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Attack of the Slorgs Guide / Tips by Roxas

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#1 Roxas

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Posted 23 August 2006 - 10:37 PM

Attack of the Slorgs Guide / Tips by Roxas of Neocodex.us -

#1. Starting the game:

The game starts with a Yurble Farmer (you) who tries to defeat slorgs from eating the crops.
You only have 1 weapon which I think is called the Slorgriser x4. You need to defeat as many
slorgs as you can.

#2. Power-Ups:

Red: Multislorg; Bad. it creates about 10 slorgs to appear at the front of the Slorg line.
Light Purple: Slorg Block; This blocks the slorgs behind where you shoot. The block can break if you shoot at the blocked line, although the slorgs ahead of it may move though.
Green: Slowdown; It makes the slorgs slow down temporarily. Shooting a Super Slorgeriser, or a Slorg Destruct, will cause the line to speed up again.
Grey: Puddle Water: This is SOOO RARE. You may see it once every 15 levels or so. It causes the whole line to change to one color which equals EASY POINTS.
Pink: Slorg Destruct; It causes all the slorgs behind the shooting spot to be destroyed. You should save it until the slorgs get a little close to the crops, then you beat all of them when hitting the front.
Brown: Super Slorgeriser; This one causes a few slorgs to be destroyed where you shoot it regardless of color. Its great to use when the slorgs are pissing you off. lol

#3. Very Important Tip:

IPB Image

Take a look at the picture above. If you shoot the green slorg where the other 2 green slorgs are,
then they will be eliminated! The next couple of slorgs crash into each other, now they have been
eliminated too. Thats a very nice combo and doubles your score earnings.

#4. Another Very Helpful Tip:

Type "Marrow" while playing and you automatically get 4 lives. wink.gif It helps with winning the avatar of course.

#5. The Score:

By level 7, you should have at least 500 - 600 points, then you will get 100 points each life which makes you
get the avatar!

#6. Learning The Slorgs Path / Good Things That Happen:

In order to be good at aiming, you should learn the shadow of the slorgs path. A great bonus is that a frog
may pop up and hit you and that will earn you 25 points! By shooting at the place where the frog is, you may
hit it and thats a good 150 points!

#7. Bad Things That Happen:

Its said to be called Revenge of The Slorgs. This makes your Left Arrow key used to move right, and your Right
Arrow key used to move left. Thank goodness it doesn't happen that often. =]

What happens on every level from 3 and on is Laser Failure...this makes you take a long time on levels. When the
laser fails, who now have to aim yourself during the remainder of that level / round. A GREAT way to fix this is to
type in "chargex4" and the laser comes back smile.gif

Oh and the most important thing is the crops! Please dont let the slorgs get to them. You'll lose for sure. haha

I hope this guide helped you out and I hope you have the avatar or a nice trophy!

Good Luck Everyone! thumbsup.gif

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#2 Something I can fuxxing remember

Something I can fuxxing remember
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Posted 23 August 2006 - 11:39 PM

Nice guide, it will help those who still play neo. tongue.gif

#3 Sida

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 01:21 AM

QUOTE(Bob @ Aug 24 2006, 07:39 AM) View Post

Nice guide, it will help those who still play neo. tongue.gif

The few laugh.gif

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#4 Roxas

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 07:38 AM

Thanx Ryan, Thanx SidaZoid. thumbsup.gif

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#5 krystalmagic

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 08:40 AM

I like the idea of shooting the green slorg whenever it is next to the blue slorg, does that give u more points? good guide, very well explaind.

#6 Roxas

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Posted 24 August 2006 - 08:51 AM

Yupp that creates higher earnings for you. Pretty cool eh? cool.gif & Thanx

#7 Roxas

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Posted 26 August 2006 - 01:43 AM

bull bull bull. i spent a long freakin time on this guide! if i wanted to steal a guide it wouldnt be from someone on NEOPETS! blink.gif

#8 Noitidart

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Posted 26 August 2006 - 02:47 AM

We really really appreciate that you want to help us out smile.gif It's just that plagarism gets us in trouble sad.gif

#9 selenagomez

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Posted 16 November 2017 - 03:39 PM

I know that's old thing, but I'll try it rn, lol

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