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SiLeNTScReAM's Guide To Nice Neopoints

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Posted 30 July 2004 - 05:42 PM


I bet you are, if you are intrested in making lots of Neopoints by not doing much then you sure have found the right place.

Generally the first thing you should do is get well known with all the games. You will notice you have some games you are good at and some you may not be good at. We all have our good games, we all have our bad games.

Use that to your advantage and play all the games your good at, three ti'mes a day. Then always play the sponcered games because they get you quick cash.

My tip to making quick money is to play games that get NP quick, such as Meereca Chase. You certainly want to play this one, because even if your horrible at it you can still get 200 NP per play. I get about 200 - 300 NP per play with that one.

See now, I don't gaurentee a certain amount of NP within a certain amount of ti'me because everyone is different.

QUICK MONEY TIP: Get well known with Restocking. Restocking is when you buy something from the shop wiz or from a marketplace shop for cheaper then it is selling for on the wiz. The way I do this is searching for commonly used things such as faeries and codestones on the shop wiz and keep refreshing (make sure you have some NP already out of the bank) and buy if you see one cheaper then the others then sell it for more then what you paid BUT cheaper then the other ones on the wizard. This could easily get you 200 - ???? NP. I have found codestones for 50 NP and sold them for 5000 so there is no li'mit to what you could possibly find. **Warning** there is a li'mit to how much you can search on the shop wizard in a certain amount of ti'me but I am not sure of exactly how much ti'me it is.

HIDE AND SEEK TRICK: Play hide and seek on any level and when the box opens up with the hiding spots click Tab, enter over and over again for about 2 minutes. Do it at a moderate speed and you should eventually stop and it may say I am bored of Hide and Seek, if it doesn't continue pressing Tab, enter. Eventually you will get 400-600 NP out of this.

DICE A ROO TRICK: Make sure you have about 1000 NP out, and set your keyboard settings to slow its in your control panel. Open up Dice-A-Roo and press enter (hold it) click on the button that says Play Dice-A-Roo, this page should stay up and shouldnt chage however the game is still being played. Hold down enter for 3-6 minutes (it could vary upon your connection speed). Go back into your inventory and you should have some items worth 100 NP, you should have some lotto tickets, and possibly some changes to your pets. Keep doing this until it says I am bored of Dice-A-Roo.

Good games to make quick cash on are... (play these all 3x daily)
200m Peanut Dash (almost anyone can get a good score on this **I will be sure to add a guide on how to play this game extremely well.**)
Extreme Potato Counter (this game is pretty si'mple but gets harder as you go, even if you find it difficult you can get 200 NP or more per play.)
Star Sisterz: Sisterz Speak (this game has been edited, because Neopets changed the ratio but you can still get about 300 NP per play)
A Cinderella Story (answer 5 questions and get 200 NP each ti'me you play it)
Usuki Frenzy (this one is si'mple I believe I get 300 NP per play, its a bit more difficult then the others you just look at some pictures of clothes then run through trying to get them as fast as you can)

SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: You can send your scores to the games 3x again every "new day" in NST.

There are also many daily duties you should perform and those include the following (The ones without *Optional* are free)
Collect Bank Intrest
Visit Coltzan's Shrine
Play The Neopets Fruit Machine
Play Tombola
Buried Treasure *Optional -- Cost 200 NP*
Test Your Strength *Optional -- Cost 100 NP*
Grab Some Free Omelette
Wheel of Monotony *Optional -- Cost 100 NP -- Takes Extremely Long Open In New Browser*
Wheel of Mediocrity *Optional -- Cost 50 NP*
Wheel of Excitement *Optional -- Cost 150 NP*
Scratchcard Kiosk *Optional -- 600 NP -- Scratchcards are random, can be scratched or sold
Grab some Free Jelly
Heal your Pets
Lab Ray *Only if you have purchaced the complete Lab Ray Map*

Well that concludes My guide to make Good Profit for now.

I will try to add more in the future.

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#2 pyke

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Posted 30 July 2004 - 06:19 PM

Not a bad guide therepartner. A few other games I would suggest are Turmac Roll (hard mode), Dubloon disaster (make the mines hit eachother), and Kreludan Mining Corp. They can all be good money makers.

#3 Rs712x

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Posted 31 July 2004 - 03:36 AM

Nice guide ;)

EDIT: LOL me and lightprevailsoverdark sent our posts at the same ti'me.

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#4 JabariAkil

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Posted 31 July 2004 - 03:36 AM

nice guide

#5 JabariAkil

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 12:28 AM

lol the same words 2

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