extra life
-Z=warp 3 levels
-3=3 extra lives

By favredriver

PLAY GAME: http://www.neopets.c.../frumball.phtml
DISbecauseSION: http://www.ncodex.co...?showtopic=3418

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