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Signature/Avatar Policy

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Posted 03 December 2006 - 01:43 PM

Updated as of 27th February, 2014

Signature Restrictions

  • No images (or collection of images in a row) in a signature should exceed 550 pixels in width. This includes separation distance between images.
  • Considering only images, a signature should not be any taller than 220 pixels.
  • There is no restriction on the number of images you can have in your signature, so long as these size guidelines are met and spoilers are used.
  • No more than 8 lines of text including what is put inside quote/code tags, at a reasonable size. Quote/code tags count as 2 lines of text, due to their size.
  • Friend/Enemy lists are not allowed.
  • There are to be absolutely no advertisements without staff consent. This includes, but is not limited to, Trading advertisements. This is to keep newbies from joining and potentially scamming other members AND to enforce the TP restrictions that are in place.
  • Mild mature content is acceptable within reason, ADULT content however, is strictly prohibited (see section on Enforcement below for more information).

You can use spoiler boxes to get around some these restrictions: (sizes, text lines, etc)



The only restrictions with these is that while they can be added to a signature, you may only have two spoilers in your signature at a time (this does not include spoilers inside spoilers), the rest of the signature is limited to a single image space of 550x220, and 3 lines of text.

So to sum that up you may have:

  • 1 image (550 x 220) outside of spoilers
  • 2 single spaced spoilers (does not include spoilers within spoilers) as many images as you want in here.
  • 3 lines of text.


Any signatures that violate core rules of the board will be removed immediately and warns given accordingly. Any signatures in violation of the specific guidelines will be removed, with notice. Re-offence without consultation with staff will result in an instant 10% warn. Size violations of a few pixels will likely be ignored. This includes clearly distinguishable profanity and/or violence towards a person or a distinguishable group, porn or other illegal material for minors. We allow symbols of beliefs but not active hatred if that is what the symbol represents. Graphics of people kissing (man/man, woman/woman, man/woman) are accepted by the core rules of the board, and will be allowed on the board as the material is not illegal for minors.

If the kissing bothers you, please make use of the board feature to block this content from your view. People clearly undressing is unacceptable. Girls in bikinis are allowed, but susceptible to case-by-case evaluation based on reports; these shots accompanied with derogatory comments about women are unacceptable, and any comments must not devalue women in any way. Sexually provocative material is unacceptable, so both the kissing and the 'girls in bikinis' must take only a moderate role in a person's signature and if the material is too provocative, it may be subject to removal at the discretion of staff only.

Furthermore, any symbols generally associated with hate will not be allowed on the board. This is left up to the staff for discretion but to be safe, do not post any symbols you think might be associated with hate or discrimination. Our main priority is to ensure that we assuming a completely legal stance in our policy, therefore if we were to be contacted by a parent (directly, not indirectly) who is expressing discontent about any content on our site, it will be subject to immediate removal, no questions asked. All material posted in signatures must abide by the law of the United States of America.We would like to stress that the decisions were collectively made by the staff, and are final. We debated on the decisions for well over 2 hours and our decisions were based purely on the well being of our site. If you have any further concern or questions about the decisions we have made, you're welcome to contact a staff member in a polite and constructive manner.

And as always, signatures can be subject to removal if a massive amount of complaints from members warrants it. It's their site too.

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