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Making money without playing flash games

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Posted 29 July 2004 - 09:59 AM

ok I DID NOT MAKE THIS. I got it off of pinkpt.com so I am giving them credit where credit is due and I haven't edited anything. so here they are enjo

earnign Np without the flash games
Want NP? No problem!
Written by Meg @ [email protected]


I don’t have a miracle method to making NP, so if you want a guide to make 1,000,000np in a day, you’ll have to go elsewhere as this is not one of them. I’m just your average neopian, I’m not too good at the games or restocking, but I still make a lot of np.


So there’s that new paintbrush that’s just been released, and your pet looks really cute in that color. You NEED that paintbrush! Not so. You WANT that paintbrush! But is it really worth blowing your hard earned millions on a paintbrush that will drop in price in a few months when you’ll be richer anyway? Not really. So you just have to try and resist the temptation. It’s hard, but in the long run, it’s the best decision.

The Interesting Part – Making Neopoints

Right, here is the good bit. Making the NP. Some guides recommend you play lots of flash games to earn your neopoints. I’m totally useless at flash games, and since I’m showing you how I make neopoints my guide doesn’t contain many game tips. Lets get started.

1. Right. If you’re reading this guide you may not have many NP. Right, you need at least 10000np to start. So I recommend playing Pyramids, or Scarab 21 for those easy starting NP. They are easy to play and easy to make a profit from. Or for a longer, more challenging game, I suggest Cheat!, as you make a lot of profit from winning each game. You should also sell the items you gain (only the regular battlecards) in a one-hour auction, with 10np start price and 1np increment. You could also try Meerca Chase, which is really easy if you have a mobile with Snake on.

2. Now you have 10,000np. It’s the first big milestone in my opinion, so well done. From now, you should open a bank account (if you already haven’t done so.) You should deposit 1000np every day, and you should never take it out, unless it is a major emergency, e.g. finding a Darigan Paint Brush for 10,000np. Slowly increase the amount as you earn more np. Don’t forget to collect your interest. And don’t forget to upgrade your bank account for that extra interest.

3. Now to start the real NP making. You should search the auctions for items such as faeries, codestones and paintbrushes for cheap prices. You should be able to sell these for a good profit. Also, play Scarab 21 and Pyramids every day as well. You can make 10000np maxi'mum a day altogether. Try to find a game your good at as well. Just because I’m bad at the games doesn’t mean you will be J.

4. Don’t forget the dailies.
If you get a codestone or faerie from the tombola, don't sell it in your shop, sell it in the auctions. Usually, there are people competing in the auctions for certain items, so you could rake in a big profit. Also get the free omelette. You can sell this in your shop or feed your pet. Go to Coltzans Shrine, as you can get dubloon, food and stat raises from hi'm. The Desert Fruit Machine is good for freebies. You can get many items and Neopoints from this, and its totally FREE!

5. Faerie Quests are your friend J! Try to do every quest, apart from the Earth Faerie. And Snow Faerie quests usually give a good profit, but try not to spend over 5000np on them.

6. Restocking is good. I suggest the Chocolate Factory or Pharmacy, where many profitable items stock at once, and they are easy to sell. If you are going to restock, I suggest having a size 5 shop AT LEAST.

7. Sign up with the sponsors. Use a spare email address though as you could get a lot of junk mail. You could get quite a few np by doing this.

8. Play the stock market. Always invest in stocks that are 15np. No more, no less. If you are patient, that 15np stock you invested in a month ago could be worth hundreds! Just don’t play it if you are not willing to let thousands of np sit there for weeks. And never sell for under the price you bought it for.

9. Buy scratchcards. Since the Neopets team made it so you can only buy one card every 6 hours, you get less profit, but you should still buy them. Never scratch them though. Sell them for a profit in your shop or auction them.

10. Do the faerie crossword. The answers can be found on www.PinkPT.com. That's another 600np for you!


Once you’ve reached a certain amount of Neopoints, say 100,000, don’t just go buying lots of things because you can. Remember the want/need rule?

Also, don’t give up. It may seem like a lot of hard work, but it shouldn’t be. Making NP is fun! And the rewards you get once you have are well worth the amount of work you put in.

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide and I hope it helped you.

and here is how to protect your account

Guide to Protecting Your Neopets Account
by Danny [email protected]

Neopets (like any other RPG game on the Internet) has a certain aspect of cheating to it. There are always people who will try and trick you out of your account, or rip you off. The sad thing is, these people are often very clever, and if they put their talents towards playing Neopets, they would be able to get rich without cheating. In this guide, I will explain the scams and tricks that are most commonly used. If you know how these tricksters play, you will be able to protect yourself and be aware, making you one step ahead.

Obviously, giving your password to anybody is a bad idea. No matter how well you know the person, even if they are your best friend/uncle/goldfish, it's not wise to give out your password. Allowing people to 'NeoSit' your pets while you're away on vacation is also pretty dumb. Also, while browsing the Internet, you may have come across people saying "OMFG!!! I've found a cheat in Neopets that gives you any item you want! Just send me your username and password and I'll get you it!". Can you see how this is obviously a scam? It's pretty blatant to anybody, right? Wrong. It's amazing how many people fall into these traps. Don't be one of them.

It is a good idea to change your password regularly. Once a fortnight is good, or even once a week, depending on how paranoid you are. Don't choose a password that would be easy to guess. Your name, the name of your best friend/uncle/goldfish would be easy to guess by anybody who knows you. For example, if your name was Danny, having your password as Danny is a pretty crap idea. Danny472049 would be much better. I mean, if you were trying to guess somebody's password, would you think of typing in Danny472049? No, you wouldn't.

But wait, I hear you say. If you change your password to a complicated one, doesn't that make it harder to remember for you. The answer is yes, but the extra security is worth it. If it helps, write your password down on a slip of paper or in your diary.

There are an alarming amount of pages on the Internet that clai'm to be official Neopets pages, but actually aren't. Yes, they may look exactly like the real Neopets login pages, but if it doesn't say "www.neopets.com" in the address bar, it's not real. Entering your password and clicking the button won't actually log you into Neopets, but it will send your password to a scammer who has been waiting for somebody to fall into their trap. If you come across one of these pages, you have two options. One is to report it to Neopets. You can do this if you want, but nothing will be done about it. I know of one that has been reported a thousand ti'mes and still remains there. The best thing to do is just ignore it. If anybody else falls into the trap that's their problem for being dumb enough to think the page was real.

Go to Google. Type in NEOPETS CHEAT PROGRAMS. See how many come up? Guess what! They're all fakes. One kind of program will ask you for your username and password. Typing it in and clicking the button will again send your details to a scammer. More malicious people have hidden viruses and Trojan horses in these programs, either destroying your computer or gaining much more than just your Neopets password. There are no cheat programs for Neopets. You shouldn't want to cheat anyway, Neopets is to be played properly. Cheating makes the game unfair for others.

If you check the Trading Post, you'll see a lot of trades that are designed to rip you off. Would you really trade a paintbrush for a codestone? No. So if you see somebody offering to give you a paintbrush in exchange for a codestone, do you think they mean it? Nope. You'll send them the codestone, and they will conveniently go offline and never talk to you again.

When you signed up, Neopets asked for your email address. Repeat that. YOUR email address. This is so that Neopets can contact you, and send you your password if you forget it. If somebody asks you to change your email address (even if they promise you that it will get you a million paintbrushes), politely tell them to shove off. If you change the email address, they can easily get your password sent to that address, and then retrieve it and log in as you. Your email address should be your own, it shouldn't be shared with anyone. You can get your own free email address at www.hotmail.com or www.technomail.zzn.com

Although we'd like to think the Neopets monitors are doing their job properly on the NeoBoards, they actually suck pretty badly at it. There are always at least four or five threads clai'ming to know a site where you can get free items. These are scam sites. If you see a thread like this, don't bother to report it. The staff won't look at it. The report link is there for decoration only (sad fact, I know). Just ignore it.

Also, if you don't want to get your account frozen, it is a wise idea not to enter into any activities the staff would see as inappropriate. It's hard to keep up with the staff's ever changing vision of what is right and what is wrong, but generally, don't enter any disbecausesion about illegal activities, or anything that breaks the NeoRules. Better yet, don't use the NeoBoards at all. There are certain monitors (not naming any names, but I have seen this from certain monitors before) that have very itchy fingers. If you do a better job at keeping users in line than them, certain monitors WILL freeze you, just because they can. Don't bother saying 'You're a spammer' in a thread, you are more likely to get frozen than the spammer. Usually, you can contact another staff member and explain the situation, and your account will be unfrozen. If this isn't the case, create a new account and don't use the chat boards.

There are glitches in Neopets that the staff are working on. There's one thing to say about these glitches. Don't exploit them, you will get frozen indefinitely.

I have explained everything you can do to protect your account. The rest is down to you. As long as you play the game fairly (and try not to get too big a high score, the monitors don't like that. I know of many people who haze been iced for being too good at the games), you will probably be safe. If not, expect to be frozen, have your account hijacked, or worse.

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